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“Blog VS vlog” is a conflict that has divided the internet community over the past few years. A blog is a website that contains written content for events, stories, topics, etc. On the other hand, a vlog contains video content instead of written content. Although they’re quite similar for what they want to achieve. To understand the idea of “blog VS vlog”, this article provides the answer.

blog vs vlog

What Are Blogs and Vlogs Used for?

Blogs and vlogs, are two very effective, diary or journal methods, used by individuals, brands, and companies. Both blogging and vlogging are concerned with generating the maximum amount of traffic for a website or, promoting a businesses or a person. Sometimes, a blog or a vlog are used to simply earn money and have fun.

There’re different platforms that feature vlogs. The main platform being YouTube, with other being Viddler, Vimeo, DailyMotion, and Facebook. Whereas, platforms that feature blogs are such as WIX, WordPress, Tumblr, and Blogger.

For most successful bloggers or vloggers, vlogging is their primary or secondary source of income. However, it’s crucial to know which medium is best for you or your business. May of the most successful vloggers operate on platforms such as YouTube. These people use vlogging to create content for their viewers, therefore vlogging is their job, as they’re always trying to create content and wouldn’t have time for other jobs and roles.


Blog VS Vlog: Definition and Terminology

What Is a Vlog?

According to the eMarketing Institute, a vlog is short for a video blog, which features video content. It’s established for business or non-business related purposes. In terms of “blog VS vlog”, vlogging is similar to blogging in many aspects.

In fact, many bloggers have become vloggers, and many vloggers also have a blog. The main difference in the context of blog VS vlog is the presentation and form of content.

Lifewire states that in the early days of blogging, vlogs were called podcasts, a term that was used to refer to both audio and video blog posts. Vlogging, therefore, has become a mix of blogging and streaming. A vlog sometimes goes by “videocast” or “vodcast.” In addition, Moto-vlogs are vlogs that feature the act of riding a motorcycle.

Vlog Topics

TheArtsDevelopmentCompany has it that most vloggers talk directly to the camera while discussing their opinions and views with their audience. In addition, vlog posts include different categories such as: documentation of daily life events, makeup tutorials, video games reviews, tutorials, or product reviews. As a result, viewers often develop a personal bond with the vlogger.

You can vlog live, using live broadcasts from social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram. Once you create your video, you can upload it online or include the video within a post on your blog or website.

In addition, vloggers often record videos in a prepared setting. They record this kind of video in public, during events or performances. The topic and the style of a live vlog can vary, so there are many sub-types of recorded videos.


Blog vs vlog

A Brief History of Blogging

According to eMarketing Institute, in the context of “blog vs vlog”, a blog is a website or a web page that produces written content. The content is in the form of articles or posts, and the newest posts are always at the top of the page.

When blogging was still new, blogs were usually ran by individuals or small groups. A blog was used first as a platform, for sharing personal thoughts or opinions online. It has now become one of the essential and most effective tools that marketers use for online promotion.

By 2004 blogging had become completely mainstream. This is mainly due to the introduction of the well-known content management system called WordPress in 2003. WordPress is one of the best free platforms that makes blogging available to everyone, even those who don’t have technical skills.

Since 2003, more and more people were starting to make blogs, and more readers were interested. This trend, grew so quickly over the years to now, where users are uploading blogs every second. During the last couple of years, we’ve started seeing thousands of blogs around the globe, both businesses and personal, turning into very profitable tools.


Blog vs vlog

What Is the Difference between a Blog and a Website?

It is important to know the difference between a blog and a website. Granted, a website and a blog share a similar use. However, the content that each presents and the purpose each serves, is what makes a difference between the two.

The first big difference between a blog and a website is the frequency of updates. Updates occur regularly to blog content because the blog pages are more dynamic than static website pages.

Blogs publish updates at short or long intervals. On the other hand, a website features static pages with content that can change from time to time. However, it usually stays the same over a long period of time.

Nowadays, you will find a blog on most websites. Right now you’re reading a blog post from us at ProfileTree, which has been published on our website. More and more websites are getting involved with blogs, as it is the easiest way to keep their visitors interested in coming back to their website and blog, ultimately resulting in more traffic to their site. This can gain the site more income and also new clients depending if you offer more services other than online content, like ProfileTree.


Blog VS Vlog: Popularity

Why Are Vlogs Popular?

With regards to eMarketing Institute, depending on the content idea and presentation, videos can be quite easy to create, especially live broadcasting vlogs. In general, all you need is your phone, and you are ready to start vlogging. Of course, according to the quality of the video, professional vloggers may use extra lights or props.

Moreover, video editing software can edit your recorded videos. Vlogging is essentially an easy-to-create type of content, despite the potential complexity that comes with video production.

Throughout the years, we have seen vlogging developing. More and more people vlog, but the popularity of vlogs comes down to, how easy it is, to watch and listen to content online. People can access vlogs on their phone, gaming consoles and desktops. They can listen to vlogs when driving, almost like a podcast. Although that depends on the type of content creator they’re listening too as some you may need to watch to understand the vlog whereas others might just talk to their viewers.

Another reason for vlogs being so popular is the people who create vlogs. Most of the people who create vlogs have a great personality. Usually its a personality that the viewer can connect with.


What Is a Vlog’s Budget?

Vlogging is very affordable. You don’t need any fancy equipment other than your phone and no other software other than YouTube. As a result of this, vlogging is very affordable. You can start vlogging with no budget at all. Starting with a budget or an investment can make a difference later on.

Having a strong budget when vlogging can be very beneficial to a vlogger. They can buy the best quality equipment within their budget, which would make their vlogs much better quality to watch. The better quality a video is, the more people will watch your content.

With a budget you can also grow the amount of viewers you vlogs get. You can create a website with blogs, where you can share your videos. You can share this website on social media alongside the vlogs. You could also buy adverts on the likes of social media sites and can do other marketing activities, that can promote your site and vlogs.

Blog vs vlog


Why Should I Vlog?

People love watching videos. The video format is easy to digest and understand. It is easy to view on the go, and it can attract more attention than written content. Users watch Over 70,000 videos on YouTube in one second.

YouTube is the most famous vlog website on the internet. Vloggers profit of advertisements through their content on YouTube.

In “blog VS vlog”, visual content performs better than written content. Vlogs can do the same job as blogs, but even better. Vlogs can be a great addition to your blog in the form of engaging content. Moreover, blogs can be a useful platform to promote your vlogs.

A huge benefit of live vlogs is the ability to broadcast events in real time. Live streaming also gives a chance for the community to interact through live chat.

However, live streaming can also be a drawback since there isn’t room for mistakes, streamers can’t edit their video, and it can cause different problems for them. These problems may be hateful messages, not having privacy, or harassment.

Blog vs vlog


Blog vs vlog


Why Are Blogs Popular?

According to eMarketing Institute, there are 91.8 million new posts each month on WordPress alone. There isn’t a doubt that blogging has become mainstream. It’s an ideal outlet for everyone to have their voice heard. Blogging has become a supporting activity for both online and offline businesses.

Blog vs vlog

Creating a blog is now much simpler and cheaper than it used to be. It’s also a chance to expand networking opportunities. Companies benefit from blogging through generating leads, increased traffic, or boosting sales. Furthermore, you can advertise your services through a blog, or you can even open up your online shop. There are plenty of opportunities for blog monetisation.

Blogging gives you a chance to reach online users. It is an amazing asset for search engine optimization. With blogging, you can create new content that search engines love and provide to its users.

This increases the reach of your blog and expands the influence of your brand or business online. In addition, Google confirms that 15% of search queries have never been searched before, which means that, new content updates are always welcome.


What Do You Need to Start a Blog?

All you need to start blogging is an idea and an internet connection. The online blogging platforms  are very user-friendly tools. They enable everyone to blog for personal or business purposes.

By blogging, you can share your insight and thoughts on a topic or a circumstance that you’ve experienced. Therefore, blogging becomes a great way for you to share all kinds of knowledge. As a result, you can truly make an impact on your viewers.

A key factor in “blog VS vlog” is that blogging promotes and improves your writing skills with every new post. The best way to improve as a writer is to write every day about different subjects. In addition, you can publish your work online whenever you want without much effort.

Ask yourself: in “blog VS vlog”, which of the two will make your brand more popular?


Blog VS Vlog – How To

Vlogging Tips

Vogue says that pointing a camera at yourself can feel unnatural or difficult at first.  However, starting is the easiest part. Phone cameras nowadays are good enough to begin with. Down the road, you can take things further.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to when making your first few videos perfect. It’s crucial to experiment, make mistakes and learn from them. People love watching other people enjoy themselves and that’s what makes a video great to watch.

Be as much of yourself as possible. The more people connect personally with you, the more your audience will grow. Also, don’t be afraid to engage with your viewers as loyalty between your viewers and your brand builds.

Most successful vloggers have diverse channels that contain different types of content. Therefore, keep your content general instead of specific.

Most vlogs are on-the-go which means taking your audience with you throughout your day. On-the-go vlogs are a great way of quickly producing interesting content.

Blog vs vlog


What Kind of Camera Do You Need to Vlog?

When you surpass the stage of filming with your phone, a “Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II” is one of the best vlogging cameras to use.

When you finish filming your vlog, it is best to edit it. Editing your videos can greatly improve its quality and effect. Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the best editing software to use. However, don’t over edit as that can be hurtful rather than helpful.

A key difference between “blog VS vlog” is that running a YouTube channel can be greatly time-consuming and hard to manage. Therefore, it all comes down to being able to prioritise, what’s most important to you?

In addition, it’s crucial to place a routine and to be consistent with your uploads. This will make people want to come back to your channel.

To become a YouTube blogger, you will have to watch other successful YouTubers and learn from the best. Then start to produce your own videos.


How To Blog?

Amy Lyn Andrews suggests that a common mistake in blogging is over-thinking about what to write. Just start writing about topics that’re important to you. However, if you’re part of a business, company or organisation, a blog should be related to the product(s) or service(s) that you provide, or the causes that you promote.

When it comes to “blog vs vlog”, you are most likely not the first person to talk about the topic that you chose. Therefore, you need to come up with a unique perspective. The goal of any blog is to become the go-to resource for its topic or niche.

Blog vs vlog

There are many blogging platforms to choose from such as WordPress and Blogger. However, WordPress is one of the most popular. With WordPress, you have two options: hosted or self-hosted blogs.

Hosted WordPress blogs are free but limit your income potential. Self-hosted WordPress blogs cost money, but give you much more control. They also don’t limit your income potential.

Writing a good blog isn’t hard. You need to be straightforward; make short but clear points, and you need to be linguistically efficient. You also need to write for your reader, not for yourself. You need to offer something that no one else offers, such as information, quality or validity.

Blog about something that excites you. If your blog isn’t something that you would want to read, others will have the same reaction. Moreover, try to blog about something with plenty of room for discussion. A blog requires a lot of content. This is make people want to come back to your blog.

In order for your online content to be the leading source above all else, you need to implement SEO into your blog.

Ask yourself: “in blog VS vlog,” which of the two do you know how to do best?


Blog VS Vlog – Making Money

How to Make Money through Vlogging?

Vlog Nation says that “Your audience is the main reason why you’re making money on YouTube.” In “blog VS vlog”, the most important aspect of vlogging is producing good content that will keep your viewers supporting and watching you. In addition,  you can freely advertise your products or services through your videos. However, there are other ways to make money on YouTube. Therefore, “how to make money through vlogging” is an argument with many variables to its name.



In “blog VS vlog”, both of them have the ability to profit off ads. You can make money by allowing others to advertise on your YouTube channel. You can do this by finding your own advertising clients and landing contracts with them. However, that can be difficult, time-consuming and tough if you don’t have a large audience.

Meanwhile, you can make money vlogging with Google AdSense. You can easily and quickly monetise your YouTube channel by allowing Google to display ads on your YouTube videos.

This service is free to use, and it allows you to collect a percentage of Google’s commission every time someone sees the advertisement. To start, create an AdSense account, then go to YouTube’s Monetisation page and click on the “Enable My Account” link.

With your AdSense account linked to YouTube, Google will start placing ads on your videos or next to them (depending on your settings). After that, you’ll start making revenue per engagement on each ad. The more people engage, the more money you’ll make.

Keep in mind, don’t tell or encourage your viewers to click on your ads. If Google sees that you’re going against their terms and conditions, they will ban you from monetising your YouTube channel with AdSense. Therefore, just work on growing your audience and letting people click on whichever ads they want.



As you grow a community around your YouTube channel, your viewers are going to get more and more interested in your brand. They’ll recognise your logo (If you’ve got one) when they see it on videos, websites, and social media. As a result, you can start creating branded merchandise. Wearing it or using it in your vlogs, is a great way to market your merchandise. You will also need an online store to sell it, to reach to your entire audience. Whats the point in opening a clothing shop in one city to sell merchandise, when you’ve got online capabilities and potential customers in the likes of other cities, regions and continents.

When it comes to the blog VS vlog comparison, both blogs and vlogs have the ability to make money out of brands, as a side business. There’re multiple print-on-demand sites that will take care of all of the production, inventory, and distribution for you.

You just need to design, upload and choose the merchandise and clothing you want to sell. The costs for materials and services are automatically deducted from each sale. Having a brand and in particular a clothing range is great. Your viewers will buy from you and the reality is, they’re advertising your product when they were it Their friends might ask where did they get that t-shirt from and others may recognise your logo or slogan and purchase your clothing as they’ve seen it in person.

Starting a blog is a great way to strengthen your YouTube channel with even more content. It can be another way of earning money on YouTube. AdSense can match targeted ads for your audience, with your blog. Google also owns YouTube so connecting your blog with your YouTube could mean better ranking in the Google search algorithm.

Blog vs vlog



Find sponsorships. Brands that you like are great examples of potential sponsors for your YouTube channel.  You could start getting free products and payments in very little time. Most YouTubers get their YouTube sponsorship the same way you would; by contacting potential sponsors and asking them.

If you have a brand in mind, you can contact them directly, or you can use an online sponsorship platform that features brands that are interested in sponsoring YouTubers. However, you’ll need to write a proposal that tells your potential sponsor who you are, what you do, and why they may want to sponsor your YouTube content.

Make each proposal unique to the brand you’re writing to. Don’t make the proposal about you, make it about your sponsors. In other words, don’t tell them why you want a YouTube sponsorship. They want to know how it will help them in terms of exposure, reputation, etc.

If you get a sponsorship for your YouTube channel, be sure to tell your viewers about it in your videos and as a result, they will appreciate it.

Blog vs vlog


How to Make Money Blogging?

eMarketing Institute suggests that “when you use monetisation tactics, be sure to only use those that enable you to stay in your niche (specialized field) and to keep targeting your blog audience. Relevant products or services that you’re promoting have more chance of attracting your visitors and thus earning your profit.”


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a popular monetisation tactic for bloggers who don’t have products to sell. Instead, they link to and recommend the products on third-party websites in exchange for a percentage of the sale. The commission is paid out, based on the clicks on the links.

Blog vs vlog

YouTubers also take part in affiliate marketing, in a sponsor type fashion. Many times when a sponsor, sponsors a YouTuber, the sponsor would create a link to their product specifically for that YouTuber. The YouTuber would then promote this link on their video and will possibly get a part of the sale from a user.

An example link a YouTuber may share for their sponsor could be https://domain/profiletreesponsor/. 


Sponsored Posts

Through sponsored posts, you can create a post that promotes a particular business, product, or service. As a blogger, you will receive an agreed commission for this post. The blogger is paid for the actual post with a link to the source of the product and the content about the product (or service) that is promoted.



The AdSense program allows you to choose where ads appear on your blog and that will decide how much views/clicks it gets. In addition, you can format the style of the ad to match your blog.

Moreover, you can choose categories of the ads you want, and you can even block the ads you don’t want. You earn money when the ads are seen or clicked, depending on the type of campaign.

To get started with AdSense, you will need a Google account, a blog with original content that follows the policies of the program, and a phone number and a mailing address to receive payment.

Blog vs vlog



You can earn money by offering a banner space for sale. In this case, you get contacted by companies interested in having their banner placed on your blog in exchange for payment. This type of advertising is similar to AdSense visually.

The main difference is that AdSense offers dynamic ads which constantly change which offers a cumulative income. On the other hand, the banner will be displayed all throughout the contract period in exchange for a fixed income.

Another alternative is to have a banner which includes an affiliate link attached to the image.


Email Marketing

Email marketing is notable for having the highest conversion rate (amount of views/clicks on ads). For an email campaign to be successful, you need to have a relevant mailing list, a segment for the mailing list, and a good reputation as a sender. Moreover, the ability to write convincing and trustworthy emails and the ability to promote products increase your chances of success.

To earn using email marketing, you will need some original content of high quality that attracts readers. That’s what will make your readers sign up for your newsletter.

Once you have the email addresses of your readers, you can interact with them personally. To start making a profit, you can either promote a product or use affiliate links.

Blog vs vlog


Creating a Product

Keep in mind, you will need thousands of visitors to have income using AdSense. Therefore, this can become an obstacle for blogs that are starting out.

To counter that obstacle, you can make a business out of your blog. You can create a product or software of your own. The product you decide to create should be relevant to your target group.

The main obstacle could be the need for an investment for creating the product. The ability to fully control the production process and sales strategy without profit sharing is a motivation for many blog owners to consider that route.


Offering Services

You can otherwise think about a type of service that you can provide such as legal or medical advice, or something related to consulting. Unlike creating a product, offering a paid service does not require an investment, but rather a plan such as an availability schedule.

Selling Merchandise
You can create merchandise. This is a common business for people who have a huge following. You only have to design the product and thereafter, you are not responsible for the actual production.

Instead, a company will manage your business. Therefore, you will have to share the profit of the business with the manufacturer.


Write a Book

Furthermore, writing an ebook or an actual book can be an option to earn money from your blog. However, publishing an ebook is much easier because you don’t need to seek official publishers.

Anyhow, both options are great ways for bloggers to turn their skill and love for writing into a product that they can sell through the blog.


Create an Online Store

In a blog VS vlog context, both can be used to open online stores as a side business. Your blog can gradually evolve into an online store, where you can sell your own products, merchandise, or products from other manufacturers.

However, running and managing an online store involves a lot of work. It requires knowledge about e-commerce and constant online promotion. As a result, these tasks could potentially distract you from your primary focus as a blogger.


Create a Course

If you are knowledgeable about a certain field, you can create and monetize an online course that your audience can benefit from. A lot of time is likely to be invested in creating the course and some topics might require course updates.

In addition, you will need to promote the course using online marketing strategies such as social media promotion. Therefore, making money from online courses can take a lot of time and effort.


Create and Monetise a Community

Building a community is a very important step in defining your online influence. Building a community starts with your blog. However, you can use other platforms such as a comment plugin, Facebook groups, emails, live chat sessions, etc.

You can monetize the community by building a premium club. Meaning, the users will have to pay a subscription fee to join, after which they get access to specific perks. Those perks are such as consultation and downloadable content.


Blog vs Vlog – Types

Types of Vlog

Music Blogs and Vlogs

Blog vs vlog

Music channels have a very large amount of following in general. Music is a big part of YouTube as it is a platform for all the artists around the world to promote and share their work. Whether you are a known artist or not, you have the ability to share your voice with the world.

Nowadays YouTube has channels such as Vevo. Vevo is the worlds leading music and entertainment platform. Before Vevo existent on YouTube, music artists had their own YouTube channels. Now when ever you search for a music artist on YouTube, nine times out of ten, their channel will say their name followed by Vevo. Even Taylor Swift has a Vevo and at one stage she pulled all her music of Spotify for over three years because of royalties.

People can also create music based channels with music reviews. These channels are great for people who’re really interested in music and if they should listen to the certain song or album. These channels are also good for telling viewers about the meanings of songs. In many cases channels such as music reviews, they also have a blog. One of the largest music review channels on YouTube, ‘Theneedledrop’ has over 1.7 million subscribers on YouTube but also website with a blog.


Technology/Product Review Technology vlog and blogs apple watch example

Before people buy into a certain product or technology, they want to know more about it and how it works. Basically, you’re providing that service.

Whether you are analysing the product, comparing it with others and giving your opinion on it, or even showing the products pricing. If you can create a very informative and honest review of the product, this type of video would have a high potential of being successful.

Many technology and product review channels work similar to music vlogs and blogs. Channels such as Android Authority on YouTube, who have millions of subscribers also have a blog within their own website.


Gaming blogs and vlogsGaming blogs and vlogs - Mario action figures

One of the biggest genres on YouTube is gaming. Gaming channels have proven to be one of the most, if not, the most entertaining and attractive form of content on YouTube. It focuses on the idea of a person playing a game while recording it and then letting others watch the gameplay through his or her experience.

The reason for the popularity of this genre is due to the fact that people like to watch others enjoy themselves. However, the gaming scene can be very competitive as it’s likely to be the most widespread across YouTube. With how popular gaming is, many gaming YouTubers focus on a niche genre of gaming or every a single game.

In the early 10’s, FIFA was one of the most viewed games on YouTube. Every year a new FIFA game was released and it got so popular that in the UK, many of the YouTubers who uploaded FIFA videos gained millions of views. One of the most popular FIFA YouTubers was KSI, who has now moved onto different genre’s of videos on the platform, after the decline of FIFA. Even taking part in a YouTube boxing match.

Another YouTuber who focused on a tight niche was Ali-A. His main game was Call of Duty and has since, now became a Fortnite YouTuber after the game took over the gaming community. Becoming the most popular game in the world, which seemed to happen almost overnight.

Blogs for gaming, is used in a very different way to YouTube. Many gaming blogs are usually to review the game, which allow others to know if they would like the game or not.


Comedy Stand-up comedy for blogs and vlogs

Everyone wants to have a laugh from time to time. Prank or comedy videos are very popular for that reason. They can make someone’s day. Some comedy channels feature stand-up comedy such as “Laugh Factory”.

Other videos on YouTube are prank channels and videos. Many of these channels have led to a lot of controversy over the years, with many channels having to clean up their act due to the YouTube terms and conditions. Many pranks in the past have crossed the line that shouldn’t be crossed such as fake terror attack pranks, fake robberies and kidnappings. These style of pranks, can be perceived as comedy when watching the video, but people can be seriously effected by the outcomes of these fake pranks.

Other YouTubers and content creators like to bring comedy into their content as it helps the viewer and reader feel more comfortable with the content and its creator.


Health and Fitness Blogs vs Vlogs for fitness and health and PT blog

Most people rely on fitness videos when they’re trying to start exercising, or when they want quick tips for their workout.  The more helpful, reliable, and informative you are as a YouTuber, the more views and subscribers you get.

Fitness blogs are also very helpful and popular. Many fitness blogs showcase different health and fitness techniques and routines. Te owner of the blog usually shares their daily routine, what they eat and other factors to becoming and keeping fit.


Fashion and BeautyMakeup brushes for fashion and beauty for pt blog

Fashion videos are widely watched around the world, as most people seek reliable advice from stylists to help them with their choice of clothes or makeup. Over the last decade, fashion has became a statement for some people. Brands such as Supreme, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Off White and many more, have became a large statement around the world. This topic is very similar to health and fitness as its mainly about looking good.

Online makeup and fashion YouTube channel and blogs have exploded. Makeup tutorials are one of the most watched genres of videos on YouTube. Many brands reach out to the people who own the YouTube channel or blogs, to review their newest products as they gather millions of views per video.


Education LearningMole logo for PT blog

This specific market is very successful for a lot of YouTubers. Millions and millions of people online search for answers to their questions on daily basis. If you can provide the answers, you can be their go-to source for anything they want to know, from academic-related questions to simple how-to videos.

In addition, educational videos are often watched more than once depending on the reliability of the video which can be very profitable for a channel. As a result, the channel gets more views which translates to more money.

There’re many YouTube channels and blogs which target a specific age group. This makes learning for children easy for both the kids and parents. A perfect example of a channel would be LearningMole, our very own learning based resource channel for ages between 3-11.


LifestyleCasey Neistat Image for lifestyle blogs and vlogs

Lifestyle vlogs showcase your everyday life or life adventures in general to the audience. Those kinds of videos are considered to be one of the most famous around YouTube. Often, people don’t have the privilege or freedom to live a certain lifestyle, therefore, they turn to daily vloggers in order to have that personal experience.

Many of the most popular lifestyle vloggers are known worldwide. Casey Neistat is probably one of the most known male lifestyle content creators, amassing millions of subscribers and followers on other social media platforms. Jenna Marbles and Eva Gutowski, most known by the channel name of ‘My life as Eva’, are two of the most popular female internet stars.

Many of these type of creators operate a blog alongside their channels and social media platforms such as instagram. Within their blogs, they talk about their lifestyle, their interests, travelling and much more.


SportFootball image example of sports

This genre involves anything sport-related, whether they are broadcasting channels, or sport entertainment companies such as “UFC” or “WWE”.

Many channels on YouTube such as BT Sport show highlights of football, boxing, rugby and other sports in which they’ve a right to broadcast. This allows many people to see a quick fire round-up of the sporting match or game quickly if they weren’t able to see the entire match previous.

There’re many other sporting blogs and vlogging channels which offer reactions, round-ups and knowledge of sport stars and teams. These are great places to learn about different sports as well as gathering different statistics.



There’re many other different topics and genres of content on the likes of YouTube and other video platforms. Anyone can create a video or any other piece of content on any of their interests.

Some other great viewing topics include, cars and transport, cooking and baking, animation, design, music, travel and also DIY. A great fun cooking channel would be ‘Bon Appetit‘. They offer many different styles of videos from cooking tutorials to learning about different foods. They also offer a great blog where you can find recipes, food culture, how to stay healthy and blog posts about the best restaurants in different cities.


Types of Blogs

Personal Blog

Personal blogs are likely to be the most famous type of blogs, they were the reason for the evolution of blogs in the first place. The idea of a personal blog, is to share your experience and thoughts about a certain topic. On a personal blog, an individual may or may not be an expert on the topic, but he/she rather has experiences and opinions to share.


Business Blog

An individual blogger can run a business blog as a promoter for a company. Also, a company can run a business blog and then include a number of writers who can write their content.

A business blog usually focuses on a certain topic related to the company’s business strategy. For example, if a company is selling software to other companies, they will create a blog about running a business or increasing sales.


Niche Blog

Niche blogs focus on one and only one topic. This strategy gives a chance to specialize in a certain topic that can attract a lot of visitors. When creating a niche blog, choose a topic that you are passionate and know a lot about.


Affiliate Blogs

The goal of an affiliate blog is to recommend products or services through affiliate links. The goal is to encourage visitors to click on these links and eventually buy the products.

This allows the blogger to earn commission without having to own products or services to sell. This type of blog typically features product reviews or other related content such as how-to guides.

To maximize the efficiency of an affiliate blog, it is recommended to create a niche affiliate blog. This means that you need to choose a topic to write about and then create an affiliate marketing strategy to combine with that topic. It is crucial however to choose affiliate programs that include products related to the blog niche.


Finally, Here’s What You Have Learned on Blog VS Vlog

1- “Blog VS vlog” in terms of definition: An introduction to the meaning of blogging and vlogging, and the impact of both on the modern world.

2- “Blog VS vlog” in terms of popularity: A view of the prevalence of blogging and vlogging, and of the reasons for their success.

3- “Blog VS vlog” in terms of method of using: A detailed explanation of how to vlog and blog, and of the tools to use to do so.

4- “Blog VS vlog” in terms of making money: An overview of the most popular ways to make money through blogging and vlogging, and of the advantages and disadvantages of each strategy.

5- “Blog vs vlog” in terms of types: A general description of the different types of vlogs and blogs, and the function of each.



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