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If you haven’t already seen the power of content marketing, we can show you millions of reasons why you should be investing this this marketing strategy and how to do content marketing that will achieve your brands goals.

Content marketing is where you focus on creating content for your target audience online. There are amazing examples from history where this has helped drive sales and kept brand names front of mind of potential customers, even without them knowing. Take Guinness who devised the “Guinness World Records” in the 1950’s became a best seller and a TV show. Or the Michelin Guide in 1900 when the guide was first published to get people to drive further and therefore need more tyres! They realised the difference a great content strategy can make to a business.

A solid content strategy will allow you to introduce your brand to new clients, to showcase your expertise and knowledge. It will enable you to build a royal following who can be converted into paying customers.


A content audit is the initial part of any content marketing project. It considers the content you already have around your website and online properties. Everything should be considered from blog posts, pages, page structure, word count, links along with other SEO related points and of course your analytics. Any digital or content agency should start with this audit as based on its findings there maybe quick wins that can give immediate impact in rankings and eventually sales. All of this should be mixed in with your business objectives, budget, target market and types of content your comfortable producing. We’ll help understand your goals, your audiences, your online platforms and more to make sure your online world is working hard for your business.
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Keyword Strategy


Keyword strategy is the cornerstone of any content strategy. SEO is a $80 billion industry according to Forbes – that’s how valuable it is to appear at the top of search results. But you will know this for your own business – if every search for your product or service found you first! In Keyword strategy we select high performing phrases that will generate income for you. Once we’ve shown you where you want to be seen, we’ll draw up a roadmap to making sure every piece of content not just helps your brand be seen but is made for engagement with the people who matter most to your business. The right keyword strategy creates a bedrock for a truly engaging online platform for your business.


What does it take for your message to be found in the right place? SEO. But how to win and keep the attention of your potential customers? Our in-house team apply tried and tested, specialist techniques to create genuinely engaging content customised for you. Copyrighting is writing content specially designed to advertise your service or product. The “copy” is written with the aim of not only introducing you to a potential customer, but to persuade a reader to act, normally a purchase decision. Copywriting is very different from content writing – as the end goal is often different. Content writing can be more general – introducing your brand to new clients, copywriting aims to convert sales. There are different times and locations where copywriting should be used compared to content writing. We take care of all these technicalities for you.
Content Strategy
Content Blogs


Content Strategy can open multiple options for you to follow. Depending on your industry there could be a type of content that works best for your business. It could be an eBook, case study, infographics, video content, different types of digital content including some you will not have even thought of. We will find the right method to bring your message through content to your ideal customer. We will work with you to identify the best type of content that will bring results for your marketing budget. We can help support your in-house team, train your team to follow a strategy we devise or become your own content team – taking care of every aspect of content marketing for your company. We’ve made great content a cornerstone of the results we’ve won for our business. Let’s do the same for yours.



The one thing that’s often forgotten about content? It should be designed to not just create a lasting conversation with your customers but move them through your online world. This means an audience truly immersed in your brand and ready to convert in the right time, place and way to suit their own needs.

By talking WITH – rather than TO – your potential buyers you’ll not just show what your brand is all about, but what you stand for and how they can expect to be treated as customers. Building a relationship, creating loyalty and even brand ambassadors to help spread the word of your business.

While online marketing is getting harder every single day, we are one of the foremost content marketing agencies across Ireland. We have grown brands from an idea to 10 million annual visitors using content marketing. Not only do we offer this service to our clients – we practice content marketing every day across our own in-house brands, getting our own message in front of millions of potential customers every year.

ProfileTree is a media brand at heart and hence specialises in content product which is its primary form of lead generation. No other UK or Irish agency can claim to run multiple in-house publications and service external clients at the same time. This allows us to become experts in content strategy and be able to provide a better return on investment than any other agency across the UK or Ireland.

We combine our SEO knowledge our content expertise and our online marketing skills to produce content that converts time and time again.
We’ll turn content knowledge into results for your brand – get in touch to find out how.
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