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As an established SEO company, we focus on offering the best service possible across the UK, Ireland and to international clients. When selecting an SEO website service, the company does not need to be near your business but does have to have the required expertise in the SEO service they offer. Let the buyer beware there is no such thing as a low cost or cheap SEO package sadly. Cheap is nasty in this field and sadly using unprofessional SEO agencies can do more harm to your online business than good. So do be careful to price and talk to a few SEO companies to get a feel for what they offer and their success.

When thinking of SEO services – this is normally for “organic” or “free” traffic from search engines as opposed to paid advertising. As in life, there is nothing free – this traffic is paid for through content marketing and professional SEO services.

Having a great brand, great content…even a great website…isn’t enough anymore. Being seen by potential customers means more chance for your audience to talk WITH your brand and become part of your story. We have built ProfileTree on SEO and content marketing, meaning we can bring our big picture expertise together with your brand for great visibility and engagement. We have grown single websites from an idea to 10 million annual visitors using s SEO. We are the experts you need to grow your business.


The best SEO audit on your website can find technical issues that are not clearly visible – propose fixes and in turn increase your traffic. There are online SEO audit tools that provide reports, but it is understanding the key points to look out for and being able to act after the audit is complete that is key. The audit should be run in conjunction with your overall goals for the website to ensure the focus is on the correct objectives. For us, an audit is the first part of the overall ranking strategy where we look at your own website, the industry you compete in and your competitors. Once you know exactly how you are performing, easy fixes can be complete and a realistic plan for moving forward put in place.
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Being visible to your audience, with the right message in the right place, takes specialist help with using the very latest, proven methods. We’ll show you live results from our work with those ever-changing search engine algorithms to demonstrate how we’ll bring your brand to more people. The key parts of SEO tend to stay the same – on page technical, website content and then off page. But how these all interact with each other changes every day. We come up with SEO recommendations based on our own experience in growing our websites to millions of monthly visits as well as managing websites for our clients. We have our own SEO strategies and techniques, consider user’s intent when searching, optimise webpages and focus on content to maximise impact.


In selecting an SEO company – It is important to consider what past work they have completed, success they have had and if they actually do SEO for their own website, as it can be easy to see. What is their online presence like – are they active on social – publishing content – active in their own promotion. This can be a good gauge on their expertise. Selecting an agency with a basic website and little or no keyword ranking is not a good idea. As ProfileTree itself was built around SEO and content, we apply years of specialist expertise to every element of websites we create and to optimizing your online presence. The ‘sweet spot’ of SEO success often bridges content techniques and proven technical knowledge.
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A search engine optimisation specialist will analysis, review and implement changes on your website for ranking. Over time the keyword rank should change upwards as the traffic to the website improves. Ideally you will be presented with monthly reports on your search engine positioning and over time, with your SEO company’s strategy – your rankings and traffic will both improve for the key phrases you wish to rank for. SEO reporting is a key part of the job as it will show the return on investment. Reports should be well written, a little technical and very visual to show in an instant how things are moving. Basically all expert should use their analytical skills to present a report that is meaningful and easy to read.



SEO has one simple goal for your business: putting your brand in front of your audience when they search online. Why? Because a higher search ranking means being seen by more people means more chances to win traffic to, and conversions from, your website.

But SEO stretches well beyond Google search, since being seen by the right audience on your social media platforms – and understanding how the link between SEO and traffic from social through content can be a huge boost for your brand – is a must.

We’ll bring together your content, your website, your social channels and your marketing goals to make each element support the other and secure quality traffic designed to convert. Since SEO brings your brand to more people and your entire online presence becomes the world of your brand they’ll move around, we’ll create their online journey with your messaging.

Our team of in-house SEO specialists, including professional specialists and content writers, will use tried-and-tested methods to bring your brand to the screens of your audience in the right way to bring your messaging to life.

We’ll turn SEO knowledge into results for your brand – get in touch to find out how.
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