About ProfileTree

We launched in 2010 – with our first website – www.profiletree.com of course, which was a directory website for small business, self employed – basically anyone offering a service.

It was a free and paid membership website and proved to be very popular online and via social media. We launched the e-commerce website in .Net and worked hard on having the website found in search engines and used mainly social media to grow the brand. We learnt the hard way – by practicing, learning, understanding and growing.

The digital landscape is constantly changing – we all need to be able to move with the modern day industrial revolution. Our team began to directly help other small and medium sized business build a presence online, where we continue to perfect our trade. We have built hundreds of websites, created hundreds of videos, written tens of thousands of blog posts, posted on social media hundreds of thousands of times and seen millions of people visit our websites.

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Unlike most other agencies – we run our own websites and various social channels online! We live and breathe the daily challenge of finding customers via digital methods. We have proven experience in delivering customers and building hugely successful brands online. We got you here after all!




Our services

Fast forward to today, we are now offering our services to help you build a cost effective brand online – no matter what your industry or size. We excel in many aspects of online brand building. From content to social, search engine optimisation to online strategy, we can help.

The challenge with the digital world is that it is becoming more important to have a very strong presence online and this will continue to be the case, month on month. The options for “being” online are greater than ever – where do you start? What do you focus on? The questions you no doubt ask yourself – do I need a website? do I need to be on social media? do I need a blog? do I need SEO? do I need an online strategy? This is where we come in. We can help you devise an effective results drive online marketing strategy specifically for your brand.

Why is all this important? It is because having a website or shop front online is a tiny part of building a successful business online – its the process of getting customers to visit your website or store that is the part that makes your business a success.

Have a look around our website – check out our blog and drop us a line to see how we can help you build your brand presence to attract more customers today.