Video Production, Belfast. Puts Northern Ireland on the Media Map

Ever since the invention of the camera, the average consumer has just been playing catch up with technology’s fast growing pace. The first ever recorded history of the camera  came in the form of manuscripts from an Arab scholar called Hassan Ibn Hassan; which dates all the way back to the 10th century. His work however was all theoretical; nothing was ever practically done before later in the 13th to 14th century. Building on earlier theoretical work done centuries ago, modern day technology has been able to revolutionize the video production industry. Media production is becoming a big deal right now. There is a huge demand for editing, producing, scripting and shooting videos. From large multi-national corporations looking to promote their products to an average everyday consumer looking to make a viral video or edit some home movies. This spark in demand has led a lot of people passionate enough about media to open their own studios and offices specializing in all media aspects. Not only that, but the advancement in technology has turned the average consumer into what is being called PROsumers. The term comes from different places and refers to several different types of consumers. The term “prosumer” first referred to any person who consumes and produces all type of media. Later on, the term was used for people who would purchase high end photography and video cameras referring to them as “professional consumers”. Among the world’s fastest growing markets for video production is Belfast and Northern Ireland. Countless talented studios and video producers are emerging from that region alone. In the last few decades, we have seen some exquisite movies from studios in Northern Ireland. Not just movies though; music videos, promotional and marketing videos have also been prominently noticeable in the last few years. It’s safe to say that the increasing demand for video producers has reached unprecedented proportions. With the increased demand, video production in Belfast and Northern Ireland is quickly becoming a big deal. Let’s find out why.

Uses for Video Production

Using videos to promote a product or address a thought has become a very popular way to share ideas. Video allows you to fully immerse yourself in the scene and gain the most out of the experience. Through the convergence of sound as well as motion picture, audiences are able to live with the creator, and develop a greater understanding of the matter at hand. Whether it is for entertainment, commercial or educational purposes, videos are very useful for multiple reasons.Because of the entrepreneurship atmosphere in Belfast, the video production process involves a lot of research and technical skills. To be able to maximise the effect of the content produced, you should understand the necessity of it. This is will differentiate the process you used amongst other video production processes. Here is a list of types of video production that Belfast-based video production companies could help you with.
  • Television Broadcast
Countless homes around the world own a television, where viewers watch their favorite shows and channels. The process of creating the video that reaches the viewers is called television broadcast video production. The process of video production in Belfast is located within classified studios and control rooms.TV broadcast-ed media is any content that is disseminated through televisions at the hand of the consumer. This ranges from TV shows, to advertisements, to movies. All of which require expertise in the field of video production. The production of television media requires skilled professionals. In Belfast, video production for television broadcast could be done through the Northern Ireland Screen or Stirling Television.
  • Event Video
Event video productions obviously revolves around a certain event that has taken place. If your business is hosting a public auction or a private fundraiser, you would like the public to be aware of what you have put together. This can be done beforehand, to raise awareness about your event, and could be done afterwards to showcase what the company has accomplished. There are several types of event video production. In Belfast, and amongst the region, the agencies associated with event video production are Films by Ben and Bold Content Video.Event video production could be in the form of video presentations, live broadcasts, highlight reels or Q&A sessions. According to Bold’s section on event videos production, there are several types of event video production in Belfast related to corporation uses.
    • Awards Ceremonies Videos
Videos that are made to recreate the glamour and uniqueness of an award ceremony held by your business. Awards ceremony videos are ideal in terms of marketing the ceremony and in memory of your employees efforts and achievements. Award ceremony video production in Belfast as there are various ceremonies to be covered. For example, the Belfast City Council Sports Awards which was covered by Wolfhound Media.
    • Conference Videos
The footage gathered from a conference held by your company could be used to create a recap for those who could not attend the conference, and also as advertisement for coming conferences and events. Conference video production in Belfast is possible through various video production houses such as Ark Media.
    • Publicity Event Videos
Events that are made for publicity are made to raise awareness and publicity for your corporation or organization. This means that it should reach the maximum potential audience to fulfil its initial purpose. Short-cross Gin had the video production house Films by Ben cover their Signature Sense Competition.Alongside this, you could also utilize agencies for video production in Belfast for launch parties videos, meeting video production or vox pops videos to enhance your business’ popularity. However, event video production is not only used for commercial uses. Event video production could be employed for wedding, birthday parties or any other personal events. Also, they could be used for educational and religious purposes. Wedding event coverage can be done through many video production companies in Belfast. Mr Karma Productions has an example of an event video from Jenn and Stuart’s Wedding. Internet video production relates to producing videos using online tools. Websites such as , Animoto allow you to create videos without the need of physical tools like cameras and microphones. All you need is access to the internet and you can create a video that effectively gets your message across.Internet video production in Belfast is possible through multiple means. Fifty-Squid is an online tool, based in Belfast that accomplishes this. Along with other online tools, you can create quality videos with a lower budget, and without having to hire external video production agencies. This saves time and money, and could potentially generate a greater profit percentage. Alongside the animated production of internet videos, there are other examples of internet video production in Belfast. Agencies could use videos under the Creative Commons license, and puts together footage from different sources to create a commercial or entertainment videos.
  • Educational Video
In the field of teaching and education, videos can be specially useful for teachers and students of all age groups. Videos are engaging and memorable and could become very effective in getting an idea across. Here is an example done by DemoDuck that explains the theory of supply and demand.You can transfer these techniques into the commercial field by explaining to customer why they should buy your product, or explain the production process of your products that shows why and how it’s the best in the field. In that way you are educating your audience, advertising your products and increasing sales in a few minutes.
  • Informational Video
Informational videos and educational videos are very similar in context, and could also be called advice videos. Yet, the main difference between them is that we need education, but general information is not always a priority. Informational videos can range from how-to’s to interviews, to animation videos. Visual Narrative, an agency that deals with video production in Belfast has many great examples of informational videos.One of the videos posted on their blogs is titled,  ‘5 Top Reasons Why You Should Caption Your Videos’ and it explains just that. Presenting the content as a list helps with the attractiveness of the title and engagement of the video throughout. Another video on their blog is titled, ‘How to Optimise Your Video for Facebook Advertising’, and that video is also purely informational and is in the form of a how-to.
  • Documentary Films
The documentary production process is a lot longer and more detailed that other types of videos. Documentary films are generally detailed and more informative that other types of videos. For example, a documentary about the French Revolution will not have a same type of content as a Nike Air Max advertisement. Also, the production process will be similar in shooting, editing but very different in terms of footage and types of shots. With documentaries, there is a lot of fact-checking and research involved, and the footage is not always the most attractive. This does not mean that one should disregard aesthetics when creating a documentary, but it differs in terms of priority. Mr Karma once again has a great example of documentary video production in Belfast, the documentary is titled ‘The Hustle Behind The Scenes’.
  • Entertainment Video
Entertainment video production in Belfast revolves around videos that are made for entertainment purposes, or covering entertainment events. For example, Silver Bullet’s video for BBC Music Live event is an entertaining video, but its ultimate purpose is also musical entertainment. Entertaining is a characteristic that should be applicable to all video production types, adding music to your videos can make it especially appealing, using un-copyrighted general music could be very useful for this. Website like the Audio Network allow access to these tracks to enhance the quality of your video. Videos made for charity and fundraising purposes can also be entertaining such as the MEAK Fundraiser Promo by Ark Media.
  • Music Videos
An important aspect of entertainment video is through music video production. As the technology of music has evolved through the years, music videos have become one of the most popular means of accessing music. Which has caused music video production to become an inherent part of the music industry today.Music video production could make or break an artist. Through the artistic freedom granted to the musician and the videographer, music videos are highly expressive and cater to a large audience sector. The entertaining element of music videos comes from both the audio and the video, so the listener and the viewer are fully immersed in the experience, and the artistic message is effectively transferred.As the genre and the content of music video production varies, the ultimate purpose is more or less the same, and it is to promote. Promoting the song, means promotion for the artist, means higher sales and more profit.The concept behind a music video could be related to fascinating visual effects, it could be based on a story line or you could jump right out the box and embrace your creativity. When making a music video, it is important that you work with the appropriate collaborators that share similar artistic views. For that reason, choosing a music video production company should be carefully selected, since the final product is the impression your audience will get of you.In Belfast, music video production companies are very prominent. Light Engine Films is a music video production company based in Belfast that is known for their What If Imusic video. If you’re on a smaller budget, Budget Music Videos will help you create creative and quality content starting from £199.

The Process of Video Production

The process of Video production can actually be brought down to 3 main steps. There is the pre production phase, the production phase and the post production.  Pre production includes the planning,  financing, story boarding and scripting for the video.  The production step is where the actual shooting happens; it is not however just shooting the video.  This phase also includes different elements including but not limited to the animation, narration, effects, graphics, music and other sounds related to the  video shooting process (i.e. voice-over.). The post production stage is where all the editing happens. This is when the footage is brought into the studios for the final edit and presentation. This is where all the elements of the previous steps are brought together for finalization and is regarded as the most important step in the video production process.

Video Production Cheat Sheet

These are some of the most important tips recommended by professional video editors and producers:
  • Planning is crucial
In the pre production phase, careful planning and consideration of all aspects is very important in the final outcome of the video.
  • Audio is just as important as Video
No video would be complete without the correct audio to compliment it. Whether it is music, voice overs or narration, sound and audio quality is almost just as important as video quality. The audio can make or break the overall outcome of the video.
  • Lighting
Proper lighting when shooting is an important element. Although, this has more to do with the actual shooting process, good lighting on set will ensure a much easier and smoother post production process.
  • The right equipment and software.
Based on the project you will be working on, the quality of equipment is a crucial aspect to consider. Not only the hardware and equipment, but the software is also an important element. Basically equipment and software could be considered the backbone of any video editing or production process.
  • The Rule of Thirds
Another shooting tip straight from the mouths professional cameramen is the rule of thirds. The rule of thirds states that all shots should be split into thirds (horizontally and vertically). The object that is being shot should be just off center, creating a better image effect, movement and shots.
  • B-Roll
B-roll is a professional term used to refer as footage used to Segway from one scene to another. This alternative or supplemental footage is used in profession video and film production.  Good quality B-roll can make quite a bit of difference in the final cut of a video.

Video Production for Marketing Purposes

All of the uses for video production mentioned could be translated to be utilized for marketing purposes. A research video by 90 Seconds on 2016’s top video marketing trends reveals that 52% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the most effective type of content to promote a product or service and that 93% of marketers use video for online marketing, sales of communication. An infographic video by Toon Explainers illustrates the shift in online marketing trends that is leading to revert to video for marketing purposes instead. They claim that using video production as a marketing strategy will allow you to gain:
  • More click through rate
  • More exposure
  • More social engagement
  • 46% more conversation
  • 139% more brand impact.
Another animated video produced by mowglymx Digital Productions addresses the statistics for video marketing in 2016, and many of the gathered research advocates for the use of video for marketing purposes because of its increasing exposure and the shift in consumer behavior to more digital and engaging content. They include interesting facts such as how YouTube reporting that mobile video consumption rises by 100% every year, which shows that people are looking for mobile, and portable ways to watch videos as they’re waiting in a waiting room or on their way home on the bus. Another statistic according to Invodo states that 92% of mobile video consumers share videos with others. Which again reinstates the fact that once they find content that is interesting or engaging, they are more likely to share it with their online friends and increase the exposure of your product or brand.Much like many video production industries around the world, video production in Belfast revolves around a lot of corporate needs. Corporate video production’s main aim is to increase the company’s popularity in a way or another and to ultimately raise revenue and maximize the success of the business in general. Within corporate video production in Belfast, there are multiple genres you may wish to utilize to fulfil the marketing needs for your company. These means act as marketing tools that you should consider experimenting with to find which is more suited to your company and brand.
  • Company Profile:
A company profile is primarily used to introduce your company. This is great for startups and small businesses, but could also be useful for large corporations. This types of video involves the CEO introducing himself, the company and its main mission alongside other professionals and experts in the field. Providing an insight into the company’s mission and target creates a personal bond with the viewers and engages them further. Company profile video production in Belfast is very popular, an example of this is by Fifty-Squid, they created an animated profile video for Heath’s Bakery introducing the business and its services.
  • Broadcast Commercial
We see broadcast commercials everyday on TV. This type of video production is probably the most expensive, however the return on investment is higher than many other types. Broadcast commercials can be very effective when they’re shown enough times on a popular TV channel.
  • Online Commercial
Video production in Belfast is heavily associated with this type of video production. Much like the broadcast commercial, the online commercial fulfils the same purpose on a lower budget and fewer restrictions. Small and medium business will gain the most out of this method, as it will be useful to them once the video goes viral on YouTube. There are many examples of this type of video production in Belfast. Silver Bullet’s video for Cadbury is a great example of the sentiment that can be projected through online commercials.
  • Industrial Video
Industrial videos are usually made to provide information about a certain product or service. They are usually aimed at audiences within a specific industry to share industry trends. Industrial videos are often shown at trade shows and can also be used for fundraising purposes and to gain investors.
  • Promotional Video
A lot similar to online commercials, promotional videos are created to promote a certain product or service. However, they are not limited to online consumption as they could be shared through CDs or DVDs and other forms of media distribution. Promotional video production in Belfast can be created through many production companies. A promotional video can look like the All Sorts Events Promotional Video by Mr Karma productions.
  • Customer Testimonial
Customers are more likely to consume a product if the reviews match what the company is advertising. Because of this, reviews by actual customers would be effective in promotion. This is especially important for online marketing since online shoppers want quick answers to their questions, and a video customer review provides just that. Mr Karma is an agency that engages with a lot of video production in Belfast. They created a customer testimonial video for Coasts Entertainment.
  • Event Documentation
Hiring an agency for video production in Belfast could help you document an event that your company has hosted to the public or to its employees. Having visual evidence for these events will help you develop company history and enhance the general image of your business. A Belfast-based video production called Ark Media created a video documenting the Middlesex County Cricket Club Corporate Day 2017.
  • Conference and Seminars
Documenting a conference or seminar will be helpful for your customers as well as employees because they will be able to watch the event from wherever they are. This type of video production in Belfast is effective because it does not require a large budget, and doesn’t have any time restraints and allows you to go as in depth as you wish.
  • Live Product Demo
More on the informational side, you company could be producing live demos to cater to your audience’s need for information or skills. Customers are always looking for the practicality of a product, how they could use it and why they should but it. This types of videos don’t usually require a lot of high tech cameras and equipment and the editing is very minimal. They can be as long as you wish in order to get your point across effectively and efficiently, and answer many of the questions your viewers might have on your product.
  • Launch Series
Much like a sales video is a launch series, however launch series videos usually come before a sales video in anticipation of the product that is going to be released. Launch series are usually divided into several videos that will be released one after the other until the final video that welcomes the release of the product or service.
  • Behind the Scenes
Producing a behind the scenes video makes your business come across more humane that the image your brand could hold. Making a behind the scenes videos put your customers alongside you and builds a relationship between them and yourself and your products, making the interaction more personal and appreciated. Creating videos like these shouldn’t require a lot of equipment or skills because it should appear as natural and ultimately, informal.Another use for corporate video could be used for internal purposes rather than external marketing purposes. Although not directly linked to the marketing aspect of your company, these types of corporate videos will improve the production process in your organization and increase the quality of work presented, and could also increase market sales in the long run.
  • Internal Communication
The videos shown to staff to explain company procedure or a general message is a form of internal communication. This type of video could be effective in ensuring the systematic process of any company’s operations process. According to research gathered in 2011 by Melcrum Study, 93% of internal communication professionals believe using video to send out internal messages has become specially essential.
  • Staff Training
Demonstrative and informational videos are a form of staff training. Visual medium allow team members to fully comprehend the steps required to perform a certain task. That way, explaining these steps will not have to be repeated to newcomers and trainees. In addition, this will enhance the quality of the service provided by your employees and could be effective on a small or large business basis.
  • Talent Recruitment
Talent recruitment videos are designed to promote your business as a quality workplace for skilled workers to apply. These videos are then uploaded to employment sites that will help attract qualified workers to fill the job vacancies. An example of this would be the Talent Showreel by Dreamtek.Through all of these types of corporate marketing video production types, there are some techniques that have been proven to be effective and should be considered when creating video content.
  • Talking Head: whether for a company profile or a customer testimonial, talking heads are usually very effective in portraying a formal and educated standpoint when advertising your product.
  • Interview: holding interviews with customers is a great way to develop a personality for your brand. Interviews with professionals in your fields or with celebrities also increases exposure as well as credibility for your business and its product.
  • Photo Montag: popular because they’re easing to make, photo montages require minimal time and effort and are relatively entertaining to watch if you pick the right pictures. It is also an element that can be included in any type of video whether it be internal or external.
  • Animated Video: you may think that animation videos attract only the younger generations. Truth is, they are attractive to almost everyone. At the end of the day, who doesn’t love cartoons? Real Time TV Video Productions put together an animated video on Animated Marketing Videos explaining the reason behind their popularity and their impact.
Specializing in marketing video production in Belfast are many video production companies, one of them is GoGo Productions. GoGo is a video production company based in Belfast, the provide corporate and promotional video production services for businesses that are specially created for online and social media platforms. Their services include the pre, production and the post-production process as well a delivery and distribution. If you decide to create a marketing video for you business using the ideas mentioned above, GoGo will be able to follow through and help you achieve your aim.

Video Production in Belfast

Depending on your intention with video production, Belfast includes a variety of production houses to cater your needs and suit your budgets. As mentioned previously, video production can be used for various purposes and comes in many types. Before settling on a type of video, examine the purpose for your video and the means of which it will be shared with your audience. Using this information, you can decide on a video production company suited to you and your aim of video production. In Belfast, because of the variety amongst the companies, you’re bound to find what you’re searching for. Mentioned in no particular order, are a bunch of the most popular video production companies in Belfast.Ark MediaThrough the evolution of video production, the tools used for attractive video production have also been increasing and developing to match its level. One of the most popular types of videos created today are 360 videos. 360 videos allow you to navigate an entire room, garden, or any area through your phone screen. If you still can not fully grasp what I’m trying to say, take a look at Ark Media’s Ark in 360 where you can get a full view of their office just by looking at your screen or through a VR headset. Through 360 videos, you get to show your audience the full experience and put them in control of what they are looking at. Ark Media is one of the video production companies in Belfast that offer this type of video production. Although it is important to realize that not anyone can create 360 videos, as it requires a special set of equipment and technical skills to produce a video like that.Ian HigginsonIan Higginson is an award-winning wedding videographer based in Northern Ireland. His production house, Ian Higginson Media specializes in wedding photography and videography. He is known for his discreet and professional videography techniques are specially popular in the wedding event video production in Belfast, this allowed him to gain multiple awards and make a name for himself. The packages he offers for wedding coverage include footage of the bridal preparations, highlights of the wedding and many more, and the prices range from £550 to£1150. An example of his exceptional work would be Clare & Chris’ wedding.Visual NarrativeThe special thing about Visual Narrative, is that it specializes in video production in Belfast for businesses. As you navigate through their website, they’re portfolio is categorized by sector. For example, you can look at video made for the healthcare sector alone, or the food and drink sector instead. Through these different categories you can select the one that is most applicable to your business and look at the examples made for other organizations in your field. This makes it simpler when making a choice for video production companies and helps illustrate the final product that will be created for your company. If we visit the construction and engineering sector for example, we will find example from Nitronica or the About Us video for SAM Mouldings.Wolfhound MediaAlongside 360 videos, aerial photography and videography has become exceptionally popular in the video production industry. Aerial videos are also associated with special equipment and drone videography that requires a special skill set to utilize. Video production in Belfast is closely associated with aerial photography as many video production companies use this tool. Wolfhound Media is a Belfast based film, television and commercial production company and they categorize their videos through the type of videography used to create it and the broader genre it falls under. For example, they have a section on Aerial videos that show the different aerial videos they’ve created for several firms. Another interesting section is titled Film & Drama where they basically showcase the different trailers and teasers they’ve created. If you’re looking to advertise a short movie or a drama production, Wolfhound Media will be able to provide the appropriate content for you.Little GiantsSpecializing in ‘content creation, television, promotional and portrait films’, Little Giants is a multi award-winning video production company. They are qualified with over 10 year’s industry experience and have a broad understanding of the system and the difficulties of the industry. Their clients include Coca-Cola, Nike, Audi, BBC and many more. Their services include video strategy, creative direction, animation, visual effects as well as post-production services.  Alongside content creation, promotional and event videos, Little Giants also has a section on Music Videos as they also specialize in music video production. An example of their work would be the music video for the Wonder Villains’ song Marshall.90 SecondsContrary to what their name may allude to, 90 Seconds video production company is not limited to videos that are only 90 seconds. Their video vary in length and are not limited to any time constraint unless instructed by the client. Their clients include Uber, Google and Canon, and Uber claimed that ‘It was such a pleasure to work with 90 Second platform’. Their website sorts their portfolio by type, location and industry,which is helpful in several ways when looking for a video production company. Although many of their work is related to the video production in Belfast, 90 Seconds has professional work done all around the world from London to Singapore to Sydney. Many of their work is associated with global organizations such as the Make a Wish Foundation, where they created a short movie on how the foundation granted the wishes of Piarimu and Idamei. Another example would be the video created for L’Oreal.Northern Ireland ScreenAlongside being mainly a film screening agency, the Northern Ireland Screen has contributed to many video productions in Belfast. Although it could be considered the most popular and the most successful video production agency because of its history and recognition, its specialities lie within the film and TV industry. The infamous TV Show Game of Throne was shot in Belfast thanks to the Northern Ireland Screen. Alongside that, their Digital Film Archive showcases the different movies and film products they’ve created and produced. The NIS also contributes to the cultural education of Belfast, encouraging upcoming videographers to participate in various local festivals, competitions and workshops.Go ShowThis video production company goes by the name of Go Show Production, and it consists of a group of video makers that are willing to be hired to create the video you need. Through their website, you can sign up to become part of their time or hire them for your organization. Specializing in sports content production, an example of the video production the engage with is the video on Snowkiting in Norway. Go Show has a specific process for most of their productions, you propose a project, connect with collaborators and editors, then finally distribute the content you’ve created. Go Show Filmmakers have worked with many global brands such as RedBull, Corona Extra and GoPro.Waddell Media is an award winning production company that produces ‘lifestyle formats, high quality documentaries and special factual programmes for the UK, Irish and International Markets’. Their work ranges throughout all fields and sectors but are all of a high quality and entertaining element. Some of their current productions include a factual series on the World’s Most Expensive Cards and other factual entertainment series titled, Irish in Wonderland and Frock Finders.Their broad range of entertainment productions from several genres show their ability to apply their profession to any field to produce quality, exceptionally attractive content.Bad Wolf EditingBad Wolf Editing or South West Media production specializes in videography, photography, aerial cinematography, and studio photography. Through all these means they are able to present high quality content because of their special access to breathtaking scenery in Britain. This type of video production in Belfast is rare to find because of the commercial focus and materialistic implications behind many products. To grasp a better understand of the quality and the scenery they’re exposed to, take a look at the Land Rover Defender video or the promotional video for the River Exe Cafe/The Floating Cafe by Bad Wolf Editing. Including natural scenery and beautiful sights in your videos adds a sentimental element to your brand image and naturally attracts more viewers.

Belfast Film Festival

To celebrate video production in Belfast and recognize the most significant and culturally expressive films produced in the region, the Belfast Film Festival has been taking place annually for the past 18 years. The festival was initiated in 1995 as part of Feile An Phobail, and has been developing ever since along with the passion and drive for film and video production in Belfast. Their Festival Archive present to you the highlights of all festivals since 2010, providing a summary of the annual event and its most valuable statistics. Alongside that, the programmes also show the most important content of the yearly event.To capture the entire experience of watching a film, the festival screening are not limited to the classical cinema theatre. The Belfast Film Festival is focused on granting participants a unique experience, so many films are screened on specific sites. The experience gained at such an event broadens the scope for filmmaking creativity and enhances the entire experience of watching movies, altering it to become an unmatched experience.As mentioned in an article by the Belfast Telegraph, the venues for the film festival are usually unusual. Changing the setting where the audience is watching the movie definitely intensifies the experience and differentiates it from any movie screening event. For example, Evil Dead was screened in Ormeau Park, Cool Hand Luke was set in Crumlin Road Gaol, and the Breakfast Club in Christchurch Library, and many more.In addition to that, to celebrate the important impact of film, the Belfast Film Festival present cinematic collaborations. It is when they accompany the film with other forms of media, for example the showing of La Traviata in St. Anne’s Cathedral was accompanied by the Northern Ireland Opera’s Young Artists’ programme. Providing other forms of art expresses the city’s artistic sense and encourage video production in Belfast in all its forms and content.Similar to many film festivals around the world, the Belfast Film Festival presents various awards and hosts several competition including the documentary film competition and the short film competition. The documentary competition recognizes new observational documentaries from all around the world, while the short film competition provides a platform for upcoming filmmakers in Ireland to showcase their work. In 2017, the Short Film Competition Award was given to Eoin Cleland’s Incoming Call, as for the documentary competition, the title was awarded to David Grotta’s Hidden PhotosThe celebration of these works definitely plays a role in the enhancement of the industry of video production in Belfast and the surrounding region.The Belfast Film Festival organization is definitely involved in promoting video production in Belfast. They are engaged in promoting film education and providing practical filmmaking skills throughout Northern Ireland. In fact, they are currently constructing a set of community outreach projects that make people’s accessibility to and enjoyment of film culture more widespread. In that way, even underprivileged areas will be granted the opportunity to witness and become part of the video production industry in Belfast. This program will revolve around offering writing and filmmaking workshops, industry discussion panels, special screening and masterclasses.Moreover, the BFF organization is not only limited to events within the festival’s running period, and their Film Archive will show you the various events they’ve hosted and the films they’ve screened in the past. They are always putting on screenings and events throughout the year. Through their What’s On section on the website, you can browse through the various events taking place and find the movie, time, and venue most suited to your preferences. For example, the movie A Boy and His Dog will be screened in the Beanbag Cinema on November 19th.In addition to hosting all these events, the Belfast Film Festival’s Vimeo page provides video highlights of the events, and showcases their own love for video production.

Northern Ireland Screen

The Northern Ireland Screen (NIS) is Northern Ireland’s national screen agency. They work to maximise the economic, cultural and educational value of the screen industries in order to benefit Northern Ireland and the Belfast community. Through their mission of accelerating the development of the screen industry and video production in Belfast, they are able to optimize the culture for video and film production.As mentioned on their About Us page, the NIS has three main objectives.
  1. To make sure Northern Ireland has the strongest screen industry in the UK outside London within 10 years.
  2. That the screen industry will be supported by diverse cultural voices.
  3. That the sector will be catered by the most successful screen and digital technologies education in Europe, and that it is within reach and value to the most socially disadvantaged.
To achieve these goals their opportunities and events are within access to the widest possible range of people. In terms of filming in Northern Ireland, they help all the aspects of filming. They also provide support in terms of the investment and funding as well as marketing, exhibiting and archiving.In terms of education, the Northern Ireland Screen aims to provide young people the appropriate skills and techniques to prepare them for the workplace. By embracing the knowledge of film and the educating about the value of contributing to society through that, the industry of video production in Belfast is bound to grow and flourish in the future.The NIS has access to many beautiful scenes around Northern Ireland which can be taken for granted by many movies and films around the nation. Their production and locations showreel successfully portrays this. Their Film Archive also has many examples of the productions they were able to contribute to in terms of screening and location. Alongside locations they could also provide film and television venues for clients who are interested in video production in Belfast, and Northern Ireland in general. The Paint Hall is Northern Ireland’s film studio facility, it was used by several video production agencies and by HBO to produce Game of Thrones.

Technological Advancements in the Video Production Scene

  • Drone/Aerial photography
Aerial photography is the taking of photographs from an elevated perspective where the camera is not usually supported by a ground-based structure. Although this type of photography has been developing over the years, we know have devices called drones that make this type of photography and videography much simpler and a lot more attractive. According the Professional Aerial Photographers Association, the first aerial photo was actually taken in 1858 by Gaspar Felix Tournachon also know as Nadar who was a French photographer and balloonist. Beyond that, photographers have been trying to recreate the aerial photo which led to the drones that we have today.Prices of drones that carry video recording devices vary depending on the quality of the drone, the number of wings/copters is had and how high up it can elevate. It can range from about $80 up to $1000. Alongside that, the person navigating and using the drone should be very skilled in the field in order to produce good footage and ensure the drones safety, specially if it’s one of the expensive ones.Natural video production in Belfast is very popular because of the beautiful green scenery and insightful views across the land. To effectively capture such scenes, it makes sense that the camera is at its highest point possible to collect as much of the view possible. Kromax Media fully portrays this idea through their aerial drone movie over Belfast.
  • 360 Videos
When talking about the world of motion media, there is no doubt that when comparing 360 videos with standard means of video production, 360 videos are bound to stand out and weigh out more pros than cons. The ultimate idea of behind the popularity of 360 videos roots from its innovativity. It’s new, creative and appears almost as if it is a product of the future. Being able to fully envision a situation you’ve never been in, and go places you’ve never seen is completely foreign to many minds.360 video production is done through video recording every direction at the same time using an omnidirectional camera or a collection of cameras. The final product is a video where the viewer has full control over the direction they are watching. This process is done through special and relatively inexpensive equipment. For $350, the Samsung Gear 360 is a high definition 360 recorder that is available for almost everybody. This product is used by many businesses and international brands such as The New York Times and Reuters use these products for news coverage of natural disasters and significant events around the world.In addition, there are are also special film editing skills required to produce a quality video.Before this innovation is overdone by other creations, it’s important to take full advantage of it in the marketing and branding field. Currently, the concept of 360 videos is new and exciting to many of us, there is still room for experimentation and creativity, and it up to you as a business owner to take that to your advantage. People love watching 360 videos and it is your job to provide them with what they want to watch. This expands your exposure horizons and engagement possibilities.360 video production in Belfast is rapidly increasing, and the opportunity awaits you. Many video production companies offer 360 video production for various events and genres. For example, Wolfhound Media is an agency that has created many high quality 360 videos. NPE Media are also pioneers of this technology,and their efforts have been translated into great motion media products such as their video with Johnnie Walker. According to their article on 360 VR in Northern Ireland they claim that most of the effort to create 60 videos is invested in the post production stage of video production.
  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
Because of the rise of 360 videography and photography, the fictional worlds of augmented and virtual reality have become a possibility. Just by putting on a headset, you could travel from China to Rome from the comfort of your living room. Using the aspect of augmented and virtual reality, content creators have transferred it onto all possible fields, fro00m art to education to even VR dating!VR is one of the video types that could has various uses. The Expeditions powered by Google allow teachers to ‘bring their lessons to life’. They can virtually take students anywhere they wish. It’s almost as if Ms. Frizzle’s Magic School Bus is has come to life! Through the Expeditions feature, mentors can teach lessons, share stories, and make education and sharing information a lot more enjoyable for many visual and practical learners.According to an article by CNET claims that the concept of VR is that we’re ‘tricking’ our minds into thinking we’re somewhere, with someone, when in reality we’re not. From there the argument of whether or not this is really ‘real’ presents itself. Virtual reality has sparked numerous discussions on whether or not it could compensate for real life, and the real answer is that it can not. However, as long we have such an amazing tool at hand why not use it for its benefits. Prices of VR devices range from $70 to $600+, the Google Daydream View is one of the relatively inexpensive devices, and there is also the Sony PlayStation VR which is mostly used for video games.When it comes to business, using VR is not always the optimum choice for you because it really depends on your product and intention with the program, and it also has a lower potential of going viral because of the specific audience it targets. Not all age groups are interested in virtual reality, and certainly not everyone could afford it. Depending on your view of your customers and the image you want to present to your viewers, you could choose whether to implement VR in your marketing campaign or not.As a business, you can choose to utilize VR in various ways. For example, giving a virtual tour is always an effective way to give your viewers a more immersive view of where you’re located and what the atmosphere usually feels like. An example of this was the Memory Lane done by 360 capture. These virtual tours are becoming relatively common in real estate, furniture sales and hotels. Since it is very effective to see the place you’ll be staying in, and seeing how the furniture will fit in the place.VR video production in Belfast is als becoming very popular do to the high demand for it and it’s appealing nature. There are several VR companies that specialize in this type of video production in Belfast, and could offer to create content specifically for your business.EdgewaysEdgeways is a Belfast-based immersive technology specialist business. They are involved in the creation of all the immersive technologies including virtual, augmented reality. They’ve worked with various clients across multiple field including architecture, manufacturing, healthcare and tourism. The edgeways team is highly skilled in creating virtual tours, virtual reality projects as well as augmented reality. Their virtual tours include, promotional tours and real estate tours. AS for the virtual reality they can offer, it can be for healthcare training, games creation or any simulators. Augmented reality is used in engineering maintenance and shop at home features. If you choose to revert to immersive technology video production in Belfast, it should be according to your business and is most appropriate to your audience.VISR-VRVR video production in Belfast seems to also be driving down a different path within tecnological industries. Helping make this possible is VISR’s Vertx platform. VISRoffers effective mixed reality as a means of visual communication for their clients. They are involved in the creative process, the production and the delivery and advocate for doing business through 3D. They offer a mixed reality studio where they utilize design virtual 3D products or programs to represent prototypes for business. Their past clients include Mars Gulf and Garthwest, where they were involved in the creation of virtual 3D prototypes for them to present to their clients. Within several technical and industrial industries this is essential and saves a lot of time and money.

Why Video Production is “Big” in Northern Ireland Right Now:

There is no doubt that Northern Ireland and Belfast is quickly becoming a big player in the video production scene. Whether shooting there for the beautiful scenery or the professional video producers that have risen in the area, one cannot ignore the recent prominence of the  region’s video editing scene. From acclaimed TV series like Game Of Thrones or Sons of Anarchy to A-list movies like High rise and the most recent Dracula movie, Belfast and Northern Ireland are quickly becoming big players in the video production scene.

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