Property Management and Investing in Property

Whether you are buying or selling a property, know how to efficiently carry out property management is important.

Getting onto the property ladder can be complicated in the early stages. In this addition to our Business Leaders series, we sat down with a property expert to learn more about efficient property management, investor services and more from his business journey.

Gordon Campbell is the Managing Director of Campbell & Co Estate Agents, one of Belfast’s leading property specialists. They provide Letting, Sales and property management solutions to many landlord and investor clients.


Campbell shares his business journey which took him to becoming the managing director of the business. Through his background and experience, he shares his insights on a range of topics within the real estate industry.

In this addition to our Business Leaders series, Campbell shares his advice on property sales, letting, efficient property management and their investment services. These are interesting topics for anyone looking to enter the real estate industry as a business, add a property to the market as a landlord or looking to take on a property themselves in Northern Ireland particularly in Belfast.

Campbell also shares fantastic advice for property management and how to ensure you are managing properties efficiently. The business also provides a number of different options for clients who are considering becoming an investor in different properties as well as advice for anyone wanting to know the best way to save for thier retirement.

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To learn more about Campbell & Co Estate Agents, property management, their properties and services, visit their website here


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