Adding Facebook Pixel and Yandex Metrica to WIX

Adding Facebook Pixel and Yandex Metrica to WIX

Why add Facebook Pixel and Yandex Metrica to WIX? Both of these are tools for analytics on your WIX site, an essential to keep track of how your site is performing (and why!).

Yandex Metrica is a analytics web tool developed by Yandex, a Russian Multi-national corporation, specialising in internet related products and services. It is very similar to Google.

Similarly Facebook Pixel is a tool developed by Facebook to track analytics of your site on many different builders such as WordPress and Magento. For the purpose of this tutorial, we used WIX.

Take a look at our videos from the ProfileTree YouTube channel, showing how to connect each tool to your WIX site.


Getting Started with Facebook Pixel

The first note to make about using Facebook Pixel is that it is a feature that only works with a connected domain name. Without this Facebook Pixel wouldn’t be able to connect or work. The brilliant feature about Facebook Pixel is that WIX will automatically forward events to your Facebook such as when a product is viewed, a product has been added to a cart or when someone has entered the checkout process.

To access Facebook Pixel, you first need to create a Facebook Business Manager account. To do this, search for ‘Facebook Business Manger’, on a search engine and you will find it easily. Once in the tool, head to business settings in the top right of the screen. The next step is to select data sources in the left hand navigation then pixels.


How to Use Facebook Pixel

To use the pixel tool, you will need to add a new pixel. To do this once you have clicked on the pixel data sources, in the top beside the word ‘Pixel’, it will say add. You can also select a ready made pixel from your business manager. It will automatically have an ID/Code. When you click into the pixel, depending if it is active or not, you might see information or not. In our tutorial above, there is no information as our pixel isn’t active.

Adding Facebook Pixel to your WIX site

The next step, is to set up pixel. Just click the green button shown in the middle of the screen that is labelled, ‘set up pixel’. There will then be three select options to choose from. There are:

  1. Use an integration or tag manager
  2. Manually install the code yourself
  3. Email instructions to a developer

For the purpose of the video tutorial, we have shown the first setup method. Once clicked on the method, the next step is to choose a partner. There are many to choose from, such as WordPress, Magento, WooCommerce and many others. Of course we’re going to use the WIX partner. A step by step guide will be shown by the Facebook Pixel to how to implement the pixel into your WIX site. Follow this step by step and it should be setup. The main part of the tutorial is the ID/Code shown by the pixel.


Getting Started with Yandex Metrica

Similar to Facebook Pixel, Yandex Metrica is another analytics tool. Yandex is a Russian online based site that operates and offers similar services to Google. Therefore if you’re familiar with Google Analytics, this tool might be for you. Below is a tutorial on how to add the Yandex analytics tool, to your site.


Getting Started with Yandex Metrica

To add Yandex Metrica to your WIX site, it is very easy. You will first need to navigate to the settings tab within your WIX dashboard. Once in the settings tab and under ‘Advanced Settings’ you will find tracking and analytics. This will then open up a new window, where you can add a new tool. Click ‘New tool’ in the top right of the window and a drop-down will show. Click Yandex Metrica and a new window will appear asking for a tag number.

WIX Dashboard —> Settings —> New Tool —> Yandex Metrica —> Insert tag number 

To get your tag number, you will first need a Yandex account. Simply sign up using their main site. Once signed up, search for Yandex Metrica and follow the steps when ‘Get Started’ is clicked. The next step to getting the number is filling in a form and insert a tag name.

Yandex Metrica setup using tag number

Its best to call it the name of your website and select the session replay slider to make sure it is on. Accept the terms and create the tag. You will then have three options, but to insert Yandex into a website click on the ‘CMS and website builders’ and copy and paste the tag.

New Yandex Account —> Yandex Metrica Search —> Get Started —> Form —> Tag Name & Session replay —> CMS —> Repeat first method above

One you have entered the Tag number, Yandex Metrica should be added to your WIX site. As easy as that!


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