Digital Marketing Career Growth: From Start to Finish

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How to plan your digital marketing career growth? Considering a digital marketing career is a great option. But it’s even better to have a plan for your new profession.

Digital marketing, along with tech subjects, are among the top go-to fields in today’s digital world.

Let’s take a closer at the the ins-and-outs of a digital marketing career, including the best starting points for your first steps into digital marketing.


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Making a Start

A digital marketing career can be very fulfilling and – some good news – the initial skills to start your career are easily self-taught. There are clear pathways to gaining the advanced knowledge and qualifications to process from there.


A Digital Marketing Career: What It Means

Before you consider delving into the digital marketing world, you need to know what digital marketing is. According to Statistical Analytics System, digital marketing is defined as “the promotion of products or brands via one or more forms of electronic media, differs from traditional marketing in that it uses channels and methods that enable an organisation to analyse marketing campaigns and understand what is working and what isn’t – typically in real time.”

There are online marketing tools that make your digital marketing career easier and simpler for any task that comes your way.

Meanwhile, your digital marketing career will revolve around creating, monitoring, and evaluating marketing campaigns that are distributed to online clients. There are differences between digital marketing and traditional marketing. The major difference is how the marketing campaign is offered to the audience.

So, digital marketing refers to the promotion of products or services through electronic media and, by assessing campaigns, they understand what works for  clients and what doesn’t.


Why Digital Marketing? The Pros and Cons

It is natural for you to be hesitant when you think about starting your digital marketing career but our reasons showing why you should or shouldn’t start your digital marketing career should help you see what’s best for you:

Pros of Pursuing a Digital Marketing Career

Your digital marketing career takes work and effort, yet you can start at any moment. You need to prepare yourself with all the qualifications needed to be a marketer. In normal cases, you wouldn’t need to spend another four years college to learn about digital marketing. It is possible to take digital marketing courses and you’d be able to begin your digital marketing career at an still-learning level.

Digital marketing is also a pocket-friendly career. This means that almost anyone can start the career without spending a huge amount of money; at least not above the average. In a digital marketing career, most platforms and tools are free and accessible to the public. This gives you the ability to digitise your marketing campaign and promote your brands.

The Kind of Tasks to Expect

You will also be able to reach multiple demographics and audiences at once; this makes it easier to reach your target as fast as possible. In a digital marketing career path, audience is everything. The more people you reach, the better you are at your job as a marketer.

You will need to gain exposure and classify your company as a reliable source for information or production. By doing so, you’ll have credentials and qualifications in your digital marketing career.

In your digital marketing career, you’ll be faced with the task of research. You’ll need to know how to capture your audience’s attention as fast as possible and as easy as possible. According to Statistic Brain Research Institute, an average online user has an attention span of 8.25 seconds.

This means that in your digital marketing career, you’ll need to work at a fast pace and consistent with the trends that pop up on the Internet. A big part of digital marketing is done online, also known as eMarketing, where you need to be constantly updated by what attracts viewers on the Internet.

The Cons: Things to Consider

However, there is always a downside when it comes to any decision you make. It is strongly recommended to start a digital marketing career, but you should know what you’re getting yourself into. Digital marketing is not as easy as some people make it sound.

You will be judged based on first impressions and immediate results. Because the audience have a short attention span, viewers will judge your content – and its results – from the very start.

Another issue is that digital marketing can easily be copied and traded off on another campaign. Many of the audience will be discouraged if they see the same content in every marketing campaign.  This causes your campaign to lose viewers and for your company to lose exposure for their product. Therefore, originality is needed.

Digital marketing also involves risk. Your marketing ideas will always go through a process of trial and error. This risk includes financial risk, since any sponsored campaign requires funding.

Sometimes, you will have to work more than eight hours in order for your marketing to campaign to be successful. In your digital marketing career, you’ll need to be able to have a thick skin. Your campaigns may attract negative responses or criticism sometimes, an unavoidable part of publishing in the online world!


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How to Start Your Digital Marketing Career?

In order to start your digital marketing career, you’ll need to acquaint yourself with its tools, channels, trends, and rules. You’ll need to further understand the way social media channels operate and how to use them. As a digital marketer, you’ll need to learn how to interact with users online in a way that will attract their attention; you’ll also need to avoid inciting a negative response from the audience.

Digital Marketing Channels

You’ll also need to build a great personal virtual presence, in order to gain exposure. Just like with brands and products, sometimes you need to sell yourself. You can do so and interact with potential employers or colleagues through platforms such as LinkedIn.

In your digital marketing career, you will face challenges that do not exist in other fields. A good suggestion is to familiarise yourself with the ethics and legalities of digital marketing. By doing so, you’re avoiding a mistake or in worst case scenarios, a lawsuit.

Your digital marketing career is a road to pave, since you learn almost everything on the job. You’ll just need to understand your job description first. Next, you should build a strong online portfolio as you progress or execute projects. This shows potential employers that you are ready for anything that comes your way.


When to Start Your Digital Marketing Career?

There are a lot of career opportunities in digital marketing in the current job hunt. Many companies are either selling digital marketing services or they are outsourcing digital marketing services. In your digital marketing career, you’ll find that your job is a product all on its own to be sold and traded with. A digital marketing career is an asset to any company, so, you must be able to adapt to any environment.

If you’re going to take the career seriously, then start off with a few online courses about marketing. It is never too late to learn new things, plus you’ll have an advantage against your peers.In addition, when you finish your online courses, you shouldn’t expect to become a manager at your first try.

Your digital marketing career has to start with you at the bottom of the food chain, as it is in any career field. You shouldn’t be discouraged for starting too late or for turning a new leaf; a digital marketing career is an opportunity that you can branch out from.


Is Digital Marketing a Good Career?

This is a great question!

Ultimately, digital marketing allows you to work on campaigns and content based on creative thinking. But your work will also be based on data (to test what works) too. 

The constant changes in the industry can be a fun element as they give you a chance to keep ahead of the latest developments, a real USP for yourself as an asset to a business.



Different Types of Digital Marketing

You may think that a digital marketing career revolves around sitting at your desk and working on marketing campaigns. Or, maybe you’ll post on social media channels as a part of your daily quota. However, that’s not all there is to digital marketing.

There are different types of digital marketing; it is a rather vast field of work. Among the most common types of digital marketing are Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per Click (PPC).

SEO is one of the most effective types of digital marketing that most marketers use for their benefit. Almost every person in the world uses search engines as a way to find information. By using SEO, you are encouraging users to promote your product and rank higher on the list.


A Digital Marketing Career: Looking to the Future

Your digital marketing career will flourish in today’s digital environment, thanks to constant change online and change in how audiences access their digital world. This means their expectations change too, therefore a skilled digital marketer is needed.

With so many career opportunities in digital marketing; the first thing to do is make a start!

Summary: Start Your Digital Marketing Career and Never Look Back

Digital marketing may not be a traditional, 9-to-5 job, but it is a fulfilling one. You will be able to interact and reach people from all over the world with just one click. That’s exciting. You will also develop skills from WordPress to basic HTML, all while already working and gaining experience.

The right time to start your digital marketing career is now, while the industry is booming. The career growth of digital marketing is expanding by the hour and you should be a part of it too.

Good luck!


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