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    How can we predict AR future trends? By looking at the industries it is already starting to revolutionalise we get a flavour of the ways AR will change our lives. The technology is now being used in many, sometimes life-saving, ways in industries like healthcare. Where else has augmented reality been causing a huge change? Our QUICK READ guide explains… […]

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  • Augmented Reality Examples: Why Your Business Should Act Now!

    Even if you haven’t spotted any augmented reality examples out and about, if your business sells a product visually or you use social media marketing it could pay to get ahead of this rising trend. Augmented reality allows your virtual product to be seen, on a phone or tablet screen, placed in the potential customer’s real life world. So, a […]

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  • Types of Augmented Reality – A Quick Read Guide

    Why take a moment to understand types of augmented reality? To understand AR and its potential it’s a great time to take a few minutes to understand the AR technology on offer. There are four types of augmented reality technology and they all have the same concept surrounding them. That is, to enhance a user’s surrounding environment using computer-based images.  […]

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