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The answer is Yes. Creating a long-term online strategy ensures that you create a digital brand or platform that uniquely positions your company and engages with your target audience no matter where they are.


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The Road to Success

  • Project Manager Interview Questions: How to Get the Job

    Does having the proper background and experience qualify you for a job? Yes, but that doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to get it. There is still the final test in the screening process, the Interview. There is more to job interviews than being well spoken and confident, it’s a skill that requires preparation. For most prestigious jobs, like say for a […]

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  • What is Content Analysis? Quantifying the Qualitative

    Analysis of results is a crucial step in any research or study. Marketing, human resources, consumer behavior or even basic human psychology are just some of the examples of research fields that require analysis. In all fields of research, results are either qualitative or quantitative. Qualitative results are information about qualities: data that cannot be quantified or measured. Some examples of qualitative […]

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  • New Product Development Process in 8 Steps

    There is no doubt that in the world of business, everything should be well studied and neatly planned. Introducing a brand new product is no exception to that rule. Preparing for a new product to hit the market should be anything but random. There is a defined new product development process that is translated into clear steps. For budding entrepreneurs, […]

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