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Within this article I will be talking about WordPress Hosting. This will include the different types of hosting. The best WordPress hosting, the worst and the cheapest.

If you need information on WordPress hosting this is the best place to be. I will involve many hosting companies within this article, such as WP Engine, SiteGround, GoDaddy and Bluehost just to name a few.

There are a couple of main questions that you may want to know. What is WordPress Hosting? and does WordPress host itself? What are the different types of Hosting for WordPress? So, let’s answer these questions. WordPress is a very popular website/blog application/program. Within WordPress you can built, publish and update your website/blog. There are two forms of WordPress. They are WordPress.com and WordPress.org. WordPress.com provides own hosting, which means it is free for everyone, but it restricts plugins from working. Plugins can be essential parts of websites, so you may want to use WordPress.org.

With WordPress.org, you will need to find your own hosting from web hosting sites such as Bluehost, GoDaddy, etc. This is what the difference between WordPress and web hosting.

So, what are the types of WordPress Hosting? Well, there are four different types of WordPress Hosting. These are managed hosting, shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting. They of course all have many benefits and disadvantages.



Many hosts offer dedicated Hosting for WordPress. Dedicated Hosting is the awkward kind of hosting for WordPress as you need to have great knowledge of hardware and operating systems. With Dedicated Hosting you will need to set up your own operating, web server and operate it yourself, compared to the other types of hosting.

There are great features to Dedicated Hosting. One of the main benefits is you can set up your hosting to your exact needs. Such as setting up the security and the environment your sites are on, can be tailored to what you want and need. So, you don’t get any un-necessary features, which you wouldn’t use.

The worst part of this kind of hosting is as I said earlier, is you need to a have a great knowledge of hosting websites. This is because you’re virtually hosting your sites yourself as you must set them up yourself with all the features you would like.

I would only recommend Dedicated Hosting if you have the know-how knowledge of a hosting-environment, such as setting it up and updating it yourself form the back end.

Not every hosting company offer Dedicated web hosting, because if the reasons I’ve talked about above. They would much rather offer managed or shared hosting.


Shared hosting;

Shared Hosting is the type of hosting you probably have already heard of. Basically, it is the type of hosting almost every hosting company offer, and it is one of the cheapest types of hosting available. The reason it is so cheap is that many users with multiple websites are on the one server leading to overcrowding at times causing problems.

The overcrowding could possibly lead to the slowing down of your website. It can also mean you will never know when problems may happen as security at server level may affect you and your websites on that server, even with all your security measures.

The great thing about shared hosting is the price. It is cheap, very cheap to be honest, but after your initial plan, the renewal price might increase to more per month, which might be a bit of a problem too. It is also great for starting up with hosting and learning about hosting. This is so you don’t spend to much money on your hosting.

Company’s such as GoDaddy, Bluehost and many others who are huge in the WordPress business all offer shared hosting plans. All offer decent performance, good security measures and good support, what more could you ask for, considering the price of the hosting they offer.



VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting, also known as cloud hosting is another alternative for WordPress Hosting. VPS hosting serves in a similar way to shared hosting only much less people are on each server. With this lower number of people sharing a server, it already lowers the risk of security issues experienced on your hosting.

The VPS helps secure your Hosting by using technology to separate and protect your sites from issues within other peoples hosting on the same server as yours.

VPS Hosting range in pricing from below $100 all the way up to thousands of dollars a month. Although with VPS hosting choosing the right plan for you is essential as you may need more bandwidth than you get with your plans.

A range of hosting companies sell VPS hosting. This is due to the great demand there is for this kind of hosting and the fact VPS hosting can be a great type of hosting within every scenario and situation.



Managed WordPress Hosting is one of the most popular WordPress hosting types. The whole hosting environment is setup to support WordPress, to help increase speed, security and reliability.

The price for managed hosting can become very expensive, depending on the size of resources you need to host your websites. The starting price for Managed hosting is usually around the $10-$20 mark and can then stretch into thousands of dollars, if your sites attract millions upon millions of visitors per month.

Many managed hosting plans have restrictions to help make your sites more secure. This means some plugins will not work with managed plans. There of course some ways around this, as some disallowed plugins could have alternatives to them that do almost the same job.

Companies such as WP Engine and Flywheel, who deal solely with Managed WordPress Hosting are great companies to buy hosting from as they have a great knowledge on WordPress. This is one of the main positives of Managed WordPress hosting.

I would recommend this type of hosting for WordPress sites, as many of the companies who offer Manged plans have expertise within the area of hosting and offer competitive prices for what you would like, even though the prices seem expensive.


So, what would the best WordPress hosting be?

When it comes to WordPress hosting, finding the best for you can and will be difficult. There are so many companies to choose from, that are better at certain things than others. Some companies are better at providing security features and some companies provide better performance for your sites.

You also need to figure out which type of hosting would better suit you. Would managed hosting suit you? Dedicated, VPS or shared hosting? You also need to know what your budget is and what you need for hosting before diving in head first and getting the wrong plan for your hosting.

Out there on the web there are so many websites that compare all the hosting sites together and rank them together from best to worst.

From my time of researching different hosting. I have established which hosting companies would be better, and which ones I would recommend to clients. You could search up on google easily, “what’s the best hosting for WordPress?”, “best host for WordPress?”, “best hosting provider for WordPress?”, and they will all grant you the same results or at least very similar results.

The easiest way to find the best hosting is comparison sites. These sites tell you the main points of the different hosts and what the hosts are best as. The main features such as the uptime, storage, support and performance are usually shown to be compared with one another. Realistically pin pointing the number one WordPress host would be very difficult as theres hundreds of hosts out there. It all comes down to what you want and which suit you better. Are you after a good price or great features?


WordPress Hosting costs;

Hosting plans and costs vary over the different types of Hosting. Generally, within the different types of hosting, plans would cost competitive prices.

Usually shared hosting would be the cheapest hosting available. Prices can start from as little as $3 dollars and can reach upwards of $20, which is still very cheap per month. Usually paying around the $10 mark for shared hosting could guarantee an above average shared hosting service.

The next cheapest web hosting would be the VPS hosting, commonly known as cloud hosting. These VPS plans can start from around $10/15 and can stretch into thousands of dollars, depending on what the customer needs. The expensive plans than cost hundreds and thousands are usually custom-made plans between the customer and company to make a plan to suit them and work to the same standard as the more standard plans.

Managed plans would then be the next cheapest hosting plans. These plans can cost anything from $15, all the way up to hundreds of dollars a month, even thousands. Depending on how popular your website is, you will need to have a look at which plan would best suit you in terms of the storage, visits a month and performance you will get along with your plan.

The final type of hosting is dedicated hosting and it would be the more expensive hosting. These plans can range from $50 up to hundreds and thousands of dollars a month. The average price of a dedicated plan would be around $130, and you would be looking to spend this price a month to get the best value for your money.


WordPress Hosting plans;

Generally, when it comes to WordPress Hosting plans, you do get what you pay for. A cheaper plan may not be the best idea if you need certain features or certain amounts of storage, visits per month or installs/websites.

Along with the cost of the plans, storage and the number of visitors change with costs. Also, the more expensive the plan costs, the more features you would normally receive. The features you would receive the more expensive the plan is, are usually features to help with security, the build of the site and Search engine optimization (SEO). Therefore, I would always go for a plan that isn’t necessarily the cheapest.

Many companies also guarantee an uptime of 99.9% of uptime. With the very competitive climate of Hosting, this is a great incentive, especially as they give monthly refunds to customers who do not receive this guarantee.

Companies who offer this guarantee are; GoDaddy, HostGator and DigiatalOcean, just to name a few.

One of the biggest features of managed plans are the number of monthly visits allowed. Most of the time if you go over the number of monthly visits, your site will not be able to be accessed until the start of the next month. Some providers are an exception to this rule and allow you to go over your limit but will talk about upgrading your plan to one that is more suited to you. Flywheel is just one of these companies that allow this.


Cheap WordPress Hosting;

The cheapest WordPress Hosting would be shared hosting, which I talked about earlier. This low cost solution to cheap WordPress hosting is one of the few ways you could receive cheap Hosting. Some expensive shared hosting plans are cheap considering the price of dedicated and some managed plans. 

Some companies such as 1&1 even offer £1 hosting. This seems pretty insane to me that companies can offer this, with some added features. Of course you do get what you pay for and the storage and RAM are pretty small amounts. These small amounts of storage and RAM means it would be almost impossible to host a website with much content. This affordable hosting would only be suitable for small websites and possible blogs.

1&1 Hosting would be the cheapest web hosting within the UK, with its cheapest plan being 99p, just under a pound. iPage is the most reliable and cheapest host in the US. The cheapest plan they offer is $1.99 a month. This same plan is offered at £1.50 a month in the UK and is still cheap in Europe and Ireland at 2.99 euros.


Fastest WordPress Hosting;

Speed and high performance is one of the most important features of Hosting. Loading times can make your website suffer, as many people would leave your website, if they are dissatisfied with the loading times on your site. This would include the loading times between pages on your sites. We now live in a world where patience doesn’t really exist anymore, so the faster your site loads the more traffic you will ultimately have. 

Realistically a website would want to have an upload speed of less than a second. This would mean the most potential traffic to your site would then stay on your site for longer and navigate throughout. 

Many hosting websites boast an upload speed of below a second, with some almost being instant. 


Secure WordPress Hosting;

WordPress has many security features that can work with it. They are usually a part or added to plans with an additional cost. Some security features are disabled on WordPress to help make it more secure. Certain plugins are blocked on WordPress as they would/could clash with WordPress itself leaving your sites insecure. 

Many hosts allow its users to add additional security features onto their plans fro an additional cost. Some hosts even give you these security features as part of your plan.

Most hosts offer a free SSL (Secure Socket Layer). Flywheel and WP Engine are just two examples of hosts who do so. The SSL means all data enter within that page becomes encrypted. This is essential on any website that has personal accounts and information within them. So any e-commerce site need an SSL.

Also many hosts give you access to some security features absolutely free with their plans. An example of this is that WP Engine creates backups of your sites every day for free. 

Features such as SiteLock, CodeGuard and ModSecurity, which help your sites from spam, malware and hackers more than likely will cost in addition to your hosting. These features are much needed and I would recommend having them apart of your package even if you have to pay a little extra each month.

To stop spam to your emails and own phone number I would also recommend investing in some sort of domain privacy. This add-on will more than likely not be part of any hosting plan but it is worth investing in. Otherwise your phone and email will never stopped being spammed.


Free WordPress Hosting;

Realistically I don’t have much hope for free WordPress hosting, although there are many websites that offer free WordPress hosting. The reason for this is that even paid hosting providers don’t always provide the greatest nor perfect service you would expect if you can get almost the same for free.

Although in saying that, their would be one company that I could trust 100% with free web hosting for WordPress and that is WordPress themselves. More specifically WordPress.com . WordPress.com is similar to wordpress.org only you are able to host your website for free. The only catch is WordPress adverts will appear within your site.

Other hosts who provide free hosting are Hostinger, also known as 000webhost, freehostingnoads and freehostia. Freehostingnoads name is straight to the point, as they offer free hosting without the constant ads on your site. And freehostia offer a very unique plan, which allows your sites to grow. 


WordPress Site Migration;

Site Migration is one of the most important features within web hosting. Without site migration, you would be left stuck to one web host, who may not necessarily be the best host for you. Therefor many people can jump from host to host, to get the best and most value out of plans. Most hosting companies offer some sort of site migration, weather in a plug-in or you are able to migrate manually. There are some companies who are exempt to this and charge a large cost to transfer your site to them.

An example of a company who charge for site transfers is Bluehost. The charge is almost $150, which is very excessive considering other companies offer it for free. I feel this cost could potentially scare potential customers away from hosting with Bluehost even though WordPress recommend them themselves.


GoDaddy WordPress Hosting;

GoDaddy are one of the most popular web-based companies in the World. They boast over 17 million customers worldwide, offering services in web hosting (including WordPress) and domain registering, which they are known widely for.

GoDaddy offer a range of hosting. They are Shared hosting, VPS and managed hosting, which would be the best type of hosting for WordPress.

One of the main questions with GoDaddy is, how to host a WordPress site on GoDaddy? And, how does hosting on GoDaddy work? And it’s easy.

Once you have signed up to GoDaddy you’re able to use their in-built site migration tool to migrate your site from your previous host.

The price GoDaddy offer is competitive as they have four packages for WordPress that start from as low as £2.99 a month up to over £20 a month. The prices seem very reasonable for what you get for the managed packages.

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Bluehost WordPress Hosting;

Bluehost are a hosting company that offer multiple plans for many different types of hosting. They offer plans for shared, dedicated, VPS and optimized WordPress hosting. Their plans for shared hosting are of course cheap like most companies shred hosting plans. Their first plan starts at just under $3 dollars.

The optimized WordPress hosting pricing is much dearer than their shared hosting. This is normal to see from companies offering these types of hosting. Bluehosts cheapest optimized hosting plan starts from $19.99 a month. With the optimized plans, Bluehost offer great limits on the amount of visits a month, storage and backup. You also receive a free SSL, 24/7 support and cPanel. You can also add an SEO tool for $2.99 a month at the checkout.

Bluehost are one of only three hosting companies that are recommended by WordPress themselves, which is one massive positive to Bluehost. This screams reliable WordPress hosting.

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SiteGround WordPress Hosting;

SiteGround are another well known hosting company. They offer Dedicated, Cloud, shared and WordPress hosting. SiteGround have three plans for WordPress starting at a reasonable price of £2.75 a month and going up to £7.95 a month.

They offer a great support network that includes a support center and setup wizard along with hundreds of articles on many different topics. This is just one of many positives to SiteGround. Free site migration is also offered by SiteGround leading to very little hassle moving your website from a different host.

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HostGator WordPress Hosting;

HostGator offer three plans for WordPress Hosting. The starter, the standard and the business plan. The starter plan starts from $5.95 a month and the next plans cost $7.95. The business plan costs a $9.95 a month. With every WordPress plan you get free SiteLock and backup, which is great features for the price you’re paying.

Every plan offers a good amount of traffic to your sites and a decent backup. A guarantee of your money back if you don’t like their services is offered as well as an uptime of 99.9% guaranteed. These are two great features that can almost guarantee great service from SiteGround.

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iPage WordPress Hosting;

iPage is another great hosting company. They are another company that offer many different types of hosting, which are web, VPS, dedicated and WordPress hosting. For WordPress they offer two plans, which are called the WP Starter and the WP Essential plan.

The WP Starter, starts at a price of £3.75 a month. I page offer unlimited storage and bandwidth. Pre-installed themes and plugins are also installed in the plan. They are in built into the custom control panel.

The WP Essential plan costs £6.95 a month.  The essential plan includes everything within the starter plan plus SiteLock and malware removal. iPage also offer expert support to their customers.

iPage have a lot of other features and negatives, which you should learn more about. Who knows they might just be what you’re looking for.

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DreamHost WordPress Hosting;

Dreamhost is another one of the three hosting companies recommended by WordPress. They offer many types of hosting including dedicated, cloud, shared and managed hosting for WordPress. Altogether there are six plans for WordPress. Three for shared WordPress and three for managed WordPress. 

The shared WordPress monthly plan cost $10.95 a month and can go down to $7.95 a  month if you choose a three year plan with dreamhost. You can also choose a year plan at $9.95 a month. The managed plans start from a price $16.95 and go all the way upto $35.95 a month for the advanced plan. 

With DreamHost you will receive Jetpack pro with the two more expensive managed plans. This features makes your websites more effective with SEO and helps with the security of your websites.

DreamHost also have great support for me and you a like and offer great performance and security for your sites.

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InMotion WordPress Hosting;

InMotion is a web host who offer VPS, dedicated, re seller, business and WordPress hosting. For WordPress they offer six plans, all would be perfect for separate target markets.  The cheapest plan for $6.99 a month would be perfect for small blogs as it is suitable for one website up to thousands of visitors. The next plan at $10.99 would be perfect for growing bloggers, who would receive over 20,000 visitors a month the first plan limits you too. This plan also allows two sites.

As the prices go up so do the number of visitors per month and the number of websites you’re allowed. The final plan that costs an expensive $114.99 a month, allows upto 20 websites and upto 1.2 million of visits per month. That would average out to 60,000 visitors per website, which doesn’t seem to good.

With every plan you get access to an unlimited amount of emails and bandwidth. The storage starts from 40GB in the first plan and goes upto 240GB in the sixth plan as with every better plan the storage goes up by 4oGB.

InMotion offer a lot of features with every one of their plans. Free-backups and a page builder is included with every package along side 24/7 support, all of which are features competitors and other hosting charge for. (Although most competitors offer 24/7 support).

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NameCheap WordPress Hosting;

NameCheap is another web hosting provider. I bet you never knew there was this much before you read this article. Anyway NameCheap provide a range of hosting including shared hosting, dedicated hosting and many other including WordPress hosting.

With NameCheap they only offer one plan for WordPress hosting. They advertise that you can setup and manage there WordPress within 30 seconds. This is because you don’t need to setup WordPress manually yourself. With NameCheap’s WordPress hosting they offer support all year round 24//7 and 5GB of storage with easy backups.

The startup price of this plan is $8.88 for the year, although the renewal price costs $48.88 a month, which is quite a jump from the startup price.

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One and One (1&1) WordPress Hosting;

1&1 web hosting are one of the most popular hosting sites within the UK. Their website comes in many different languages, such as English, Italian, Spanish and also US English. For WordPress they offer three managed plans, starting from the 99 pence plan I mentioned earlier in the article. The price can also reach £3.99 and then £6.99 for their best managed plan.

Expert support and 24/7 support is offered within each of the plans 1&1 offer, meaning you’re never far from great help. Unlike many other competitors, you get access to as many visitors as possible to your sites, as many email accounts you need and upto an unlimited amount of websites with the unlimited plan, which makes a lot of sense.

Great performance and security features are included within each of the packages including a free SSL, SiteLock and data recovery. One of the greatest features of the 1&1 website is the fact they outline all of the features you get included with each of the plans. A feature in which a lot of competitors do not offer.

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Site5 WordPress Hosting;

Site5 are a web hosting company based within the US. They offer web hosting, re seller hosting, VPS hosting and WordPress hosting. For WordPress they offer three plans, the hostBasic, hostPro and the hostPro+ Turbo plan. Customers will receive an unmetered amount of  storage and bandwidth with each plan. The hostBasic plan is the only plan in which you have access to only one website unlike the other two  plans which offer unlimited amounts of websites.

The hostBasic plan is the cheapest plan costing a reasonable $6.95 a month. Like many competitors Site5 will allow you to transfer you site completely free of charge and will also guarantee an uptime of 99.9%. The next plan costs $10.95 a month and you get unlimited websites with this plan. The final plan, called the hostPro + Turbo costs $13.95 and you get a dedicated IP with this plan.

Overall they seem to provide a decent enough service with support 24/7 and a money back guarantee within 45 days, if Site 5 just don’t cut it out for you.

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123 Reg WordPress Hosting;

123 Reg are one of the largest if not the biggest domain provider within the UK. Since 2000, they have registered over three million domains and are hosts to over one million sites. Web hosting, WordPress, Joomla and Drupal application hosting are all offered by 123 Reg, which is something not all providers feature. For WordPress, 123 Reg offer two plans. These plans are called the business and premium plan. The business plan costs £1 per month for the first year and then £6.99 per month when you renew your subscription with them. The second plan, known as the Premium plan will set you back £14.99 per month, and then $19.99 a month once you renew after the year.

With both plans you will get access to MySQL, a database size of 1GB, 100GB of storage and multiple websites. The smaller business plan you get free access to two domains and only one domain with the Premium plan.

Pride is taken on expert support and the performance 123 Reg offer. Hopefully leading you to have the best experience possible. Plugins to help with SEO and security measures are taken out by 123 Reg to make sure your site runs smoothly.

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A2 WordPress Hosting;

A2 was established in 1999, by 2001 they had established themselves as a very small web host, to serve very little clients. They offer many different hosting, including shared, VPS, re seller, cloud, dedicated and WordPress hosting. For WordPress, A2 offer four separate plans, all at differing prices. The cheapest plan starts from £2.82 a month and the most expensive plan costs £9.35 a month, so there isn’t too much difference in the price.

With every plan, customers will gain access to unlimited storage and transfer, as well as cPanel access (Except in the managed plan) and a money back guarantee. The money back guarantee is unique to A2 as they offer an anytime money back guarantee. For the £6.71 and the £9.35 plan a turbo server is offered. This can lead your sites to run upto 20 times faster than without the turbo server. An unlimited amount of sites is offered with every plan apart from the cheapest plan, so it might be more ideal to go with the swift plan which is the next cheapest plan, which has this.

Site Migration is offered for free by A2, this includes free site transfer from other hosts and migrating your site from one plan to another. A2 offer good support and security features including a free SSL with every WordPress plan. 

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WordPress Engine (WP Engine) Hosting;

WP Engine is one of the most popular WordPress hosts, since it was established in 2011. WordPress Engine offer great support and security for all of its users, including support 365 days a year and a solution center to find answers to your questions, without needing to contact support. 

Free site migration/transfer is offered with WP Engine, just like many other competitors. They have three plans and as of the first of March 2018 they have went up in price. The personal plan, now known as the startup plan, starts from a cost of $35 per month. The second plan jumps in price to $115 and the final plan will cost you an astonishing $290 a month which used to be $249 before the first of March. One of the biggest plus to WP Engine is the billing transfer feature. This allows web designers to build websites first and then their client can pay for the site after it is complete and the site is ready to be published.

WordPress have many other features, including more security, performance based and support features. These features help you know what you’re doing and help your sites run smoothly from their end. 

To find out more about WP Engine (WordPress Engine), take a visit to out very own WP Engine Article.  


Liquid Web WordPress Hosting;

Liquid Web are another Web host who host many different products including dedicated, WooCommerce hosting and that all important hosting that is WordPress hosting. With over 30,000 customers in 130 customers and five datacenters world wide, they take massive pride in giving their customers the best hosting experience possible. After all the story of their logo includes people, who are their customers and technology, which they offer their customers.

For WordPress they offer four plans, which start from an expensive price of $69 a month and goes upto $289 a month for their most expensive plan. There is also a plan called the enterprise plan which you can arrange with Liquid Web if you need 100 sites. This plan starts from a price of $699 a month.

Liquid Web also offer some very unique features including a worry free auto plugin update feature and image optimization to improve your page loading speeds.. They guarantee the updates will not conflict with others by using a test area to update your plugins first. Like many others hosts, site migration is free.

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ProfileTree WordPress Hosting

At ProfileTree we offer our own individual WordPress Hosting. Altogether we have three different hosting plans. These plans start from £25 a month and are ideal for every type of website, big or small.

ProfileTree Hosting Prices

To find out more about our individual hosting plans check out our WordPress hosting page. Here you can see each of the features that come with each plans. To find out more about individual features, we have put together a page for these features here.

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