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What is Gmail? No less than one of the world’s leading email tools. The good news? It has a host of FREE features you may not be using.

Read on for our QUICK READ guide to Gmail / Googlemail, some essential FAQs and more…


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Headline Gmail Features

Gmail boasts many great features, some of which you may already know about if you’re a frequent user of Gmail or other email services. Some of the features link to other Google apps such as the Google Calendar, which makes a user’s Gmail account a feature-packed platform in its own right.

Connect to Your Google Account and Other Google AppsWhat is Gmail features for ProfileTree article

Users Gmail can connect many different Google Apps. This allows users to keep on top of their life easily and all in the same place.

One of the apps that can connect to Gmail is Google Calendar. From within Gmail users can then add events to their schedule easily without needing to access a separate app. Users can then setup emails to remind themselves of events within their life.

Users can also connect Google Keep to their Gmail. If you have never used Keep before, it is a great place to keep of record of notes. It is, more or less, a sticky note app. Users can keep notes, lists, photos and even audio within Keep (something you can’t do within sticky notes). There is also a place to create tasks within Gmail.

With all the three features (Calendar, Keep and Tasks), users will receive updates in their emails about, deadlines from notes and tasks and about events from their calendar. 


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Folders and Categories Explained

Another great feature of Gmail is the availability of different folders and categories, ie all your emails can be added and moved between folders. Overall there are three categories emails can go into. These are the Primary, Social and Promotions categories. They help to filter emails, making it easier to find and prioritise emails. With the only possibly changes being the name of the categories. For instance, within Outlook instead of the three categories there are two: a ‘focused’ and an ‘other’ category.

Within Gmail you can add your own folders. Adding folders can be one of the most helpful features of an email. Having different folders for different types of email or for emails from a certain address can be very helpful. This allows for users filter different content within their email.

For instance, if user gets emailed their payslips, they could then make a folder named ‘Pay’. This could then be a folder the user can move all their payslip emails into. Similarly, if a user is subscribed to a newsletter, they could create a folder for each of the newsletters.

Being able to create folders and having categories is the most helpful feature of any email system. It helps to filter content a lot more, making finding emails easier and keeping your email tidy and clean. Especially if your emails are overflowing!


Search Email


Search Your Mail

Within almost every email, you will find a ‘search email’ bar. Again, it is a very helpful feature. If you’re anything like each one of us at ProfileTree, your email probably fills up fast. Of course, more and more emails could be considered spam. To help with this always have a backup email you use to help filter emails even more, so your main inbox isn’t littered with random emails. 

With the search bar, users can then search their thousands of emails for one specific email using a keyword. For instance, a user could search for ‘Payslip’. If the user has their payslips within a separate folder, all the payslip emails will be shown separately. The only problem would be any email featuring the word ‘payslip’ will show also. It is still a good way of filtering emails to find a certain email easier. 

Drafts and Trash

Other great features of Gmail are the draft and trash features. Let’s take a closer look.

Very much like Microsoft Word and other office features, there’s a draft feature. It’s ideal for anyone who likes to take their time over details before sending. It can also be used to write up a email before adding any material that’s needed such as documents. As they might not be ready to send just yet. 

The trash feature is another great feature. One of the best parts of a trash feature is that once you trash a email, it doesn’t get deleted. So, if you accidentally trash an important email, you can get it back quite easily. (Unless you delete your trash). 

Starred Feature

Having a starring feature is also ideal. It allows users to prioritise their emails within the folders and categories. The best part of being able to star emails, is that Gmail has a folder for starred content. 

Having a separate folder for starred emails means finding prioritised emails is very easy, otherwise there would’ve been no point in starring the email. 

This is one of the features on Gmail, that can save a user time when searching for specific emails. It works brilliantly alongside the folders and category features. 

Mass Select

Users of Gmail can move, delete, archive, report spam and mark as read, many emails at the same time. This can save time when a user needs to do perform one of these features for many articles.

Add-ons and Marketplace

Did you know Gmail can use add-ons from the marketplace? In marketplace you can find many add-ons that can enhance a user’s experience using Gmail. For instance, you can use add-ons that can track your emails, such as when they’re opened and also email marketing add-ons and much more.

These add-ons are brilliant for people who want to make their email account much more than just an email.

One of the best add-ons for Gmail is a Dropbox add-on. This is a great addition as it allows users to share files, such as images and videos easily using this add-on. It also allows users to attach Dropbox files to their email easily.


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Frequently Asked Gmail Questions


Laptop with Gmail- What is Gmail Questions for ProfileTree Blog


How Do I Sign Into/Open my Gmail?

Getting to your Gmail inbox can be quick and is very easy. You can use any browser including Google to navigate your way to Gmail. All a user needs to do is search for Gmail, click on the link. A user will then be shown a place to insert a username and password. Type in your username and password (if you know it).

How Do I Get to my Gmail Inbox?

You can use any browser including Google to navigate your way to Gmail. All a user needs to do is search for Gmail, click on the link. A user will then be shown a place to insert a username and password. Type in your username and password (if you know it).

As soon as you sign in, you should be brought to your email. If signed in already click on the first icon below where it says compose. This is the inbox icon. It also may say ‘Inbox’ if you have the main menu opened.

Is a Gmail/Google Account Free?

Yes, a Gmail/Google Account is free to use. Overtime, Google has added more and more applications to their services and features on their household email. Now with a Gmail, users can access Google Calendar, Google sheets and Docs, Google keep and much more.

All the FREE features that come alongside Gmail, are all here to make our lives much easier. They’re going to take over the world!

Is Gmail Safe?

Gmail is a safe application that provides great security for all their users’ details and emails. Although it offers great security, there have been a few instances in which Gmail has had a security breach so always take care of banking information etc.

Is Gmail and Google Mail the Same Thing?

There was once a time in which Gmail didn’t exist as it Google Mail was the only show in town. Now they’re both the same thing. Gmail is short for Google Mail. Therefore if you own an email called ‘[email protected]’ you can also use ‘[email protected]’ to sign into the same account.

If you have a Google account, try it for yourself!

How does Gmail Compare to Other Email Providers

Gmail is one of the most known and used email providers worldwide! Since 2012 the number of active users has rose from 425 monthly users the whole way up to over a billion monthly users in 2016 (the last available figures, this article was written in 2018).

Other main email providers include Microsoft’s Outlook, Yahoo Mail (and some other smaller email services). Both of these providers have very similar email tools to Gmail as they have an inbox, a starred inbox, an unread inbox, sent inbox and many other similar features.

Picking between these big three options could be very much a matter of taste, and depending which other tools you use.



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