What Are Amazon Skills and How to Use Them?

In 1994, a 30-year old Jeffery started with introducing his online company, registered under the name “Cadabra.” Later on, this enterprise became what we know nowadays as Amazon, and subsequently what we know today as Alexa or Amazon skills.The name was changed to be easily reached in terms of online search results, favouring the letter A.

Today, Jeff Bezos’ net worth is 143.7 USD. This number is a substantial leap from his previous status as an aspiring business owner.

Amazon started to be available for public participation in 1997. Starting initially to trade in selling books, videos, and books and now ending up to be much more. The empire now works with artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and e-commerce and even video streaming service of Twitch.

The commercial powerhouse now dabbles in all around the World, contributing to multiple aspects of business forms and even announced that they may start to create a video games platform, competing with Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo.


What Does the Amazon Website Provide?

Amazon skills

The services provided on the Amazon website are:

Amazon Appstore

Amazon skills

The Amazon appstore caters to users of the Amazon Echo family. Apps used through Alexa and other echo devices allows for wholesome integration with the other members of the Amazon Echo family.

Amazon Dash

Amazon skills

This domain is more suitable for standalone, autonomous tasks. Amazon Dash incorporates Amazon skills kits and blueprints to help you create skills that replenish items before they expire.

Think of it as a function similar to direct debit instructions or standing orders with banks. Amazon dash services allows you reorder kitchen supplies, groceries, etc., before they are finished.

The dash services create a fixed date for the order or track the consumption based on a preset ratio. Before the date or a critical value of the provision, the dash services contact the allotted supplier. Then, it arranges a delivery time based on your schedule in a hassle-free manner.

Amazon dash is an energetic autonomous to-do list for people with running weekly or monthly errands and a great way to divert the workload of chores to be automated.


Other Amazon Services via Developer Centre

The Amazon development centre is an amazing resource for those who want to utilize the previous success of certain skills and seek guidance. It provides users with Amazon skills tools, feedback, and walkthroughs for simple codes and blueprints.

What Is Alexa?

Amazon skills

The first virtual assistant ever is considered to be the IBM Shoebox. It had the capacity to recognize numbers from zero to nine and about 16 words. In 1962, the IBM Shoebox was announced and released to the public during Seattle’s World Fair.

In November 2014, Amazon Alexa was released to be a part of the Amazon Echo family.

Back then, it was considered a technological breakthrough and the first milestone in the world of virtual assistants.

Alexa is the brainchild of Amazon, a cloud-based voice service that operates through various Amazon devices—sometimes dubbed the Amazon Echo family—or with other third-party devices that have Alexa built-in support.

Amazon’s Alexa, is not the first virtual assistant to be released for use by the public. However, it’s one of the best and helped redefine the concept of a fully integrated smart home.

By the end of 2018, it’s revealed that in the United States alone, has 43 million citizens who own smart speakers solutions.


What Are Amazon Alexa Skills?

Alexa is basically an AI that is cloud-based. The cloud-based service accumulates information that allows herto create templates or parameters for certain actions that are preset.

We can define Amazon skills as a set of functions that enhances and complements Alexa’s basic functions. Consider it as a form of a mod, a modification whilst keeping key abstract features.

Amazon Alexa Skills, or Amazon Skills, can engage the users in a natural, engaging voice experiences. Allowing for a more energetic smart home with games and entertainment.

Moreover, Amazon skills utilize the Amazon echo family to tweak with visual and audio experiences. The skills can set the house for a party or a presentation for those who seek to make use of space according to the setting.

Users can actually create Amazon skills. Amazon skills developers are not short on innovation and ideas that can help to enrich the smart home experience. Theses skills users can create unique, organic voice experiences.

Can You Sell Alexa Skills?

Amazon skills

You may be new to the term Amazon developers. But not only they exist, they exist with platform supporting the process, as well. Amazon developers can work within the platform to create Amazon skills.

The website, Amazon’s, provide information and tutorials helping to create skills within specific types of skills.

These skills also support blueprints. The feature of blueprints was launched in 2018, opening the platform to create skills to those with next to nothing coding experience. The Amazon blueprints helps the casual user to build personalized skills for their own use.

In February 2019, Amazon allowed amazon skills users to publish their skills in Alexa skills store. This feature allows users to monetize these skills and further expanded the reach of Amazon skills.

Users can profit from their skills through Amazon skills store purchases or subscriptions.

The developers can usually create personalized game shows, narration of stories, interactive to-do lists, and many more.


What Are the Types of Amazon Skills?

Amazon skills can be one of the following:


Gaming Skills

Amazon skills

Gaming skills are Amazon Skills that allows you to create family-friendly, entertaining skills that may create voice-based games. These skills can be, amongst others, voice-activated game shows or gaming features accessible through Amazon Echo suite.

Gaming skills can allow you to play bingo or akinator while you are making your breakfast or allow you to play chess with a friend while reading a book or relaxing.


Music Skills

Amazon skills

You can use Amazon skills to play music depending on the weather or the time of the day. Even preset skills to play a certain playlist once you get home. And of course, to play similar types of the music you like.

These music skills can be activated through speakers connected through wi-fi.

Video Skills

Amazon skills

Video skills is similar to music skills—and somehow are considered to be one and the same sometimes. Video skills are amazon skills related to work with video interface as a part of the Amazon Echo devices that support video display.


Smart Home Skills

Amazon skills

Smart home skills include many aspects. The smart home skills aspect maybe consider to be what defines Alexa as we know it.

Smart home skills allows integrated electronic security locks, managing the lightning system, or controlling curtains remotely. There skill are mostly concerned with making the home an integrated unit.

Usually, smart home skills control devices with Wi-Fi connections.


Kids Skills

Amazon skills

Amazon kids skills is considered a natural extension of Smart home skills. There skills allow an enriching environment for children.

Parents can ensure that their children are striving in a healthy and nurturing environment by employing kids skills. Amazon kids skills allow homeowners to add skills that engage their children with exploration and educative premises.

These kids-friendly skills can answer their questions about historical events, scientific facts, or else that would pique their interests in a child-friendly manner.

It’s possible to employ Alexa’s aid to lock away harmful or distressing content for children. Moreover, Alexa can impose parental control on children’s interactions with technology and home entertainment systems.

Whether to play Elmo’s street or ask Alexa to tell them an enticing story, Alexa is surely to deliver a beautiful home experience for children.


Flash Briefing Skills

Flash briefing skills were one of the lucrative aspects of the Alexa’s smart home experience. These skills update the user with news and notifications about activities, sports, new, and economical factors that they would be interested in.


How Can You Add Amazon Skills to Alexa?

There are many ways to add Amazon skills to your Alexa, or Amazon Echo system. The most common and simple of them is to ask Alexa to add these skills for you via voice commands.

For example, you may want to add the “Music Alarm” skill. To do that, you can simply wake up Alexa by either calling for the default wake up command, Alexa, or by calling your custom preset wake up command. Then you simply ask Alexa to add the Music alarm skill.

On the other hand, if you are more of a visual person, you can use the Alexa app or Amazon’s website to find more about the skills you would like to add and handpick it for you.

You can ask Alexa to recommend skills that will be suitable for you and your needs. Usually, Alexa can recommend certain skills for you based on your usage.

Alexa for Business

Amazon skills

Alexa for private use in homes is a vital aspect of the product’s targeted demographics. However, one cannot deny the appeal of Alexa for business.

The business suite acts as the perfect virtual assistant. For instance, in a meeting room where sometimes you would need an instant feed of updated information regarding the meeting’s topic, Alexa can assist you and any of the attending members by providing valuable information when needed.

This is simply possible by asking Alexa to join the active meeting and communicate with the necessary parties in the case of the meeting taking a while longer than planned. Alexa can plan another room for the meeting or help extend the booking of the meeting room accordingly.

When needed, Alexa can be an extension of the business’ employees by allowing them access to the corporate apps and specific skills assigned to the company. This can be done anywhere using any of Alexa-supported devices and by simply calling for Alexa to activate the corporate app or skill.

Alexa for business can allow for meetings which employees can attend from home.


Are Amazon Skills Free?

Surprisingly, Amazon Skills are free for the wide range of benefit they provide for homes and users.

For developers o incur revenues, some elaborative aspects are available for users for a monthly or yearly subscription or a one-time payment.


What Is Amazon In-Skill Purchasing?

There are many ways to develop Amazon skills for Alexa and the rest of The Amazon echo family.

One of the features of Amazon skills is the in-skill purchasing. Basically, in-skill purchasing allows users to have access to great additional content from skills they are already using.

Amazon developers can be either dedicated, seasoned developers or freelancers. As a matter of fact, it’s becoming a lucrative medium for developersto freelance and create skills.

Users can purchase this skill from Alexa’s store in three forms:

One-Time Purchases

The benefits of the skill are available entirely for good, i.e., they don’t expire. One time purchases are more suitable for high demand skills. It’s considered to be the most preferable type of payment for users.



Consumable are similar to candy crush hearts and bonuses in mobile apps. They are repeat purchases that can be depleted and repurchased again should the need arise.



Subscriptions are paid in monthly, semi-annually, annually or in any other time frame to offer premium content and additional benefits to be accessed by the users.


What’s a Voice Marketing Optimization Strategy?

Amazon skills

Nowadays, voice searching is becoming more common that before. Many people use their speakers for their voice searches as much as they use the keyboard. As usual, marketing always tends to find ways to utilize venues of usage to reach the highest possible exposure to people all around. The higher the exposure, the higher the rate of conversation—converting possible customer to actual customers, paid customers.

It’s no surprise that marketeers took interest in voice search platforms such as Alexa. By time, they could come up with methods that would allow them to utilize products to reach people through such a peculiar medium.


How Voice marketing Takes Advantage of Voice-Search Mediums?

One of the most challenging issues in marketing is customer interaction. By interaction we mean the effort, actions, and lengths the customers need to perform and go to in order to close the deal once they are interested in purchasing a certain product or skill.

There is a reason why sales management do their best to minimize this process as much as possible. Some companies market their product with the strategy of focusing on making the process of payment easier compared to their peers.

Customers may lose interest in the product if the process of purchase is taking to much time or effort, even slightly above minimal.

The genius of voice marketing lies in the part that it requires basically minimal to no effort at all from the customer to purchase the product. All they need is to confirm their voice command to the smart assistant the deal is sealed.

That’s what voice marketing strategy aims at, aside from focusing on the brand’s tone of voice, giving it an enticing, engaging, and realtone of voice that compels the customer to partake in the product’s customer base.

Based on the user’s search and preferences, voice marketing can utilize voice-based search results through voice engine optimization.

What Is Voice Engine Optimization?

Amazon skills

Voice engine optimization is relatively a new form of marketing. This young concept is growing exponentially in the world of voice search.

Similar to search engine optimization, voice engine optimization, a term patented by Chatmeter, is about making businesses websites optimized for voice search, allowing it to reach a wider span of customer more who frequently use voice search rather than just typing online.

The benefit of this practice is that usually the voice search crowd is usually more versatile that the tech-savvy online crowd, even by a little—a littlesometimes isn’t too little in marketing and exposure.


How to Use Amazon Skills to Voice-Optimize Your Product?

There are various steps business owners can go through to ensure that their content get high hits in voice search results.


Update Your Data

To avoid your website getting inaccurate flags from users and reviews, try to keep data about your products and contact info always accurate and updated. Aside from the technical benefits, having viable contact info makes sure that the customer gain additional trust in your products and services provided.


Faster Loading Sites Means Faster Results

Imagine an impatient father driving with his kids in the weekend and just talked into his phone, asking siri, Alexa, or google assistant for the nearest kids-friendly dinner. The results may take an additional second in which he spots the next McDonald. Him being a potential customer for the next by the door diner has just disappeared.

While in reality this example is more sporadic, volatile, and accounts for a lot of variables, it’s not far from truth. Faster sites means faster results for shorter attention spans. Most of mobile users who are asking for directions or suggesstions for places need faster results to cater to on-the-move nature.


Provide Answers   

Remember the previous example of the exhausted parent? Most probably, his request from his smart assistant was a question “Hey, Alexa, where is the nearest family diner?”

Arranging your content in a way to answer questions is one of the fastest ways to cater to your customers’—potential and actual—questions and needs. The golden rule here is faster response for shorter attention spans.

Voice assistants are a great venue delivered to mankind, thanks to technology. It’s getting tested, improved upon, and enhanced to near-perfection. The benefits of digital voice assistants are plenty to count, from assisting the visually impaired, creating an engaging, secure, and nurturing environment for children through smart homes, saving time and effort for users to look for anything up, and becoming a universal, one to-go virtual remote, voice assistants advantages continue to grow by the day.


What’s Alexa Rank and How Does It Affect Your Website?

Alexa rank is a measure of how popular your site is. The higher your Alexa rank, the more popular your site, the higher it tanks in search results.

To reach a higher Alexa rank, you may need to optimize your content through a voice engine optimization process.


What Are the Benefits of Voice Engine Optimization?

Voice engine optimization helps to widely spread the exposure of your product due to many reasons:

Tailored for Similar Content

A successful voice optimization process helps to link the content to the users who would be most likely interested in the tailored ad.


Reaching Different Customer Bases in Their First Language

Alexa supports other languages different languages other than English. Widening the reach of your ads beyond the language barrier can help to maximize the exposure of your product.


Word Length Doesn’t Matter Much Like in SEO

A common practice when choosing keywords for SEO in written content is to avoid complicated phrase. The core of written content is that shorter, precise words helps to further index content.

The reason behind that is to make the content easier on the eye for the user as their attention span my elude the result.

In voice search scenario, this may not be necessary. People who use voice search usually ask question. These questions can be lengthy and it will not affect the results.

Voice search users’ queries can be categorized easily from directly and indirectly related queries.


Amazon is working on to deliver more benefits and improvements upon the prominent Alexa, additional improved amazon skills, various venues of smart home enhancement, and many others, Amazon skills concept won’t be possible to fathom 50 years ago in the average user market and would make a fine concept in a sci-fi movie.

Aside form the monetary benefits for users and developers, Amazon skills employed by Alexa are integrating an living ecosystem in their smart homes suites for families to enjoy and environment, utilizing every capability and aspect developers could think of, and users ambitious to make money using the new prodigy and improving upon their quality of life.

What is an AI without a proper thinking methodology, right? And that’s Amazon skills’ answer for the question: How can we employ technology for better services for mankind?

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