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For web design in Northern Ireland, find out why we’re a different kind of agency. Based in Belfast, County Antrim, we specialise in web design made to work hard for your business.

Our content marketing and SEO expertise means your website can be designed to perform hand in hand with your business, marketing and digital goals.

Read on to find out more PLUS free business web design tips…

STRAIGHT TALKing solutions

We won’t muddle your brain with waffle or waste time on endless meetings - our straightforward approach is based on expertise, hard work and clear goals. For an agency with a difference, give us a call today.

competitive PRICES

We believe in being upfront about how each minute of every team member's time will be spent on your project - and are proud to offer fair prices based on quality and results. You can be confident that our services will be priced fairly, without the trimmings, every time.


We’ll talk through what works, why it works and how it works. Most of all, we’ll make sure our work will benefit your business AND deliver against your marketing strategies, SEO, social media plans and more.


We’re a local company like you. But we’re unique because we built our business on the methods we bring to your company. We’ll show you how. We’ll even show you live stats proving the performance of our work.




More sales, reach or new markets? Tell us about yourself….


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Web Design Northern Ireland - Setting your sights


Yes, we make beautiful websites. But to produce leads, to engage customers or to bring people into your brand you’ll need a website made for what success looks like for YOU. We’ll help you find your ultimate goal AND how to get there.

How? By listening more and applying the expertise grown by building our own business in Northern Ireland online.


Will your new site benefit every part of your business? If not, engage with your team to find out how we can help THEIR work by making your site a genuine tool for business. You’ll have a site that works harder for your company.

We’ll help you turn their suggestions, challenges and needs into a successful web design. This way, your new site becomes a performing part of your company.
Web Design Northern Ireland - Exciting your team
Web Design Northern Ireland - Bringing web together


Make your SEO ambitions, social media activity and offline marketing pull together with your site. We’ll take a look at your bigger picture to make sure your entire digital world works as a single unit with your business goals in its sights.

Your online presence can’t be seen as individual ‘items’ as your customers won’t see your digital world this way. We’ll help you do better.


You wouldn’t install a shop-front and ignore it forever. So why neglect your digital shop-front. Your site will be optimised to, for example, display beautifully on phones and tables. And for current SEO methods. But keep in touch with ProfileTree to stay ahead of the very latest digital changes.

We’re only a phone call or even a coffee chat away!
Web Design Northern Ireland - Don't be a stranger

Web Design for Business Success

ProfileTree explains...

Why ProfileTree…

We all know Northern Ireland is becoming a better and better place (we hope!) to do business. But as our competition goes global, we can double-down on our home-grown expertise to make local knowledge a strength. We have returning customers from across Northern Ireland who comes to us for web design, and more, that changes with their business. Making web design work hard for YOU means deciding to engage with a local company who’ll:

Understand your business:

We’re – like you – a straight-talking, Northern Ireland company with a clear approach to how we do business and what we want to achieve.

Understand your customers:

We’re based in Belfast, with web design customers all across Northern Ireland. We know a farmer in Omagh and a baker in Derry are two different customers, we know every industry in Northern Ireland has its own challenges and we know the ups and downs of your business world.

Understand your area:

Imagine explaining to a web bureau overseas about doing business in changing Ballymena, about the modern tourism boom or about responding to Northern Ireland millennials. We know your areas because we already live and work among your customers.

The Web Design Process

How to make the process of working with a web designer work best for YOUR business? You’ll find our four headline tips on this page. The essentials are that a website designed around your goals, with your team brought in to engage in the investment and a ‘bigger picture’ eye on how you involve vital considerations like SEO and social, means better ROI for you! We also advise our clients to chat with us about website reviews in the future to check how changes in technology could create better SEO, more leads or more engagement.

Where Did We Get Our Expertise?

A great question! We’re a small team, based in Belfast, who built our own company using the very latest in SEO and content marketing thinking. We did this to show our clients what we did and how it worked…complete with stats including live updates. The ProfileTree team includes web design, development, SEO, video and content writing specialists who love two things: exploring new methods to benefit from the latest digital changes, and making real results happen. We’re proud of how far we’ve come, using the techniques we’ve tested ourselves to help clients and proud of the work we’ve achieved with those customers.

Why Us?

When you’re busy running a business in Northern Ireland, constant offers of digital support – including web design – from every quarter can turn into background noise. We get that.  It can be tempting to aim for the most cost-effective and quickest ‘fix’ when it comes to web design and hope a ‘just good enough’ approach will do. What if you could have fair pricing, timely turnaround AND high quality based around results from a local company?

A Reminder of Our Promise…

We’re a Northern Ireland web design company with a difference: because we use tried-and-tested methods and processes, we’ll help you understand your target audience. We’ll work with you to plan web design around working hand in hand with your social media, SEO and more. We’ll show you local examples of our work AND we’ll prove how we’re different, thanks to transparent pricing and a clear process based around methods we can prove.

ProfileTree Team

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