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For web design in Newry, our local knowledge means we understand your business, your customers and your challenges.

Read on to find our more PLUS discover free web design tips designed to help local companies grow online.

We’ve grown our own company and brands, using great web design, SEO, content and more, FIRST so we can show you tried-and-tested methods and results.

Questions? Just ask!

STRAIGHT TALKing solutions

We won’t muddle your brain with waffle or waste time on endless meetings - our straightforward approach is based on expertise, hard work and clear goals. For an agency with a difference, give us a call today.

competitive PRICES

We believe in being upfront about how each minute of every team member's time will be spent on your project - and are proud to offer fair prices based on quality and results. You can be confident that our services will be priced fairly, without the trimmings, every time.


We’ll talk through what works, why it works and how it works. Most of all, we’ll make sure our work will benefit your business AND deliver against your marketing strategies, SEO, social media plans and more.


We’re a local company like you. But we’re unique because we built our business on the methods we bring to your company. We’ll show you how. We’ll even show you live stats proving the performance of our work.




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Website Statistics for Digital Marketing


Some companies just ask ‘what’ needs done, but we recommend knowing WHY your new site is needed.

Dated design on your existing site? Not producing leads? Needs more functionality? Understanding your ‘why’ is a great first step.

Not sure how to combine your site with your strategies? ProfileTree will help focus on your essential needs and how these play a part in your future success.


Talk to your people about what will help them make your business bigger and better…you might be surprised by the answers!

Sales might ask for a reference area for customers or a bank of demo videos. If it helps your team, it’s worth considering.

That’s because your team deal with your customers, your processes and your challenges every day. Ask them about their needs, we’ll help you design these into your new site.
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Exciting your website building team


One group of people will be spending even more time on your new site than you will: your customers! Consider how to make their life easier and you’ll see the results filter through to your bottom line.

ProfileTree can help make sure your potential buyers discover the right user experience.

We’ll also help you to see your new site through their eyes. After all, why invest in a website unless it will work hard for your buyers?


Thinking of a website as a done-and-dusted task is a common mistake: the ways people search for your business and the things they want to see will be ever-changing.

Talk to experts about how to stay ahead of the curve. We’ll be happy to help.

In fact, we love hearing from our clients about their businesses, the changes they are seeing online and what’s working for their individual circumstances. We listen, we learn and we support. Just ask.

The Right Way to Start Your Website Project?

ProfileTree explains...

One thing we’ve discovered through creating successful websites for returning customers? An ounce of preparation is worth a pound of cure!

We’ve seen how taking a little extra time before starting to develop a new website for a client can save a much more time-consuming change later on. So, instead of simply asking you ‘what’ you need, we’ll ask ‘why’ to really understand what’s needed and the steps we need to take to make your new site a living, breathing – and performing – part of your company.

This helps avoid some common mistakes…

Style over substance: We’ve seen websites which look great but don’t perform the functions needed by a business. Can blogs be added easily? Are product images simply to change? Has a landing page been included? Your needs as a business can change, will your site change with you?

The website solo run: No one has a monopoly on good ideas, and this especially applies to develop a website! Imagine launching your new site to discover that – say – sales colleagues don’t refer customers as the right information hasn’t been included. It happens!

A website should perform for everyone in the business, and help them perform for your business. Taking time to bring everyone into the project will make the site a genuine part of your business.

Let customers go their own way: We all know NI customers have their own way of doing business. There’s no point – say – expecting a segment of your audience who prefer to make contact by phone to use a web form instead.

You know your customers best. How they like to talk to you is how they’ll want to respond to your business. A good website adapts to this.

Keep one step ahead: The latest changes in how people – your potential customers – search ongoing give an opportunity to keep ahead of the competition. Who in your market was first to make sure their site was mobile optimised? Has anyone in your market considered updated their call-to-action to respond to the latest devices?

How people behave online isn’t a mystery, far from it in fact, with some simple study of the right analytics. A great website design will have one eye on the short/ medium-term future and a great website designer-client relationship will help keep your business ahead of future change too.

ProfileTree Team

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