Web Design Dublin: A Look at The Talent and Luck of The Irish

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With a full roster of creative and diligent agencies and designers smithing the online presence and marketing campaigns of many of the country’s commercial projects as well as overseas, you can rest assured that web design Dublin has what it takes for your web design to shine as bright as you want it to.

So, find yourself a comfy enough seat, grab a pint (so long as you’re over 18), and join this whimsical journey through virtual space and time as we explore Web design Dublin. hat web design is, what it entails, whether or not you need it, and what web design Dublin has to offer.


Web Design Dublin A Look At The Talent And Luck Of The Irish


Irish Talent

When you think about the offerings that good old Ireland has given to humanity, you’ll quickly learn why the emerald isle has a special place in the hearts and minds of many happy folk the world over. Who among us hasn’t enjoy the lyrical stylings of U2? The impactful and oftentimes controversial creations of Sinead O’Connor? Perhaps the folksy works of The Dubliners?

Maybe music isn’t your thing, how about a nice pint (that’s Irish for small glass) of the black stuff? Guinness brand stout has been a proud and ancient Irish product and tradition for veritable ages, and for good reason (it’s pretty good).

And if you fancy yourself a fan of fine literature, then you’ll no doubt have heard of the grand works of James Joyce and the aesthetic and often cynical writings of Oscar Wilde, or the Nobel Prize winning works of George Bernard Shaw just to name a few contributors to the world of literature.

Would you believe that all of these fine examples of art (beer is art, alright?) originated from the country’s very own capital of Dublin? You could almost say it’s the cultural and artistic centre of the whole place. So it’s no wonder that web design Dublin is as elegant and pleasing as the country’s many other artistic offerings.

dublin web design


Web Design? Which One is That Again?

If you’re going to go by the classical definition of things (you old coot), design is exactly what it sounds like; The overall aesthetic and visual presentation of whatever it is you’re looking at. And for a while, that was the case when it came to web design. The sole responsibility of a web designer was to make sure that all the visually presented aspects of the sites they’re working on are as eye-catching and appealing as possible.

To fully come to appreciate what web design is and the multitude of merits it can come to bring to the table, one has to broaden their horizons a little bit (just a wee) when regarding it as anything more than lines of code and a copious amount of instant noodles.

Web Design Evolving Definition

Indeed, the very definition of the word “Design” is the arduous process of gathering concepts and ideas, in order to aesthetically arrange them and put them to good use following the common principles of the art form. To that end, web design (and web design Dublin for that matter) is a similar process; One of creation and presentation.

For as much as it is a calculated and technological process, it’s not that much different from an artist and his canvas, a poet and his pages or a sculptor and his mass of granite that he most certainly does not take for granted (could you believe that some people think it’s taken for granite?).

A web designer or a web design agency uses all their collective artistic expertise to present their client’s vision (as well as theirs) on electronic web pages, in order for the kind viewer (that’s probably you) to get the most out of their Internet spelunking experience.

You’d be sorely mistaken if you think that this process is anything but thorough and painstakingly meticulous. For as it is with any form of design, web design follows the same visual elements in order to deliver a pleasant (and profitable) end-user experience. Some of these elements include:


For those of us that prefer pictures to text (except not that basic). Pretty much any visual element on a web page falls under the graphics category; Pictures, clipart, logos, icons and things of that nature. What this does is make the end-user experience a lot more friendly, seeing as people like pretty things.

But it’s not as simple as just filling pages with relevant flashy art; A web designer has to make sure every graphic is strategically placed in order to work with the rest of the elements of web design, such as colour and content, all the while making sure not to slow down the page or mess up any of the other elements. Not as easy as it sounds, huh?


It’s a pretty given part of any designers job to make sure the colour scheme and palette of a website’s pages are appropriate for the purposes of their clientele and the eyes of their potential leads. Colour, more than anything else, is a reflection of the organization or brand responsible for the website, it should help convey what they’re about and specifically appeal to their demographic well enough to facilitate a conversion.

A more professional business might opt for a traditional black and white scheme, while something more on the independent or artistic side of things may opt for a wider array of vivid colours. A web designer has to take all of this into account in addition to user friendliness and web-safe colour options in order to make the most out of it.


Perhaps one of the more nit-picky parts of any designer’s work is the choice of font. Most people might not even notice whatever type of font is in use, they’ll just read what there is to read and be done with it. Subconsciously however, there’s this almost direct correlation with font style or aesthetic and the level of satisfaction or investment the end-user puts into the content of the website in question.

To that end, web designers put in a lot of effort into the choice of fonts, even though most web browsers out there only function on a select number of “web-safe” fonts, so there’s not a whole lot to choose from. Your designer will have to work within these widely accepted constraints in order to put out something pretty.


Where does it all go? How does it go? Are the noodles done? The more key parts of any web design process is the arrangement of elements on a web page. It’s imperative that the graphics, text, ads, icons and all other aspects are arranged in a manner that facilitates a smooth end-user experience.

Nobody wants to go to a website and get turned off by the chaotic nature of placement.

A proper layout ensures that the viewer finds all the information they want within seconds and without any strain. This is a crucial element of any web design process. Thus, it takes a lot of creative effort when it comes to maintaining consistency, balance, and integrity of the overall design.


This is where it (not that arguably) matters most. What’s the point of any of the bells and whistles if the content of the page itself isn’t all that worthwhile? Creating quality content is key to any online endeavour. You’d be surprised how well web design and content can mesh together to offer a significant boost to the overall message of the website.

Making sure that the text is relevant and of use is of high importance if you don’t want to drive your audience away out of sheer confusion. They need to see what they came to see in order to give the site any credibility. And with today’s online marketing techniques, you’d best make sure that SEO plays a strategic part in your web design.

Consider suitably-long, relevant content with powerful keywords as well as appealing metadata. Tagging should be seamlessly incorporated into your web design. A savvy designer will know just how to implement all of this.

Aren’t Web Design and Web Development The Same?

At some point in time, not really; A web designer cared for the aesthetic and a web developer worked with code. That was the standard lay of the land for a while in Internet history.

Web Developers

Web development mainly pertains to the plumbing behind the scenes; the code, the mark-up languages, the abundant and seemingly abstract lines of computer language that ultimately make your website come alive.

Can’t paint a proper oil painting without a canvas now, can you? In the wondrous world of web development, there are two sides to how things usually go. There’s the front-end which pertains to the code that governs how the website displays all the hard and creative work the designer brought into being. Meanwhile, there’s the back-end which is responsible for data management and other techno-jargon terms. Back-end basically delivers data to the front-end to be properly displayed.

With the way things are now, you’ll notice a lot of overlap when it comes to web design and web development. If there’s a takeaway from the above paragraph, it’s that the front-end developer and the web designer are two sides to the same pretty penny.

What Do They Use?

Where one shapes ideas and forms them into actual concepts and the other works to make sure that concept stands on its own two virtual feet. Typically, web developers work with a set of mark-up languages; HTML primarily, Javascript and the ever popular CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).

They also make use of certain frameworks such as AngularJS and Ember, as well as certain libraries such as JQuerry and a number of other handy dandy tools.

With a lot of emphasis on detail and a keen interest in specifics over anything, developers have a function over form approach to how they go about their side of the website building process. Equipped with technical skills and a hefty helping of logic, they use their computer science and/or programming expertise to make sure the gears stay turning.

Web Designers

On the other side of the digital spectrum, web designers handle the form more than the function; Graphic design software and artistic sense in toe, they use tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator as well as InDesign. There are also other fancy virtual paintbrushes to shape and form the look of the site at hand.

Creativity is their bread and butter. They employ both a keen intuition and a vivid, active imagination to materialize whatever vague concepts clients (often) throw at them. With a strong and superfluous understanding of colour gradients, typography, user experience and spatial relationships among many other seemingly abstract principles, they’re the difference between your website’s success or lacklustre failure.

All in all, both designer and developer work hand in hand to deliver the end goal. The goal is a functional, efficient, appealing and enticing website that has the ability to attract its target clientele. It should also facilitate the conversion process.

Both professions must work in perfect tandem to maintain a smooth and spiffy user experience and colours. To be in check, imagery needs to properly convey the brand and the functionalities and interface aspects have to make the end-user’s experience as quick and painless as possible.

Designer VS Developer

With the way things are progressing lately, the line between developer and designer starts to fade away. Both professions are blending into each other more and more with each passing year. Designers take it upon themselves to learn a thing or two about coding. Meanwhile, developers make time to understand design theory and the principle behind proper presentation.

It’s much more common to find qualified and bright personnel that claim to be both web designers and developers. In this case, they learn about the other’s job to the point where they can form a homogeneous unit, making them that much more capable of taking on whatever they may be tasked with.



Web Design Dublin: Sterling Examples

Now that you’re properly prefaced about what web design and web development are, it’s time to delve a bit into the talented agencies of web design Dublin. What sets them apart from the rest? These are only some of the services you’ll find in the great city of Dublin and hopefully they should give you a good idea of the available talent.


Starting off our selections for extra fine web design is the excellent and well established: Webbiz.

Webbiz is the premiere agency for web design Dublin since 2009. Fuelled by their passion to deliver top notch results and exceptional customer service. With a diverse team of individuals savvy with design, software and marketing. The team is fully accredited by Dublin’s own institutes such as ITT and DMI.

Their approach to user friendly web design and intelligent design techniques has aided many brands with unique web presence. That efficiently led to converting visitors into customers with little hassle. And like any forward thinker in the world of online marketing, their vested interest in refining your website’s search engine optimisation is definitely a plus. With proper keyword research and an emphasis on local SEO, they know where to hit. They focus on organic results rather than paid ads, they’ll ensure that your website is keyword rich and tight enough to climb to the page rank your website deserves.

Perks of Services

Webbiz make use of popular Content Management Systems such as WordPress, Magneto and Joomla (the top market share leaders for CMS usage) to shape your website into your desired vision while also making sure to teach clients how to handle all the aspects of their website through the use of these systems.

They’ve also made some pretty admirable headway when it comes to responsive web design, and in the off chance you didn’t know what that means (we can probably forgive you); Responsive web design is when a website manages to adapt to whatever device the end-user may be using without taking a dive in either form or function. This is especially handy when it comes to mobile phones, as most people nowadays rely on more portable solutions than a computer for all their Internet needs, so it’s definitely another boon for Webbiz.

Offerings and Prices

They also offer website redesigns for companies that feel the need to touch up their website to appeal to a bit of a bigger audience, such as their work for Glenpatric Water Coolers; With a complete redesign from scratch centred around refining their SEO and responsive design, they managed to build a much more sleek and inviting website that, according to the client, has boosted lead generation to 300% per week ever since.

With pricing starting at €800 and possibly wandering into the few thousand territory, their pricing primarily depends on the requirements you set forth. And as a general rule, you can never put a price on quality. And with a portfolio as full as theirs, you’ll want to look into using their services for your web design needs.

Dublin Web Designers

You have to give them extra points for the descriptive choice of business name. Originally founded in 2008, Dublin Web Designers are among the top choices most people jump to for web design Dublin.

Committed to creating intuitive and eye-catching creations both in the fields of web design and web development, graphic design and marketing materials for all shapes and sizes of businesses in Ireland, This south Dublin based design agency has catered to clients of all sizes as well as individuals who are just enthusiasts of web design. They make sure that their quality standards stay high and dry. They do this through pretty exquisite customer service and at an affordable and worthwhile price.

They’ve worked with small businesses hoping to renew their simple websites to huge companies searching for what they have on offer; Brochures, flyers, complete web design and construction, 3D designs and illustrations as well as animations, and a lot more where that came from to boot.

The way they see it, if your intended visitor lands on your website and isn’t instantly engrossed by what they’re seeing, they’ll be gone in under six seconds. So it goes without saying that first impressions, especially when it comes to online marketing as a whole, are crucial. As such, this is where all the care and consideration should go. When it comes to web design Dublin, Dublin Web Designers know a thing or two about stunning design at an appropriate price tag.


When you waltz into Hoot’s website, you’re immediately greeted by their mission statement; “We Help Business by Improving Websites.” You have to appreciate upfront honesty wherever it may be found, right?

Another happy addition to the list of web design Dublin options, Hoot is a web design agency that prides itself for its ability to revamp and freshen up already existing websites. Their specialty is website improvement based on their client’s identity, making sure to overhaul the more lacklustre aspects of a website and increase its digital presence.

With a pretty impressive website ranking record on Google, their goal is to sharpen your website’s image. It must carry your brand and identity, complete with search engine optimisation, responsive web design, and E-Commerce.

Cost and Samples

As for cost, Hoot charge a basic €80 per developer hour or €600 per day, with most tasks given to them lying somewhere in the €1500 to €7500 range. Activities involved in the development process may include logo design, meetings, site preparation, browser testing. In addition, there are also post launch activities relevant to search engine optimisation and social media.

Looking for samples of their work? Head over to their full portfolio and take a gander at some of the quality revamps they’ve done for such strong local businesses as Smith Kennedy Architects, Sammon Group and Oishii Sushi. With Hoot working on your web design, you can rest easier about your brand image wowing the crowd.


Perhaps the most stylish and trendy entry in the list of web design Dublin agencies thus far. They have a pretty beautiful track record. Seeking the employ of Kooba is more of a design experience than it is just hiring a web design agency to fix your online pizza delivery site.

Kooba specializes in bespoke web design with a heavy emphasis on spotless responsive design. Their chief focus, and you could say their whole mission, is to make beautiful, quick, and adaptive websites. But most importantly, with a user experience that is only rivalled by how pretty everything looks.

Where life usually funnels you into picking either form or function, Kooba decided to challenge the status quo and go for both.  Having a web presence that is both rich and reliable is a massive boon to any business, and Kooba understand that to a tee.


Interested in sterling examples of their work? Well, look no further than their case studies. You can find their admirable work on various sites and services, such as Century Ireland. Century Ireland is an online historical newspaper detailing the rich and stories history of Ireland over a century ago. Funded by the Department of the Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, Kooba took it upon themselves to launch a smooth, innovative archive with a heavy multi-media focus as well as cross platform accessibility.

This is just one example of the many gorgeous projects they’ve brought to life, so head over to their site and take a gander at what they have to offer and what customers have to say (it’s a lot of praise by the by).


Considered one of Ireland’s initial home-grown web design Dublin companies since its establishment in 1996. Fusio are a leading web design, development, and strategy agency. They take a vested interest in bespoke front-end and back-end web design solutions for all sorts of clients of any industry.

Based in central Dublin, Fusio have had quite a while to build up their image and their formidable resources in order to hone their craft and shape their brand in addition to yours. Fusio offers a variety of services to fine tune your business’s online presence. Services include web strategy, interface design, database and e-commerce management, SEO, and responsive web design.

What’s Special?

Fusio’s vision of web design is pretty simple and snazzy. Good web design means striking a right balance. Beauty is, of course, something you’ll want for your website, but not at the cost of application, ease of use and catering to the general user experience. This is something they’ve learned to hone over the years.

Fusio will routinely study all the quantifiable data and results pertaining to your website in order to better craft your website’s design from the ground up. They’ll buff up your SEO with a few clever tricks too; creating ‘friendly URLs’ to trick search engines into thinking your pages are custom built. Fine tuning your keyword and sitemap linking to appeal to the not-so-scary search engine spiders.

They also implement overall quality coding into the mix, in addition to optimising your site for mobile use. It’s not just responsive web design they can offer you, they can even develop apps for both Android and iPhone.

With services like constant round-the-clock support for any of your web design needs and desires, it’s no wonder that Fusio has been a web design sweetheart in the realm of web design Dublin.

Big Dog

Bringing an award-winning approach and flair to the usual web design Dublin process, big dog are passionate and driven. They offer a full suite of services to satisfy your web design needs with an exceptional user experience to boost. Big dog has paved the way for many a business to expand their clientele and effectively hit their goals.

Big dog approach the web design process with a key focus on communication with the client. They’ll do their best to learn your insights and ideals to start building a foundation on which your website’s identity will shine. With crystal clear goals in mind, there’s no guesswork involved in the design process in order to facilitate a smoother user experience.

SEO also happens to be a key aspect of how they build your site, much to the pleasure of many clients surely. They offer expert consultation and the know-how required to code a site from the ground up to make Google your friend.

Agency Perks 

Big Dog can push your site up those precious rankings and boost your organic visibility for long term growth. They also have expertise with using WordPress to pretty dazzling effect. Moreover, they give an extensive knowledge on a multitude of payment gateway provides such as Stripe and Realex to help you with your e-commerce endeavours.

They also have an impressive roster of achievements for those looking for some empirical evidence, such as their work with Ryanair. Having been contracted by the CEO of Ryanair to revamp the career section of the company’s corporate website completely. They transformed it into something more robust, fully responsive on all platforms. With full CMS control options and seamless integration with their existing HR system, pretty impressive.

What followed after their process? A marked increase in page views, full integration with the HR system, intuitive and smooth navigation. Most importantly, a vastly improved brand message and an overall improved customer experience from landing to contact.

Big Dog managed to put in the level of quality and effort they’re known for yet again.

About Profile Tree

Profile Tree might not be in happy old Dublin, Profile Tree is in Belfast and it operates globally. It delights the agency to be one of your web design Dublin options.  Progress never stops in digital dystopia we call the internet. Online marketing is always evolving, and it’s a pride to be able to keep pace and gather as much experience as possible to deliver the results your company would benefit from.

Profile Tree runs its own sites and portals, contrary to many other agencies. Its daily routine is steeped in harnessing the power of social media, honing robust SEO techniques, and churning out some of the highest quality content. For what’s more important than good content?

It is the company’s mission in the great expanse of the World Wide Web to put you on the digital map. With the way the Internet is day in and day out; it’s difficult keeping your affairs in order and your spot on the ladder.

What Does Profile Tree Offer? 

Profile Tree takes delight to accept that challenge and offer an extensive selection of services to help you get your fair share (and more) of that sweet, sweet traffic.  An experienced team of content creators, well-versed in many writing styles, to suit whatever approach you’d like for your brand.

This comes with the incorporation of quality SEO techniques into the process. That includes a proper keyword research and implementation, full website audits, and all the measures at disposal to keep you on top of any search engine’s results pages.

Our team of talented and driven designers and developers will make it their objective to fine tune and plan out the design process, development cycle, and feature implementation. All of that, as well as choosing the appropriate content management system to ensure your web presence is solid.

You can bet Profile Tree will be in constant contact to help shape it to your preferred image.


Web Design Dublin: In Closing

Arts, culture, history and expect web design. Dublin sure has a lot to bring to anybody’s table but it’s clear that web design Dublin is a neat little reflection of the beauty and creativity the whole country is known for. With many, many more web design Dublin options at your disposal, you won’t run out of choices.

Moreover, the excellent picks included in this article confirm that web design Dublin is on the rise. It’s ready to take on the world, just as it has taken on the challenges of Dublin so efficiently and stylishly.

Glad to see the burgeoning and ever growing talent that Dublin has to offer in the field of web design.  Hope that you too would appreciate and maybe make use of any of these fine agencies.

Got another agency you think is worth its salt? An opinion or two on any of our picks? Perhaps you want to talk about your novelty mug collection? Leave a comment down below.



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