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We love to do things differently and we love to deliver great work based on real results and your individual needs. With no fuss, no jargon and no wasted time.

For web design in Antrim we know how to help your business grow because we’re also a County Antrim-based company AND because we built our own success on web design, content marketing and SEO.

This means we know how important your online world is for your business and we know a digital investment needs to perform for your company.

Read on to find out more PLUS our free business web design tips.


Straight Talk

We won’t turn your head with waffle or waste your time with meetings about meetings. Our approach is based on expertise, hard work and clear goals. We’re proud to be different.

Fair Prices

Fairness means being able to show you how every minute of every team member’s time will be spent on your project... before, during and after. We price for quality and results, without the trimmings’. Every time.

Total Transparency

We’ll talk through what works, why it works and how it works. Most of all, we’ll make sure our work will benefit your business AND deliver against your marketing strategies, SEO, social media plans and more.

Tried and Tested Methods

We’re a local company like you. But we’re unique because we built our business on the methods we bring to your company. We’ll show you how. We’ll even show you live stats proving the performance of our work.

Thinking Local means

Better Outcomes...Together
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Services in Antrim

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Why Choose Local?

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We know your customers because we are your customers! Members of our team live in and around Antrim and County Antrim. Just like our clients, we’re invested in the local area and local business markets.

We're based in Belfast, County Antrim, with team members from across NI. Like you, we live and work in the local area. That's why we want businesses like ours to thrive together and grow together!


Our County Antrim-based team know the challenges faced by your business because we’re a County Antrim-based business too. We’ll meet with you to find out how we can help grow together. Just ask!

Every area in NI has is own unique challenges and customers. To bring potential buyers into your brand, working with a local agency who'll understand those groups can be the start of a winning partnership.

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We aren’t a call-centre and we don’t hide behind a receptionist, meaning we’re quick and responsive to your enquiries. We’re an NI company like you, meaning we know the value of great local customer service.

Your own customers expect better than recorded messages, slow replies or generic responses. Why work with a company unless they can match your business ethos and approach to customer service?


We know Antrim is a changing town, just like Belfast it is a changing city. Working with a local company on local solutions can mean a better understanding of your business not just today but looking to the future too.

Often, we find that our customers come to for help with the same changes we find we need to manage our business around too! In fact, the right web design and digital approach can even leverage change for the better.

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Your Web Design Company and You - Making it Work!

An Insight from ProfileTree

We’re finding more and more customers telling us they’ve never looked back from a decision to work with a local website agency.

Why? The simple value of a local solution to local business challenges!

We’re a County Antrim-based company in the same business market as our local clients, and they’ve all been telling us one thing: the difference between working with an NI agency as opposed to using international ‘off the peg’ solutions has made a big difference to their business.




Web design that performs:

A generic web design solution won’t feature a focus on results, built around your business, a specialist site can offer. Need more leads? Need better sales support materials online? Ability to make changes quickly? eCommerce? A site custom-made to be a living, breathing – and performing – part of your company can truly deliver.

Ever-changing SEO requirements also mean the technical knowledge needed to keep your site visible for those searching for your business means a ‘one size fits all’ approach could see you drop from view compared to competitors.


Local customer service:

When you have a question about your site, when an urgent issue needs to be addressed or when you need a change without delay…dealing with call-centres and ‘support tickets’ can be infuriating for a local business.

We’re a small team, based close to you and with a belief that your time is valuable. We won’t waste it as we know it is better spent on the bigger challenges of running a company.


Web design that grows with your business:

We’re seeing our local area change around us. And fast too! What your business needs today may not be the same as what you’ll need tomorrow.

A lasting relationship based on responding to change, keeping your business ahead of the digital curve, can’t be matched by a general web solution.


The ProfileTree Team


Let’s talk results!

Ps – Remember: You wouldn’t install a shop-front and ignore it forever. So why neglect your digital shop-front. Your site will be optimised to, for example, display beautifully on phones and tablets, and for the latest SEO methods too. But ask us how keep your content and site fresh to keep ahead of digital change.


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