Join our mission to showcase local businesses and help share business knowledge from business leaders through video.

Business owners and managers, we want to hear your story.

We are ProfileTree, a content marketing agency based in Belfast, specialising in video marketing. We work with businesses to create written and video content that engages and excites our audience.

Our audience of business owners, managers and marketers are always coming to us for useful content, advice, tips and guidance. We want to showcase amazing local companies like yours to our audience, and we’d be thrilled if we could share a video of your business story on our platform.

Join us for a 30 minute chat at our Belfast office, where we’ll record a short video telling your business story and sharing advice from your journey.

The Benefit For You!

• You will have a professional video that you can use to promote your business

• We will post this video on our YouTube channel and as a leading video marketing company – promote it across the internet

• Helps to build you confidence for future videos or public speaking opportunities

• Sharing your story with our network will generate brand awareness and exposure for your business

• It will give an excellent return on your investment of time

• Great for SEO for your website and business – we will create a post on our website, embed the video and share socially

• An opportunity to help others learn from your journey

• Serves as a great positioning piece for you as an expert in your field

• You get to help other business owners going through their own journey

The Video Process!

• Visit our office and we will record you for around 30 mins – a chat about you and your business

• This all takes place in our video studio at the Innovation Factory on Springfield Road Belfast

• We will edit the video and share with you for final approval before we publish online

• We will agree questions in advance and focus on a core area for your business

• We will start with an introduction to yourself and your business, then focus on a core topic

• As a leading video marketing company we will work hard to have thousands view the video

• This will all increase awareness of your business as we share constantly across social sites like LinkedIn

• We just need 30 minutes of your time. We can also record a video through zoom if you cannot attend



We are ProfileTree, a content marketing agency based in Belfast. We specialise in creating optimised websites that are focused on lead generation. From SEO through to one of Ireland’s leading video marketing companies, we specialise in creating revenue generating digital strategies for companies around the world.

Basically – we help grow revenues of business by driving traffic through content marketing and we currently specialise in Video and Voice ( as these give the best ROI ).

We are also different from all other agencies as we operate our own media brands – which generate millions of views, web traffic, engagements and finally for our company. We operate our own brands in Travel and Tourism, Education, Food and Drink, Cars and of course Business.

In the last 1.5 years we have posted more than 750 videos on our own YouTube channels which have generated more than 2.2 million views for our business and many revenue opportunities for our business. We practice what we preach and deliver for our clients. This video show is part of our 2019 strategy to grow out our own business brand. Why just share our content when we can share your story? Its a win-win for everyone!

At the moment we have a low 10,500 monthly visitors on our website ( as we just redesign and Google is taking some time to review our new build ). We have an email list of more than 16,000 business leaders and hundreds of thousands of fans and followers across all our networks. We are big on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more. We will get your view interview seen – as this is our specialism!

We would love to share this opportunity with you – just reply to our invite and either Laura or Ciaran will be in touch to answer any questions and get you booked in.

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