TV Advertising Effectiveness – Nicola McLoughlin

Should Businesses Invest in TV Advertising?


Business Development Manager Nicola McLoughlin has revealed her insights into the number of benefits for businesses investing in TV advertising and advertising on video on demand. McLoughlin, of ITV, shared some of her advertising insights during a ProfileTree Business Leaders interview.

Nicola shared that there are many video advertising advantages for a range of brands both on television and VOD with opportunities to reach a large audience in a one TV spot campaign or a more long term advertising campaign with potentially high ROI.

In 2018, Loughlin worked with over a thousand brands, both local and around the United Kingdom, working with them as they invested in video advertising and TV advertising.

With the watch on-demand becoming more popular, brands are looking to use different mediums with their video marketing strategies.

TV advertising still bringing in large numbers as well as catch-up services like ITV Hub


On ITV, massively popular television programmes like I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here as well as popular Saturday night entertainment programming can bring in large audience reach numbers for businesses looking to utilize in advertising. This enables brands to tap into viral content like Love Island and their brand reach to expand from their TV advertising campaign to other marketing channels like social media.

In the interview, McLoughlin reveals that on average, every pound that a business invests in their TV advertising campaign, they should make over four pounds in return investment.  This outperforms other media outlets available to create an advertising campaign for your business. With TV advertising, there is also the range of options for how a brand wants to convey their story to their new audience. Local brands can achieve great results with smaller budgets compared to large brands like John Lewis, especially around Christmas advertising periods.

Nicola provides advertising advice to a range of businesses looking to create a tv advertising campaign and takes them through the vital aspects of creating a campaign.

To discover more insights from Nicola explore our full video interview. If you would like to get in contact with Nicola regarding advertising on television, particularly on ITV, you can find her by checking out her LinkedIn page.

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