How Travel Can Empower Women in Business With Sophia Khalid

The opportunity to travel can inspire many people and even inspire those to take a leap in creating their own business


This can be said for Sophia Khalid, founder of Girls Group Holiday, who through her own time travelling was inspired to create her own business focusing on providing the chance for others to find personal empowerment through travel.


Feeling like she grew up with an identity crisis, Khalid searched for empowerment and found it later in life through travelling and exploring the world. This inspired her in her personal and professional life. Khalid went on to achieve a masters degree in Human Rights Law, spoke at the House of Lords in London, was published in a Young Human Rights Lawyer’s Journal as well as win and be nominated for many awards.

In 2018, Khalid decided to make the leap from law and try something new by starting her own business Girls Group Holiday. Solo travel for women from different cultures is something that is sometimes looked down upon or even discouraged. This was the inspiration for Khalid to create her own business to provide an opportunity for women in travel.

Girls Group Holiday is groups of women from the UK travelling together for a unique experience each time and to gain personal empowerment. Khalid plans each trip before releasing to her audience and markets the trip online to make it the best experience possible.  The business target audience is women from minority backgrounds due to cultural differences that creates harder opportunities for women to travel.

Our video interview offers insights into travel for women, women in business and creating a business as well as a look into Khalid’s personal story in her background and business.

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Learn more about Girls Group Holiday, their story and their upcoming trips by checking out their website – click here 


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