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Tag: Domain Registering

What is a domain name? Web address of a website
Web Hosting and Domains

What Is A Domain Name?

What is a domain name? Every website begins with a domain, making it part of the very first thing a potential customer interacts with to

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Dreamhost- Domain Review

Dreamhost Domain Registering- Dreamhost is a web hosting provided established in 1996 and registered just a year later in the county of L.A. in California.

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HostGator- Domain Review

HostGator Domain Registering- In 2002, HostGator were founded in Florida They moved around North America for years. Moving to different offices in the likes of

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Flippa.com Domain Review

Flippa.com Domain Review- What is Flippa.com? Flippa.com is an ebay/amazon for websites and domains. Here people are able to bid for domains and websites that

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Hover- Domain Review

Hover Domain Registering-  Hover was founded in 2008 by Tucows Inc. Tucows Inc have been a company since 1994 and ever since they have tried

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Gandi- Domain Review

Gandi Domain Registering- Who is Gandi? Gandi are a web hosting and domain register, founded in 1999 in France. They were one of the first

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Name.com- Domain Review

Name.com Domain Registering- Name.com was founded in 2003, in Colorado after its owner Bill Mushkin bought domain company Spot Domain LLC in 2002. Since then

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NameCheap- Domain Review

NameCheap Domain Registering- Since 2000 when NameCheap were established, they have become one of the leading sites for domain registering. In the 18 years they

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GoDaddy- Domain Review

GoDaddy Domain Registering- Like many other companies who offer web hosting, Go Daddy are similar as they are renowned for their Domain Registering. Overall GoDaddy

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123Reg- Domain Review

123Reg Domain Registering- Previously I have talked about 123Reg’s WordPress Hosting, and have always wondered a great deal about their domain registering and how good

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