Why use our SEO ultimate guide? When it comes to SEO, there’s SO much confusing advice and second-hand wisdom you’d be forgiven for parking the whole subject.

But – trust us – it’s an essential. And it can be explained clearly.

Of course, nothing can replace bringing in industry specialists with the latest expertise.

But, even then, the more you know about SEO the more you’ll benefit from this essential ‘storefront’ for your business.

Just click on the links for a free guide to understanding SEO, strategies for success AND making your SEO plans happen.


Image for SEO Ultimate Guide

Image for SEO Ultimate Guide

SEO Essentials

So, before your start to tinker with what – and how – your 

site will appear to those all-important search engines, take a few minutes to step back and look at the basics.

Knowing what Google is, how page ranking works and how Google updates can change the things you need to do are all great starting points!

The basics behind SEO aren’t as complex as you might fear: see here and here for our ‘principles of…’ guides. Next, take a closer look at SEO glossary and some advice for owners of small businesses.

An overview of domain authority and Alexa rank, as well as long-tail keywords, could also be a wise investment of your time.


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 SEO Planning

SEO is one subject where planning pays off in a HUGE way.

Taking some time with strategy and then on understanding how to make an SEO report to get a clear picture of your current rankings are all vital ways to – ultimately – increase your site traffic.


This analysis of your site means you can start to think, through research and planning, about the keywords you need to assess for their potential.

Some free tools (also here) and that ever-essential Google Keyword Planner can make this stage a breeze, even for relative beginners.




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Making It Happen

To take control of your site’s SEO, start by taking a look at an SEO checker to pick which audit tool suits you best (see also here and here).

Using a checklists (alternative here) can help make sure you haven’t missed any important ranking factor.

Take a moment to understand and check backlinks too!

Our most highly-recommended step at this stage of your SEO journey? Using Yoast to make SEO optimizing your content as easy as possible. Our ultimate guide to Yoast explains all.

The, content becomes key to SEO success: staring with copywriting, then thinking about keyword density and even content length to get the very best results from your efforts.

This handy duplicate content checker can help make sure the structure of your content makes sense to Google, while you can use the tools we recommended earlier to track your ranking.


Image for SEO Ultimate Guide

Your Next Steps?

With your SEO essentials well covered, let’s dive a little deeper to consider how important a sitemap can be.

Oh, and bear in mind that YouTube – a vital marketing tool – has its own approach to SEO.

This page brings together years of SEO expertise in one place.

Our final note? A huge ‘good luck’ with winning those higher rankings for your site!




Questions? Want to know how we can help turn knowledge into results?

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