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We revived the Rucksnacks web presence to win back search performance

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– Website rebuild

– Poor results turned around

– Bespoke content strategy

"The Digital Marketing strategy provided by ProfileTree helped us maximise the return on investment from our marketing budget. We focused on written content, video marketing and social media marketing to grow our online sales"

- Colm


Web Design & Development + Video Marketing

Why did Rucksnacks call in ProfileTree specialists? A non-performing website meant Rucksnacks weren’t getting the best from their online presence.

The client could not make changes or improvements on their existing site due to lack of skills, but also because of a difficult system. We fully rebuilt the site, improved the UI/UX and supported with content marketing. This was in July 2017.

We were re-engaged by the client in January 2018 for advice on content strategy to grow the brand and we offered a video package which was delivered in the same month and enabled the client to rapidly grow his brand.

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Video Content Delivered 1 Month
Organic Results Delivered 1 Month

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