Planning for Retirement and Financial Planning With Sean Larkin and Peter Savage

The importance of financial planning and planning for retirement can be sometimes overlooked 


Whether it is personal or business, financial planning along with planning for retirement is very important to be beneficial in the long run.

Sean Larkin and Peter Savage are the Business Principals of Fairstone NI, a leading financial planning firm based in Northern Ireland, and part of one of the UK’s largest independent, Chartered financial planning firms in the UK.


In their business, they work with both individual and business clients. They provide their clients clarity on their current financial position, develop strategies to allow them to take control of their finances,  make their lives more enjoyable and financially secure as a result of the retirement planning.

Larkin and Savage worked together in a previous financial business and saw the opportunity for them to join together with their skills and similar business views to create the business.

“It is fundamentally about giving people a piece of mind and taking away a lot of financial stress people may have”

Within the business, they have a range of specialists in different aspects of financial planning such as mortgages, investments and  planning for retirement to name a few.

As well as the financial aspect of Fairstone NI, they have a strong belief in investing in business development for both themselves and their own clients.

In our interview, Larkin and Savage explain why financial planning is so important for both personal and business finances. They also provide advice on how to ensure you are maximising your savings when saving and planning for retirement.

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For more on finances, planning for retirement and information, check out the Fairstone Financial Management website here


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