Millennials in Business – Ellie Francis

How can you retain Millennial and Gen Z talent within your business?

In this instalment of our Business Leaders interview series, we sat down with Ellie Francis from Nepturnal.

Ellie Francis came from a background of experience working in corporate and banking industries. From this experience, she decided to take the leap in 2018 to create her own business which is how Nepturnal was created.

What made her decide on the entrepreneurship route was the issues she could see the businesses she worked for consistently come up and saw the opportunity to create a business that could provide solutions for these issues.

Coming from a background in banking, Francis decided to take a brave leap into creating her own business focused on helping other businesses.

Who are Nepturnal?

Nepturnal is a training & consultancy business founded by Francis. There are two sides of the business with three tiers of different training opportunities on the training perspective of the business. With the consultancy side, they provide support on the employer’s brand and how to engage millenials and Gen Z staff within the brand and retention. This aspect was to improve businesses staff retention as with millenials, the period of time to stay in a business generally caps at eighteen months and can occur high costs for a business which is what Nepturnal look to improve.

Within Nepturnal, there is a strong belief in creating an emotional connection between audiences and employees with the brand of the business and how it aligns your team’s objectives with those of your business and your company goals.

How Can Businesses Retain Talent 

Office and company culture is a very important aspect of how businesses can retain Millennial and Gen Z talent in their business and this is an element of the training provided by Nepturnal.

Ellie Francis explained that business culture is changing and for businesses looking to retain talent or attract new talent, millennials are a vocal generation and will share their opinions and thoughts with an employer if asked. Businesses should look inwardly to what they could do differently if they are faced with the challenge of a high staff turnover.

Want to learn more about Ellie and Nepturnal?

You can find more information about Ellie on her LinkedIn or visit the Nepturnal website

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