Mental Well-Being and Personal Empowerment

How improving your mental well-being and personal empowerment can benefit your business.


Deborah King, owner of Bee Empowered, focuses on improving her clients mental well-being and personal empowerment through a range of therapies and sessions.

From a mixed professional background including a period of working in the USA, King found her passion for her career fifteen years ago in holistic and a range of therapies. Inspired through her own journey with her mental well-being, King realised the opportunity to support others with theirs.

Through Bee Empowered, King supports her clients in individual sessions as well as group sessions and events. A strong base of her clients are women during a transition period in their lives especially professionally and through improving their mental well-being and empowerment, have the confidence in making decisions.

Bee Empowered was created by King when she experienced depression herself and through her recovery, found her own personal empowerment. By improving her own mental well-being and empowerment, this fueled her to support her clients to improve their personal and professional lives by creating her own business.

King’s business, Bee Empowered, is based on the Hebrew translation of “Deborah” and the background on how a bumble bee can fly yet for years, scientists couuldn’t understand as it defied physics theory. This is a metaphor for being limitless and being empowered which relates to King’s business and expertise.

To discover more from Deborah King and improving your mental well-being, watch the full Business Leaders interview.

To find out more about King and her business, check out her website.

Deborah King of Bee Empowered 

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