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Marketing Campaigns

In 1971 The Stylistics told us “People Make the World Go Round”, but in 2018 if you’re in business you’ll know something very different is the case!

Today, we say: marketing makes the business world go round. We can’t avoid the integral role of marketing campaigns and the importance of advertising in the world we live in today.

Marketing is a consumer-centered activity that directly communicates with the targeted customer to relay a company’s message about the products or services they offer.

There are many different types of marketing; however they all have the same purpose or goal, which is to capture the consumer’s attention and create brand recognition.

Why are companies spending billions of dollars for marketing though? What makes marketing so important in the business world? The answer to both these questions is rather complicated but in simple terms; consumers are more likely to buy a product if they are familiar with the company’s image.

Below we highlight the importance of marketing and the best marketing campaigns to date. We also discuss different marketing strategies and the best marketing campaign practices.

The Purpose of Marketing Campaigns

In today’s competitive business environment you can have the best product in the market; but without efficient marketing, you can expect less of the market share. The question is not whether marketing is important or not; rather it is how much marketing you need to dominate the market.

If the customer believes you have the best product, then that is the truth that counts, even if your competitor’s product is superior than yours. Consumer perceptions can be altered through effective marketing campaigns. The role that marketing plays can be broken down into six main aspects:

  • Communication

Communicating with potential customers and relaying your company’s message to them is the first step towards increasing sales. Through marketing, whether it is digital, or traditional, a business talks to its consumers, delivers its vision and highlights the qualities of the product or service offered.

Communication with your target market is key.

To reach the largest audience available and effectively deliver your message, spread your word on as many platforms as you can. Any business should research the target market, find out where they hang out online and in the physical world. Through effective market research, the company’s message will reach its target audience as wide as possible.

  • Creating a brand image

Brand image is how the consumer perceives your brand and your company. It is created by the customer’s own experience with the company, the consistent message put through your advertising or marketing campaigns and the word of mouth spread through other customers’ experiences.

Why is brand image crucial to surviving in the market? A strong brand resonates with the customer; quality marketing efforts equates to quality products in the consumers’ minds. Next time he/she is walking down the aisles in a supermarket, the consumer will be reminded of your strong brand image and opt for your product rather than that of the competitor’s.

  • Customer Loyalty

Loyalty is the emotional response a customer has as a result of several positive experiences with your company’s product or service. Customer loyalty is mostly obtained through efficient customer service management and post sales services.

However, efficient marketing campaign practices have been shown to increase a customer’s sense of loyalty; How, you ask? When a customer feels appreciated and has a direct line of communication with a business through social media platforms, this in turn increases his/her sense of loyalty. Messages relayed through ads can fixate on the consumer’s needs, which make customers feel like the products of a certain brand satisfy all their needs and wants.

  • Retaining current customers while obtaining new ones

Retaining existing customers is always cheaper than obtaining new ones. The best marketing campaigns however, can work on both. Targeted marketing campaigns assert a company’s dominance in the market, reminds current customers of the benefit of the product and greatly helps in securing new ones.

  • Brand Recognition

One of the main purposes of any marketing campaign is to get the name of your brand and company out there. Brand recognition or brand awareness is how much the targeted consumer can identify with a certain brand. Brand recognition is built through effective marketing campaigns. Consumers who are exposed to visual and auditory advertisements are more likely to recognize your products while shopping or looking for certain services.

  • Increased Sales

Although this is the last item on the list, this does not in any way signify its inferiority. The main point of any market campaign is to eventually increase sales. Profit is what keeps a company competitive in the business world; and the more sales a company has the more profitable it will be.

Increased sales are achieved through the other aspects mentioned above. The best marketing campaign practices will ensure increased sales for the company.

Marketing Mix – The 4 P’s

The marketing mix is a term as old as the definition of marketing itself. Although originally defined as the 4 p’s, the marketing mix has been expanded to include as much 7 p’s.

The original 4 were price, product, promotion and place. The marketing mix was defined as a set of tactics that are essential in the process of marketing and selling a product or service.

The concept was first derived in 1948 by a Harvard professor called James Culliton. He called marketers “mixers of ingredients”; where the ingredients where later popularized as the 4p’s by Jerome E. McCarthy in the 1960’s. The 4 original P’s were defined as follows.

  • Price

Price was defined by Solomon et al (2009) as “the amount the consumer must exchange to receive the offering”. Price plays an important role in the market; too high and you won’t get enough sales, too low decreases your profit margin and indicates an inferior product.

With price, a company should hit that sweet spot where prices are fair enough to beat competitors while retaining the product’s image. The pricing aspect includes: pricing strategies, tactics and special promotions for the consumer.

  • Product

The product aspect refers to the item being marketed to the end consumer. The product could be a tangible or intangible item (i.e. services). The product should satisfy the customer’s needs and wants and is arguably the most important of the 4 P’s.

If the product is no good, then no amount of work on the other marketing mix tactics can save the project. There is a minimum performance that consumers expect from a certain product or service; the company should target anything above the minimum in order to remain competitive in the market place. The product aspect of the marketing mix includes: the features, after sales services, quality and branding of the item sold to consumers.

  • Place

The place characteristic of the 4 P’s of the marketing mix includes the physical location where the products or services will be offered to the end consumers or the warehousing location of the products.

This is important because the placing strategy decides where customers will be able to purchase the product. Distribution tactics include intensive, selective or exclusive dissemination. The company can also opt for franchising or online distribution. In the end, the place matters because that is decisive in where the customer can have access to the final product. Exclusive distribution gives the consumer the idea that the product is of such high quality that it can be found only in select locations.

On the other hand, intensive distribution grants convenience to the customer. Although intensive distribution could be more costly, it gives customers access to buy the product more easily; thus increasing sales.

The last of the original 4 P’s but by no means the least important is the promotion aspect. Promotion refers to the marketing effort done by the company to market and promote the product and/or service offered by the business.

Promotion efforts include Public relations, advertisements, marketing strategies and sales discounts or promotions. The promotional mix part of the 4 P’s could be the 2nd most important part of the marketing mix ingredients. This is due to the fact that promotion is what gets the product known for the consumers.

The 7 P’s

A more recent modification over the standard 4 P’s of marketing mix has come out. The modification adds 3 more aspects to the well known 4 P’s. Other than price, promotion, place and product; the recent additives are people, process and physical environment.

  • People

Other than the obvious people involved in the marketing mix (the customers), the term people is used to refer to anyone involved in the process of marketing and selling a company’s product.

The umbrella term refers to a number of persons involved in the process. This includes the company’s employees, the target market and all decision influencers who affect the purchase resolution.

The process specifically includes finding out if the target market is wide enough for the demand. If the targeted market segment does not have enough demand for the product or service, then the company should consider either changing the targeted consumer or try increase demand by altering the product.

  • Process

The process of delivering the product from the production phases into the wholesale then the retail and finally to hands of the consumer is long and expensive.

Fortunately, when focusing on the logistics and cutting costs and time where applicable is a good way to saving time and money. The process involved is defined by Zeithaml et. Al as “The actual procedures, mechanisms, and flow of activities by which the service is delivered – this service delivery and operating systems”.

The process should be as consumer focused as possible; meaning that the end result should have the customer’s best interest at heart.

  • Physical environment

The physical environment is where the consumer and your employees physically interact. This includes your facilities, office, the interior design and the ambient conditions. This pertains more to the service industry rather than the tangible product realm. The aim of this is to make the physical environment as welcoming as possible for the consumer.

The 4 C’s

In the early 90’s Robert F. Lauterborn introduced a more customer oriented modeled which he names “the 4 C’s”. The 4 C’s are basically the same as the 4 C’s. The difference between the 2 models is discussed below:

  • Product to Consumer wants and needs

Product was referred to as consumer wants and needs. Consumer wants and need differ from product by focusing more on  what the consumer wants rather than the qualities of the product.

  • Price to Cost

Price was changed to cost in Lauterborn’s model. The reasoning behind this is that price or monetary value is not the only cost to be considered. The cost of time among other things was something to be put into mind.

  • Promotion to communication


Campaign Strategies

Running a marketing campaign is like running a marathon, it needs long term preparation, an action plan and an focused effort. In the marketing world, these factors are devised into a campaign strategy. To ensure the success of your marketing campaign, you should have a campaigning strategy.

A campaign strategy will effectively match your products or services with your target audience in order to meet your marketing and sales objectives. Running your marketing campaign is a relatively minor part in the campaign strategy, all the important work is done prior to it.

Effective marketing campaigns are derived from spontaneous strategies specially fitted to its specific goals and niche audience. However, there are some general campaign strategies utilized by many brands and marketing agencies all around the world. According to AdHere’s article titled, ‘Marketing that Sticks’, there are seven of the best marketing campaign strategies.

  1. Clear Call-to-Actions

The purpose of your campaign should be clearly presented. Your audience needs to know what to do and how to act after receiving the information you just shared. While you have your audience’s attention, it is important to get your message across to achieve your marketing goal.

  1. Target to a Niche Audience

Generalizing the target audience of your marketing campaign is not cost or time efficient. Rather than sending your message to all age groups, genders, and social classes, focus your aim to the people who are more likely to buy your product or service, your niche audience. Using platforms like Facebook and Instagram, you can use behavioral and targeted advertising that will help you reach your target audience through their behavior and interests.

  1. Speak to All Medias

Creating audio, visual and textual content is the best way to address all your audience’s preferences. Most of the time it is most effective to combine all of them, reverting to digital advertising means that you will have to cater to all preferences in order to gather the most views and popularity.

  1. Easy to Share

Whether it’s through your website, or on your YouTube channel, your content should be easily shared. Creating content that is shareable across several social media platforms increases your media reach and your sales opportunities. But it’s also important to keep in mind that your content should be exciting and interesting enough for people to want to share it.

  1. Inspire Interaction

Engaging your audience is essential if you expect a positive response. Creating content that encourages them to talk back, comment and express themselves makes your brand more memorable, and in reality people are more likely to share this experience with their friends. You can easily achieve this sense of interaction with your campaign through online contents, photography competitions or fundraisers.

  1. Use a Memorable Spokesperson

Some of the best marketing campaigns make use of a spokesperson that the audience can recognize and relate to. Using a familiar face to generate viewers for your product is influential and helps in implementing a personal edge to your brand. Also, having a known persona as the face of your brand further engage your audience as they will be interested in knowing what they are going to do or say next.

  1. Go Against the Norm

Your audiences doesn’t want to see something they’ve seen before. In everything you create for your marketing campaign, try to make it stand out like nothing has ever before. Feel free to abandon traditional means of advertising, because the more creative and the better it is for your audience, yourself and your sales.

The strategies you choose to implement in your marketing campaign really depend on your product and your target audience. It may not be beneficial for you to use radio advertisements for your brand, and more effective to create a photography competition. This is where you market research plays its role in shaping the scope of your marketing campaign.

It is important to recognize that the campaign might resonate with your viewers more than your product will, so a lot of your marketing team’s focus should be on the way the brand its showcased, its presence in the market and most importantly what the people think of it.

The list mentioned above is surely not the only approach to create the best marketing campaign. There are countless ideas and tactics to help you tackle the marketing field. Alongside Adhere’s list, Entrepreneur posted an article titled, ‘10 Marketing Strategies to Fuel Your Business Growth’.

  1. Social Media

Having an online presence is extremely important in today’s digital world. Use social media to give your brand a space online, create Instagram, FaceBook and Twitter pages to keep your audience updates with your latest posts and marketing moves. The direct messaging feature will also allow you to reach out to influencers and engage with your audience on a regular basis.

  1. Video Tutorials

With YouTube being the second largest search engine after Google, it’s safe to say that people love watching videos. Creating video tutorials gives your brand an informative edge. You’re teaching your audience something new and useful, so that both sides benefit from the interaction.

  1. Blogging

If you don’t already have a blog, start one! Blogging is an effective way to establish your brand all across the internet. Creating meaningful content will drive people to your blog and stay updated with your latest posts and will be more likely to share them with their friends. Use platforms like Medium to publish content online and answer questions on Quora and Reddit. All of these approaches will broaden your online empire and make your brand name more recognizable.

  1. SEO

Understand how Search Engine Optimisation works in order to make the most use of it. SEO can be powerful in driving potential customers and beneficial traffic to your site. Understanding how SEO, the specifics of it and how it to reach its maximum benefit takes some practice, but it’s never too late to start.

  1. Influencers

To gain visibility on social people, sometimes you don’t have the time to gain your own audience and followers, so you have to utilize an existing loyal audience base. Social media influencers make money off of promoting products online to their social media followers.

  1. Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is an offering of some value to a prospect for their contact information. The aim of lead magnets is to maximise the number of targeted leads for an offer. Working on your lead magnet can lead to exceptional results. It is important to show a solution in your lead magnet, and present it to the right audience.

  1. Facebook Ads

Rather than sending out general advertisements to the entire population, you can select the viewers who are exposed to your audience. This option allows you to save money, as you are spending money on ads that are targeted to the sector of the population most likely to give in to your product sales.

  1. LinkedIn

Make sure that you’re using LinkedIn the right way, make your profile stand out amongst the rest. You can use this platform to introduce yourself, your business and why you stand out from the rest. While this content may be overlooked on other social media platforms, people on LinkedIn are interested in finding out this information. This is the place to purposely sell yourself and your brand.

  1. Affiliate Program

Creating an affiliate program can lead to many benefits in the long term and short term. Affiliate marketing will be able to expand your business horizons and relations. The correct partners will revolutionize your name in the market and fuel your brand for growth.

  1. Email Marketing Sequences

Lastly, sending out emails to your subscribers on a regular basis creates a platform for your audience to have a direct communication with you. Tapping into subliminal messaging, your brand name will continue to appear in their mailbox, increasing your popularity and ultimately sales.


After taking a look at multiple marketing strategy approaches, we can generalize the most important factors to keep in mind when aim to run the best marketing campaign.

  1. Understand the Market

Understand your competition, your audience and the platforms available to you. Understand how to use them and make the most benefit of them for the sales of your product. Make sure that your knowledge of all aspects is balanced, contextual and purposeful.

Knowing your audience really well, but not understanding the competition in the market will do you no good! Focus on market research and the best marketing campaign strategy will fall into place.

  1. Create a Variety of Content

Your audience will have a variety of tastes and preferences. From video to audio to text, there are endless productions you can create within each genre. Understand how to converge the use of all of them, how to use them separately and which sector of your target audience it will cater to.

Within the specific demographic you are targeting, there will be viewers that prefer visual content, and others who don’t. Keep this in mind when creating content, and remember that videos usually incorporate most of the elements and are usually the most engaging on the audience’s behalf.

  1. Use Social Media

After creating your content, you need somewhere to post it and send it out don’t you? Different social media platforms open doors for various exposure opportunities. Make sure you understand the different content that can be created for each platform.

For example, Instagram posts require catchy and witty caption to stay relevant in that field, generating hashtags as well should also be kept in mind. It’s important to have an active social media presence because that is where most consumers are spending their time.


Behavioral Advertising vs. Targeted Advertising

Within online advertising, your advertisements could appear where they are most relevant. With options like behavioral advertising and targeted advertising, on FaceBook and other platforms, you can select exactly when, where and to who your advertisements are shown.

From there, you can determine this based on your market research and the demographics you believe will generate the most sales.

Although these two options may sound similar, there is a great difference between them. Firstly behavioral advertising presents advertisements based on the audience’s behavior online.

For example, after running a Google search on yoga mats for sale, an advertisement on serene yoga soundtracks could appear on your webpage.

This effectiveness of this advertising depends on your product or service, and how it is related to Google searches, and whether or not you want people to purchase it online.

Sometimes, this may not be effective because the searchers won’t be interested in the product specifically because of their Google search. Either way, it is good to make use of modern technology and algorithms to our financial advantages, as this type of advertising will be successful in increasing your exposure online.


On the other hand, targeted advertising is what we’re used to on FaceBook. Through your Likes, Interests and general activity online, advertisers will be able to identify you as a potential customer or not. On that basis, some ads are only presented to specific demographics or a specific age group.

Using this type of advertising ensure that you’re reaching your niche audience, and gaining the most exposure through your online advertisements

When setting the options for these advertisements, there is always an issue of whether you should lean towards the general or the specific side. In other words, should you narrow down your target audience as specific as you can, or broaden it in order to reach the maximum potential customers.

For that reason, some believe that behavioral advertising is more efficient and effective, because rather than choosing based on long term interests which may become eventually irrelevant, you are presenting your advertisements in the moment for an instant response from your viewers.


Getting Down to Business – Running the Marketing Campaign

Now that you have an idea about the general tactics used in creating some of the best marketing campaigns, let’s get to the specifics of actually running the campaign. There are some steps you need to keep in mind when running a marketing campaign in order to stay on task, within your budget, and totally engaging.


Best Marketing Campaigns in 2017

Every year, consumers witness an enormous amount of ads, on TV, online, on the radio, and almost everywhere else. As we’re coming towards the end of 2017, we can now look back at what brands all across the globe have created and recognize the most influential ones.

By looking at real life examples, you can picture yourself in the market, and understand where you fall amongst these huge brands. Learn from their marketing techniques, and try to subtly apply them to your own marketing campaign. From Pepsi to Gucci, 2017 was filled with exciting marketing campaigns that really grabbed our attention, mentioned in no particular order.

  1. The New York Times – The truth is hard to find

At a time when political and social tensions all around the world are at a peak, journalism becomes all the more important. People turn to the news in search for the news, and the truth. This campaign by The New York Times depicts this notion of journalism in a new and engaging light.

Along with the TV commercials, there were print ads and displayed all across the country. The video ads were first aired during the Academy Awards in February, to an audience that would be the most receptive to the message they were portraying, and from there the campaign gained a lot of views and feedback from viewers.

The special thing about this campaign is that it wasn’t excessively pushing the brand in the audience’s face, it aimed to change the idea of journalism as a whole, not only the work of The New York Times, this gave the campaign a unique angle as it was presented to the audience.

  1. Spotify – Play This at My Funeral

In collaboration with the advertising agency, Wieden + Kennedy New York, Spotify launched their advertising campaign which included a series of videos featuring well-known artists.

The videos consisted of artists such as DNCE and D.R.A.M commenting on playlists which featured their songs. One of the videos which went viral was the ‘Play this at my funeral’ video featuring Joe Jonas and ‘Global warming is real, let’s dance’ featuring Alessia Cara.

This campaign clearly shows how you can use the information available at your fingertips, to create engaging content for your audience.

Spotify was able to make use of data provided to them by their own listeners, and turn into one of the best marketing campaigns in 2017.

  1. Gucci – #TFWGucci

Memes are huge nowadays, as you scroll through Instagram or Facebook, you’re bound to come across a few relevant memes that you’ll share with your friends. The classy brand Gucci, jumped on this wagon by creating content that resonates with a lot of their followers. As they were targeting younger teenagers, they were not looking to directly generate sales, but rather create hype and enthusiasm around the brand itself using the hashtag #TFWGucci.

This is an example of how a brand can use already popular trends and ideas to market their products. No matter how classy or expensive the brand is, it’s never a bad thing to have people talk about in a positive light.

For that matter, it should be recognized how Gucci was able to break all the stereotypes against the brand, by tapping into a trend created by teenagers who do not specifically fit their targeted demographic. This could be another way you choose to detach from traditional, standard, expected marketing.

  1. Airbnb – We All Belong

Because of its diversity and presence all across the world, Airbnb focuses on showing their support of accepting people no matter who they are and where they come from.

Airbnb released their ‘We All Belong’ campaign days after President Trump imposed the travel ban during the Super Bowl. The timeliness of this ad played a huge role in its success, and reminded people of the morals the company stands by.

Using Airbnb as an example, timeliness is extremely important when airing a marketing campaign. As a marketer, you need to feel the beat of the field, and know and be sure of when it is the right time to present yourself and the most appropriate way to do it. Sometimes, opportunities will not be presented as clearly, but it is up to you to decide when you, your brand, and your consumers are ready for the best marketing campaign you produce.

  1. IKEA – The Place app

Some say that 2017 was the year of marketing experimentation. Brands all around the world were trying new things and experimenting with new platforms to create content that engages with their target audience. IKEA Place is a great example of utilizing modern digital technology in reaching your audience.

Through the IKEA Place app and augmented reality technology, you can see how furniture looks in your apartment without having to physically place it there, as if you’re playing The Sims. IKEA was able to solve a long term issue that many furniture buyers were facing, through the use of augmented reality technology.

Experimenting and trying something other have never done before is always a great idea, especially when it taps into a problem faced by the majority of your consumers. IKEA knows the problem faced by their audience and they found the perfect way to eliminate the struggle from any purchasing experience.

  1. MailChimp – Did You Mean MailChimp?

Mispronunciation is very common with us all, MailChimp was able to use the fact that people pronounce their name incorrectly and turn it into a marketing theme. Some  of the advertisements within the campaign is include, KaleLimp, MailShrimp, and JailBlimp and it is primarily a short animated abstract film. Much like most of the MailChimp adsl, this one stands out because of its weirdness and abstract nature, which is unlike many ads we witness on an everyday basis.

Using this example, we can recognize how important it is to stand out, and create a theme and a personality for your brand. To create the best marketing campaign you could, everything should be related somehow, so that the audience can recognize your brand’s content immediately.

  1. Be The Match – Be The Guy

Be The Match is a non-profit organization which works in helping cancer patients and saving lives through bone marrow transplants. The motive of this campaign was to encourage males to donate bone marrow to cancer patients. However, rather than diving into the emotions of guilt and compassion, Be The Match touched on the feeling of empowerment within us all.

This campaign was launched on Reddit and Twitch and soon gifs of the Shaved Guy were made to follow the weirdness of its aesthetic.

Learn from Be The Match, and don’t be afraid to try an alternative approach. When you think of charity campaigns, you expect them to appeal to your emotional and empathetic side. Be The Match was able to break this stereotype, which is what made the Be The Guy campaign one of the best marketing campaigns in 2017.

  1. Apple – The Earth ad

Following President Trump’s decision to remove the US from the Paris Agreement, Apple posted a video showing the beauty of our Earth and its priceless value. The entire video was shot on iPhone, which was their main marketing point.

The shots were widely varied, and shows scenery and landscape shots from different climates and regions around the world, expressing the diversity of the brand. Through evoking of emotions and pathos, Apple was able to communicate with their audience on a political and social level.

To Apple, this was timely opportunity to create change and start conversation amongst their loyal follower base. As a brand, you should aim to achieve that as well in order to create the best marketing campaign out there.

  1. Heineken – Worlds Apart

This Heineken ad focus on the element of diversity and the differences amongst us all. As humans, this is something we deal with everyday, not everyone holds the same political views as you, not everything believes the same way you do.

However, there are some things in life were we can settle down and agree on. To Heineken, that would be their beers. Worlds Apart is presented as experiment where two people with completely different ideologies choose to set their differences aside and sit down to discuss their differences over an ice cold beer.

Heineken used this social experiment as a way of marketing their product, as well as a public service announcement. Creating a relationship like this your audience is extremely important, and leads to long term inspiration that resonates with them.

  1. Dove – Real Beauty campaign

Through their beauty products, Dove has always sent a message encouraging body positivity and the definition of ‘real beauty’. The humbleness of its message was taken away this year, through their Real Beauty campaign.

For this marketing campaign, Dove created limited edition shapes and sizes of bottles representing the shapes and sizes of all women, encouraging them accept their natural beauty no matter what they look like. This message was overlooked by the majority of its target audience, who claimed that it was as if Dove was body shaming, rather than appreciating.

Remember to always have a personal message that is presented through all your products and marketing campaigns. In order to add a sense of humility to your brand, you need to relate with your audience on an intimate level.

But make sure that your message is not over done. Take Dove as an example, and try to steer clear from shoving this message in people’s faces, and try a more natural, spontaneous approach.

  1. McDonald’s – Search It

The Search It advertisement by McDonald’s feature Mindy Kaling, a celebrity who has expressed her love for McDonald’s constantly on Twitter. The unique thing about this ad is that it never mentions the product itself at all.

Instead, it mentions Coca Cola. Which is a smart play considering the huge number of Coca Cola drinkers around the world.

To make a success out of an approach like this your brand should as known as McDonald’s. Considering it is the most visible logo online, this might not always be applicable. However, altering this approach to fit your brand and target audience will be effective. Use a witty and intimate platform to develop an instant and spontaneous interaction like McDonald’s this.

  1. Pepsi – Kendall Jenner

Kendall’s Pepsi campaign featured her at the frontline of a political protest against police forces. Touching on the issue of police brutality in the States, Kendall simply handed the policeman a Pepsi, implying that the drink will lead to the solution between both sides.

As it was sent out to the audience, there were immense backlashes on the insensitivity of the ad, and multiple racist undertones, specially since Kendall Jenner is white.

Just because the face of your campaign is one of the most popular celebrities of the generation, doesn’t mean your ad campaign will succeed. This is exactly what we witnessed through the Pepsi marketing campaign with Kendall Jenner. While the purpose of the ad was to send a positive and emotive message, many misinterpreted its true intention.

It’s never a bad idea to include current events in your marketing campaign, as it’s an opportunity for conversation amongst your audience. However, you should be mindful about your approach, and focus on staying balanced between both sides.

  1. Ted Baker – Keeping Up With The Bakers

Another example of effectively utilizing the technology of today is through Ted Baker’s marketing campaign. Keeping Up With The Bakers was an online sitcom that was posted on Instagram story over an 8-day period.

Through these stories, viewers were brought into the life of the Bakers, a perfect suburban household. Through 360 videos and virtual reality technology, viewers were completely immersed in the world of The Bakers, and ultimately very engaged with the content of the story.

Hook your audiences, make them come to you. Ted Baker was successful in doing so, because they created a storyline, which meant that people will want to follow along.

Making sure that the audience wants to stay updated with your content is one of the best ways to go if you want to create the best marketing campaign possible. Alongside this, creating various types of content to share with your audience keeps them engaged on several platforms simultaneously, especially when the content is relevant but not repetitive.

  1. Nike – #Breaking2

Sports is about pushing yourself to the limit. Nike being one of the most recognizable sports brands, focuses on this idea in its #Breaking2 campaign. Nike set out to achieve something that has never been done in history.

Running a marathon in two hours has never been done before which is why Nike used it as the underlying idea behind its marketing campaign.

Even though the athletes in the advertisements failed to reach that goal, the advertisement gained a lot of popularity and the hashtag accumulated a lot of impressions. There was even a documentary created on it.

In this example, Nike was able to reconnect with their core principles as a brand and why they stand out from the rest. Focusing on the nature of sports appeals to many athletes, encouraging them to buy product from a brand that holds the same principles as they do.

This element revives the feeling of trust, so purchasing a Nike product is more than just purchasing a Nike product.

  1. Volvo – Moments

Safety has always been the theme of Volvo, their latest advertisement in 2017 showcases this perception in a very emotional and visually captivating way. The video portrays the car’s safety features subtle enough to maintain the focus on the little girl narrating the story to her mother.

Don’t be afraid to narrate a story, or show a short film, specially if the story is universal and greatly relatable.

If you’re able to send a message as widespread as Volvo’s embrace the opportunity and do it well. To create the best marketing campaign, you should always have a meaningful message underlying all of your content.

Marketing  Campaign Agencies

The magic behind all the best marketing campaigns happens in the marketing agency. Marketing agencies are corporations that help brands market their product and advertise it in the best possible way.

Their speciality is making your product appear as if it’s heaven sent, and increase your sales one way or another. While there may be many local marketing agencies in your area, here are some of the most famous global examples you’ve probably heard of before. The following agencies have been selected randomly, from areas all across the world.


  1. Ogilvy & Mather

Based in New York City, Ogilvy & Mather is an advertising, marketing and pr agency. The greatness of this agency dates back to 1850, during the days of the founder Edmund Mather. Fast forward to today, Ogilvy is part of the WPP group which is by revenue one of the biggest marketing companies in the world.

They have agencies all around the world including Chicago, Paris and London. Ogilvy & Mather are known for their work with Dove, American Express and Aspen. The price of hiring this agency is on the expensive side, however you can use their apparent tactics as inspiration for your own work.

Throughout the years the work of the agency has been amongst the best, because of the genuineness of the work and the creativity behind it. In 2004, they initiated the Dove Real Beauty Campaign, which we’ve mentioned previously.

The essence of this campaign targeted the vision of redefining the image of real beauty in society, which is a message that remains with the products of the brand till today, which is what has made it a huge success.

  1. Digital Jungle

Looking at the other side of the globe, one of the leading marketing agencies in China is Digital Jungle. Home to many of the best marketing campaigns in the region, Digital Jungle is a marketing firm that focuses on building a bridge between international brands and a Chinese speaking audience.

They specialise in digital marketing, website development, brand development, full service e-commerce and more to their client reach their specified Chinese audience.

Digital Jungle has worked with Bentley, Qatar Airways, London Business School and many more. Their work incorporates creating creative and aesthetic work that resonates with their clients and their target audience. This marketing agency has been successful in producing many of the best marketing campaigns in the region because of the unique service that they offer to a specific audience.

As a marketing agency, offering a special service that caters to a client’s target audience helps in narrowing down the clients choices and makes you appear to them as the ultimate choice, which inherently lead to Digital Jungle’s success.

  1. Walter Thompson

Another member of WPP is JWT, in other words, James Walter Thompson. JWT was initially an advertising agency, but has now become a marketing communications company. Since 1864, JWT has been aiming to succeed in ways other agencies have never done before, and have been relatively very successful.

Based in over 90 countries including Cairo, Beijing and Chile. JWT have worked with countless agencies around the world including Vodafone, Coca-Cola and Mada Masr.

Through their work in Cairo, JWT initiated the #thisisegypt campaign alongside the Ministry of Tourism in Egypt. Through work put in, and the encouraging response form the Egyptian and inter public, JWT was able to revive tourism in Egypt to a great extent by sharing beautiful pictures of the land’s natural beauty.

This is only a brief example of some of the best marketing campaigns the agency has put together.

  1. Cheil

The Seoul-based marketing agency, Cheil Worldwide is one of the top 17 in the world. Through the 53 offices set up across five continents, that cater to major clients including Samsung, Adidas, Lego and Microsoft.

The company’s mission and vision is, ‘Ideas That Move’ using this vision they aim to incorporate positivity and influential change amongst their audience.

Their most recent marketing campaign for Samsung was titled, Rulebreakers to market the new Galaxy S8. The campaign video showed how Typhoon, a german musician came about loving music and his passion towards it.

Although the purpose of the phone is not only to listen to music, this perspective was well-perceived by many teenage audience members.

  1. Publicis

As we visit Europe for a change, we can take a look at Publicis Worldwide, the French advertising agency. Publicis is the hub for anything marketing or communication in Europe and in the world.

Their headquarters are based in Paris, but they operate through 330 offices in over 110 countries around the world.

Working with some of the most elite brands across the globe, Publicis have certainly made a name for themselves. From Nestle, to BNP Paribas, to Cartier, the French marketing agency is successful in catering to their clients needs no matter what industry they operate in.

Through the showcase page on their website, Publicis showed their most recent work with AXA to create the Believe in You campaign.

The campaign’s leading video was successful in portraying the emotional aspect of the reality of health insurance and was very successful in offering another view of the insurance company. The variety in brands and geographical regions shown through that campaign, exemplifies the agency’s talent and ability to create some of the best marketing campaigns.

Marketing Campaigns: the Big League

Without a doubt, marketing is an essential aspect in today’s business world. All companies worth mentioning are participating in some sort of marketing activities. Whether you have a startup or an established business, delving into the marketing frontier is crucial to survive in the market.

To create the best marketing campaign for you brand, the basic tactics and strategies need to be constantly up your sleeve. Don’t be afraid to always try something new, the way Heineken, IKEA and Spotify did. The upcoming generation is very interested in where technology is taking us next, so incorporating elements of virtual or augmented reality, will definitely grab their attention, and make your product and brand all the more popular.

After looking at all the examples mentioned above, and understanding the techniques you need to develop the best marketing campaign for your product, you’re now set to go. Use the most famous marketing agencies in the world as your inspiration, and develop your marketing techniques in a way that will put you up there amongst them.

To take a bite of the market sharing using the techniques we’ve discussed here? The inspirational examples are there for your business – big or small – to take your place in the Big Leagues with some fresh thinking.



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