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Exploring Testing and Learning Management with Sheena Bailey

How can learning technology be applied to develop new thinking around assessments and learning management?

ProfileTree welcomed Sheena Bailey of TestReach to the ProfileTree studio, via a Zoom video link, to hear about her career as a tech leader and about the innovative work of her company.

Sheena, who is TestReach Co-Founder and CEO, explained her path to becoming part of a business at the cutting edge of learning technology.

“My background goes from Business Studies at Trinity College Dublin, a long time ago now. I came out of there still not knowing what I wanted to do, I think I had dreams of becoming a literary agent or something along those lines.

“I fell into the technology world and found a really good spot for myself there. I now focus very much on learning assessment solutions and learning management solutions. That’s where myself and my co-founder came up with the idea for TestReach, we were very much in that learning space and we saw a gap in the market.

“The demand for global qualifications has never been higher, learning management solutions are very good at delivering knowledge at scale.”

Sheena explained that the way online learners had been receiving their qualification at the end of a course was also ripe for innovation.

“Typically, at the end of an e-learning course you would be told to go to some test centre which may be in the next city, it may be in the next country or even the next continent.

“You might have to sit down at a rickety old computer or, in many cases, with a pen and paper for three hours to achieve that qualification.

“TestReach was founded to address that problem, to be able to provide exams at a scalable, global level.”

Sheena was asked how TestReach had approached the task of building a global client list.

“We literally deliver exams in every corner of the world, across all of the continents. We’re business to business, that’s what we do, so we know who are customers are.

“When you know who your customers are it’s a little bit easier to reach them. We very much focus our marketing efforts on our core markets…and we’re able to do a lot of very dedicated web campaigns for reaching out to the people we want to talk to.”

For more information about learning technology and Sheena’s work see our full Business Leaders video interview.

Discover more about TestReach and their end-to-end assessment solution – www.TestReach.com

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