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You already know the statistics that videos are everywhere! In 2017, 45% of people watch more than an hour of Facebook or YouTube videos a week and more than 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube every day with 51% of marketing professionals naming video as the content that gives the best ROI.

ProfileTree has published more than 500 videos online since February 2017 generating over 1 million views for our own brands. In 2017 we have worked with Crumlin Gaol, Ulster American Folk Park and many more. We have perfected video marketing – taking our traditional SEO and content marketing skills and applied this to video.

We have created specific hotel video marketing packages – these allow a hotel to invest a small amount of resources in order to create a marketing bank of material that can used multiple times for maximum impact on websites and social media sites. Our aim is you help you share your wonderful hotel experience and provide potential customers with an insight into all you have to offer.

Silver – Key focus areas are identified and we visit with a video team who will efficiently capture all the footage we require. Back at our office we will create edits to match your exact requirements in regards style, mood and focus. These will be delivered to you quickly for review and final tweaks before sign off.

Gold – A more comprehensive shoot – requiring most of the hotel to be captured. A carefully signed off schedule will be followed to film area by area so no impact on daily life in the hotel. A campaign can be created for key events or parts of the hotel experience that should be highlighted to potential guests. You select what you need covered and how.

Platinum – A premium package covering every part of the hotel experience plus content for campaigns. We can craft advertisements and videos suitable for social media platforms. The extensive nature of this package could provide the hotel with enough video content for more than 1 year. Giving potential customers a real feeling for your hotel’s experience during the booking process means that this package provides the best ROI possible.

  • We work with you to devise a video marketing strategy – we will create videos to showcase the key selling points of the hotel.
  • We can create videos that will enhance your current marketing efforts.
  • We can help you showcase your events and facilities.
  • We can provide seasonal videos to help promote events throughout the year.

Investing in a collection of videos gives excellent ROI. They can be added to your website – then posted regularly into social media. Videos are perfect for reuse and are the top performing post style in every social media network. Contact us today to see how a custom video package can generate more bookings for events, meals, activities, and accommodation.

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