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The evolving industry of hospitality in Northern Ireland


Looking to learn more about hospitality in Northern Ireland and how you can develop your business in the hospitality sector?

Find out how a boutique hotel owner in Belfast developed her successful business from the ground up in the growing industry.

Ruth Chocron, Owner of Titanic Guest in Belfast, has explained how the opportunities for hospitality businesses in Belfast and Northern Ireland is growing.

Chocron comes from a strong professional background working around the world and is now based in Belfast. Her passion for hospitality and the potential in Belfast, Northern Ireland due to the fast growing hospitality industry inspired her to open her own boutique hotel. Boutique hotels are growing more and more popular with travellers in Northern Ireland and around the world.

Titanic Guest offers an insight into the rich history of the city’s like to the Titanic as it is a former shipyard director’s home turned lively guesthouse in the heart of the city. Features offered to guests include a communal kitchen, entertainment area and much more.

Our video interview offers insights into business development, Belfast tourism, Belfast as a destination, hospitality in Northern Ireland and tourism in general and – of course – the Titanic Guest boutique hotel.

Watch our Business Leaders video to also gain a better understanding of hospitality in Northern Ireland, the booming tourism industry and what to expect for those visiting Belfast and Northern Ireland.

To discover more from Ruth Chocron and hospitality, watch the full Business Leaders interview.

To find out more about Titanic Guest, check out her website.

Titanic Guest, Belfast

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