Grow Your Business With Digital Marketing – Sean O’Connor

No matter your business size or what you offer, you can grow your business through social media and digital marketing!


Sean O’Connor has experienced first hand the benefits of using digital marketing and social media to grow his business successfully. With a family business background, he experienced many different roles within a business both in the family business and other businesses in his professional life. His interest in creating online business and focus on digital marketing came through self training and his experience working in the family business which continued to grow organically for many years. This inspired him to go on and create GBox Self Storage.

GoBox Self Storage has been providing mobile self-storage to his customers in Belfast and Northern Ireland for over three years. They provide self-storage units for homes, businesses and students in greater Belfast.


O’Connor, Owner of Go Box Self Storage, explains the benefits from mobile storage for a wide range of customers including students or those moving house.

In our interview, we discuss how he grew his business from his background in digital and social media marketing and how these marketing techniques were successful for his business. These are great insights for those looking to grow their business online and are facing challenges using their current marketing techniques.

Our video interview offers insights into how you can grow your business, digital marketing, growing your business audience on social media and the many benefits from investing in mobile storage.

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Learn more about the services that GoBox Self Storage offer by checking out their website – click here 


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