17 Tips For Creating Good Blog Names

17 Tips For Creating Good Blog Names

Good blog names are essential to great, memorable and successful blogs. It is the first impression of a blog just like the title of a good book. Each blog entry is like a chapter of this book and since your goal, is to get readers to either sign up for your blog or to get them to return to your blog time again selecting a name is very important. But since you can’t always tell a book by its cover, a good blog name is essential to its success. According to successful blogger Chris Garrett, there are some factors to consider when selecting good blog names. The name must be “readable, pronounceable, spell-able, memorable, concise and unique.” Here are 17 tips to consider when naming your blog.

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1. Make It Short and Sweet: An easy, effective technique for selecting a blog name is considering your target audience and what content they want. For example, The Krazy Coupon Lady blogs about ways to save money using coupons, The Blog Starter blogs about ways to start a blog in 20 minutes, and The Inspired Room is a decorating idea blog.  Each name describes the blog’s content, an important component to generate readers.


2. Consider Your Audience: Ask yourself the question, “who will want to read my blog?” Create a mock-up of a customer on paper and get to know what their likes and needs are. If you’re not sure, ask your colleagues and friends who you have similar interests with and find out what they would like to read about. Then from the responses write down some words taken from the interviews that could transform into good blog names.


3.  Check out The Competition: One of the best ways to create a lasting blog name is to research what your competitors’ and colleagues’ blog names are. Compare your ideas to their blog names to see what others are doing in your industry. It is also helpful to read a few of their posts to see if the blog name lives up to the blog content. Your blog name should describe the content you are going to be writing about.


4.  Use A Word Generator: Professional word generator sites like HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator or Wordoid.com will help you find the perfect word combination for good blog names. They will also help you find whether or not certain names and domains and .coms are already registered and unavailable. Here is a website devoted to listing descriptive words to help you get started.


5.  Combine English and Other Languages: Say yes,  “Oui” or “Si”, to combining languages. Mix it up by creating a blog name that includes a few words from another language. This not only makes your blog title interesting but memorable at the same time. For example, Nom Nom Paleo is a foodie blog about the Paleo diet. There are online resources like translate.google.com that will help you translate words from different languages.


6.  Make Up Your Own Words: This idea is a trend that allows you to exercise your creativity. Hollywood started this craze with combining celebrity names like J’Lo, Brangelina and Bennifer. Just as combining more than one language, made up words can make your blog title interesting and memorable. But select your original word wisely. Some trends come and go quickly and you want your blog to have longevity. Some blog examples of made up good blog names in the fashion industry are The The Glamourai and Fashionologie.


7.  Try Using Humor: Everyone enjoys a little humour, and that includes many blog posts. Humour is subjective so choose your words respectively and you will strike a memorable cord in your target audience and all readers alike…especially those with a funny bone.


8.  Use Your Own Name or Address: If you are having a difficult time finding good blog names, work your name or address into the mix. Studio 34 is an address example and Amber Interiors is a name example, both in the decorating industry. This makes your blog personal, real and specific to you.


9.  Combine Unusual Words: Create combo phrases of nouns or adjectives that define your content to your blog name is original does not sound like any other. For example, Cupcakes and Cashmere, Truth or Dairy tell the reader what they may expect the content to be with a creative twist.


10.  Get Social:  Social media like Facebook and Pinterest can be a valuable resource for you to create good blog names. Experience bloggers, marketers and other professionals have created templates for new bloggers to help them create the perfect name. Social media also is a platform for you to ask your friends and followers to share their opinion of your blog name choices. Create a “contest” and ask them to share what they think your blog should be named. Then keep the conversation moving along and post your progress. This is an excellent introduction to your new blog to generate followers.


11. Create a Call To Action: Marketers know the effectiveness of a “call to action” statement in their advertising. Call today, Order Now is a few common calls to action terms. Simply adding a verb to your blog name to create a “call to action”. For example, BuildABetterBlog is a word combination created to generate better blog content and the Get Fit Diva touts a healthy lifestyle.


12. Make It Legal: is your blog and blog name legal? Being proactive and knowing the law will be an asset in the long run. There are legal issues and requirements associated with owning a blog, including a disclosure policy and a privacy policy as well as other things necessary to protect you.


13.  Add A Keyword:  Keywords are the words that describe content that you type into a search engine to find something on the internet. When you add a keyword into your blog name, the opportunity for it to be seen on the search results may be higher. For example. BuildABetterBlog uses a blog in their name which is a keyword for those searching for anything about blogs.


14.  Avoid Trendy Names: Just like a little black dress is classic and will never go out of style, your blog name should reflect what your definition of “classic” is for your industry and content. You want your blog to stand the test of time, so select a name that will too.


15.  Consider Spelling: Unless you are intentionally misspelling a word to create a new one for your blog name, make sure you carefully spell everything correctly including apostrophes, commas, etc. There are websites like 100 most often misspelt words devoted to spelling and 100 most often mispronounced words devoted to pronunciation that can be an asset to your favourites tabs. Of course, you can also refer to the tried and true Webster’s Dictionary.


16.  Set a Deadline Date: Selecting good blog names is a process and one that could linger on forever. Set a deadline date to select a blog name and write it into your calendar to make it real. On that date, commit to a blog name. After all, you did the research, brainstormed your industry and narrowed the list down to a few favourites. If you have to flip a coin to choose between two of your favourites, do it. Then you can begin creating content that your followers can use to enjoy and make their lives better.


17.  Keep Professional:  You want to be a professional blogger and keeping true to taking the professional steps to name your blog, sets you apart from the sea of fly by night and not so professional bloggers. Name it, own it and now you can blog about it.

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