Flywheel hosting- Review

Flywheel Hosting-

What is Flywheel?

Flywheel is a hosting company, who were established in 2012, making them recent on the hosting scene. In 2013 Flywheel was in beta and then launched to the public. Since then they have moved to their main premises, reached over 100 employee’s and celebrated their 5th year anniversary. They are now located in various places around the world, including Europe, Asia, Australia and many spots in the US.

As a company they strive on giving the best customer support, as they know how we all feel, being their themselves. This is one of the few reasons flywheel became a thing. They also take a lot of pride in their workers, who are very diverse. Happy staff equals happy customers, eh?

Flywheel WordPress hosting

Do Flywheel offer good hosting?

Flywheel offer many plans. You are able to purchase these plans on a monthly or a yearly basis, so whichever suits you best. Of course purchasing their hosting yearly means it will be cheaper in the long run. Flywheel offer plans for single sites and also ones for lots of installs. they even separate one from the other making it easier for a customer to choose the right plan for them. Altogether they have six plans, which is quite unique.

Through out the world Flywheel have seven datacentres, they use to host your site. These are located in Singapore, Toronto, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, San Francisco and New York. New York being Flywheel’s main server, where they would host your site by default unless you say otherwise.

What kind of plans do Flywheel offer?

Single Site Plans;

Flywheel have many plans they offer their customers. They are split into single site plans and bulk plans. There are three in each. The three single sites range from $14/£10.03* for the tiny plan upto $69/£49.43* for the professional plan. The other plan is called the personal plan and it costs $28/£20.06* a month. All these plans are for one WordPress install and are great for individuals.

With the tiny plan you get up to 5GB space and 250GB bandwidth. You also get a free SSL certificate and site migration and are given upto 5,000 monthly visits. If you go over the amount of visits per month, you will not be charged, which is very unique and great for growing websites. The second single site plan costs $28 a month and is called the personal plan. With this plan you get everything you get with the tiny plan plus more. The personal plan gives you access to the free migration, SSL certificate and also the free staging site feature. You also will get access to 10GB space, 500GB bandwidth and 25,000 monthly visits. Again no charges for exceeding the monthly visits are applied.

The final single site plan is the professional plan. This plan costs a whopping $69 a month, which might sound very expensive, but you do get a lot more.With this plan you get everything in the tiny and personal plan plus the CDN and multi-site completely free of charge. In the two other plans the CDN and multi-site cost an extra $10 each. Along with all the features mentioned you also get 100,000 monthly visits, 20GB disk space and 1TB of bandwidth. Of course their is still no charges for going over the 100,000 monthly visits.

Bulk Plans;

Flywheel also offer bulk plans. These plans come with many WordPress installs, so they would be great for people who are looking for hosting for many sites. The price of these plans start from $92/$65.91* a month and go upto $229/164.05* a month for upto 30 installs. If you would like more than 30 installs you would need to contact them directly to have the Flywheel make a custom solution for you.

The first bulk plan Flywheel offer is the freelance plan. This plan allows upto 10 WordPress installs and it costs $92 a month. With this plan you get up 40GB disk space and 4TB of bandwidth. You will also get free staging and a free SSL certificate. Again just like the single plans apart from the professional, additional CDN and multi-site will cost an extra $10 a month. There is also no overage charges on the amount of monthly visits but generally this plan will allow upto 150,000 visits a month.

The next bulk plan Flywheel offer is the Agency plan. This costs $229 a month, which is very expensive. With this plan you can have up to 30 WordPress installs, 120GB of disk space, 8TB of bandwidth and up to 600,000 monthly visitors. Of course, if you go over this amount of monthly visitors you won’t be charged. You also get free staging, site migration and an SSL certificate. Multi-site and CDN cost an extra $8 a month each.

You are also able to get a custom plan made up for a bulk plan. This is if you need more than 30+ installs. With this you get everything for free, including the CDN and the multi-site feature. You can also get a custom amount of disk space and bandwidth to go with how many installs you’re needing.

Flywheel’s Performance. What’s it like?

Unlike many other hosting companies, Flywheel don’t guarantee uptime. If you go n their site and see no guarantee’s you might want to move on. Even without any uptime guarantee’s, Flywheel’s uptime statistics show excellent results. They have even received an award from for 100% uptime. You can’t get much better than that.

Along with their uptime stats, Flywheel seem to also perform well with upload time. This is something many hosts cannot guarantee or offer, with many generally being better at one thing over the other. By having great speeds, your SEO can improve.

What about Flywheel’s security too?

With every plan, you get a free SSL. This is Flywheels own simple SSL add-on. This secure socket layer, helps to protect users of your websites details, including their name, billing address and card details. The SSL does this by locking the page where the user needs to enter their details and all information entered becomes encrypted.

Flywheel also use a plugin that limits the amount of times you can try to login to your WordPress account. The limit is set at three times and then makes you wait  to then enter your password again. This stops attacks trying to use brute force to access your sites as they have a limited amount of tries to get into your sites.

Flywheel also handle all security at server level. So they recommend not installing any security plugin as they might conflict with the performance of your site. They even offer free malware removal. With a team of experts looking out for many harmful strategies, so they can fix any problems quickly and easily.

An IP Blocking feature is included with Flywheel too. This stops hackers gaining access to your website as the system is set up to detect intruders and then blocks their IP address.

Do Flywheel have a good support network?

Flywheel offer support 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday. These are just their standard hours. In an emergency you can contact them 24/7. Emergency’s would be if there is a problem with your sites hosting, whereas during the standard hours, they would be dealing with potential customers a lot more.

Flywheel also provide help documents and articles, similar to what I am doing here. Within this they have separated different topics such as security, billing and many others. By separating the topics it means users can find what they are looking for quick and easy. There is also a topic called general questions, which to me and you are articles about FAQ’s. Within this hep section you can also search for different articles and it will generate search results, similar to what you searched.

There is also a section within Flywheels’s support called app status. Within this part of the support it tells users of Flywheel if there are any scheduled maintenance on their app. It also tells users of any unscheduled maintenance that could cause downtime. This support feature is great because it means Flywheel are dedicated to give their customers the best product and when they go down, their customers is the first to know. This even give estimates of how long downtime will occur.

A ticket system is also used by Flywheels support. This helps prioritise different problems by customers.  

Any unique/other features?

Flywheel is one of the first, if not the first hosting site to not charge overage charges. This means the number of visits shown in your plan is a rough estimate of how many visits you should get with that plan. So, don’t worry if you go over the number shown in your plan, because you will not be charged.

Nightly backups are also a feature Flywheel offer to all their customers. The backups are ran every night and are available to restore for up to 30 days after the backup. This means if you do something terribly wrong and have been doing it for a while on your site, you can back whatever amount of days within the 30 to the point you would like. You can restore your backup with their one-click restore, so it’s easy for anyone to restore their website. This means you will never need any backup plugins if you host with Flywheel.

Like many other hosts, Flywheel also offer a site migration feature and one click staging. The site migration tool Flywheel use is Migrate Guru. With this plugin you must manually migrate your site across to Flywheel. Don’t worry though, a step by step guide to do this offered. The one click staging also means you can edit your site without the edit going live to the world. This is a great feature as it means you can see if your edit works well with your site and if you don’t like it, the world will not see it.

Users also have access to the site cloning feature which allows users to copy their site and make small changes quickly.

The benefits to Flywheel;

Flywheel have many benefits to their hosting. Some of them such as the malware monitoring, auto backup, free simple SSL and you’re money back guarantee are just a few I have previously talked about above.

One of the most important advantages to hosting with Flywheel is their datacenters. They have many around the world, and you’re also able to choose which datacenter you would like your sites to be hosted in. This can help to increase your upload speeds, if you’re hosting is in a datacenter located closer to you.

You’re also able to choose monthly or yearly payment. This is great because not everyone would want to pay yearly as its a very large amount all in one transaction. So paying monthly is a great alternative that many competitors do not offer.

Flywheel also allow users to create a site before paying for it. This is what we call a demo site. This feature is great for client work, as it means you can create a site for a client and then pass it over to them to pay for the hosting.

One final benefit of Flywheel is their interface. Flywheel provide a nice, cool and easy to use interface.

Disadvantages of Flywheel;

One of the biggest disadvantages to Flywheel is their price. You have probably thought it from this article and I am certain that’s their biggest downfall. Their price reminds you of WP Engine prices. I do believe that their price is expensive but for what you get with Flywheel, I can understand why. Their support, Security and performance just marks for itself. 

Another disadvantage to Flywheel is you can only purchase it in dollars. This can dampen the appeal of Flywheel in more international markets, such as the UK, Europe and Asia. By having payment in dollars, some customers might get a shock when VAT is added at the end of their bill.

To increase the security of Flywheel, some plugins are disabled by Flywheel themselves. The simple SSL also doesn’t work with the multi-site feature. These can cause problems for some users as they might need to use some of the disabled plugins on their website. Using the multi-site feature also means the user will need to purchase their own SSL certificate and apply it to their site manually.

With almost every plan, if you want the CDN or the multi-site feature, it will cost extra. Usually its a $10 per month for each of the two additional features. For the agency bulk plan it costs an extra $8 a month for each of the added features.

The final disadvantage is again a big one. Flywheels support isn’t 24/7 unless its an emergency for your website. This can cause problems as many people may want to go with Flywheel but they cant inquire to the next day.

My Thoughts;

Personally I feel like Flywheel would be a great hosting to go for. Yeah they are expensive but they’ve got the goods to go along with the price. Their security, support (Apart from not being 24/7), and performance all seem excellent. Not only do they offer hosting but they offer many more features to help your sites SEO and hosting. 

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To find out more about Flywheel and what they offer, check out FlyWheel

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