Employability Through Technology For Young People

Technology Charities Inspiring Employability in Young People

How can a charity and the technology industry improve employability of young people in Northern Ireland?

Roger Warnock, director of charity The Bytes Project in Belfast, has been in the social enterprise sector for twenty years with a prior corporate business experience. Warnock took up the role of director for the charity less than a year ago but his passion for helping young people and technology looks to support the charity’s growth.

Around since 1993, originated in the USA, the charity focuses on vulnerable young people across Northern Ireland and parts of the Republic of Ireland helping them improve their employability and enter the technology world.

Social innovation is a big component of the charity and how it supports the vulnerable young people they work with. It is supported by technology from digital skills on using Youtube, coding skills to increase their employability for the technology industry.  Currently, the charity is designing technology to reach and empower a wider audience of young people.

“We want to use video content to tell people about the Bytes story and for young people to share their stories”


Improving digital skills and social innovation within the community can draw passion and enthusiasm for their future professional lives. Bytes has a large number of programmes suitable for a range of ages and areas that young people may be interested in and suited to. These programmes can inspire them to work towards improving their employability.

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To find out more about Warnock and the charity, check out his website.

Bytes Project – https://www.thebytesproject.com/

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