Editing a Website in WIX

How to edit a WIX website? Editing a website is one of the most important features of any website. Without being able to edit a site, then a site will become dated and users will engage less with the the site itself.

It also means if you’re an Ecommerce business you wouldn’t be able to update any products to your site. That’s why, with any web builder, editing tools are always available, whether you use WIX, WordPress or your own code to build a site.

In the below video, it will explore some of the many features WIX has to offer to edit your site.


Adding Your Own Personal Logo

When you create a WIX website using a template, a logo for your site will automatically be made for you. If you already have a logo designed or the logo is not right for your brand you can edit this easily. Logos always appear in the navigation bar of the website.

The first step is to erase the logo already in your navigation, that was provided by WIX. To do this, click on the image and/or text and hit backspace on your keyboard. You can also right click and then click on delete. This will delete the logo.

The next step is to add your own logo. To do this go to the add element of the left side on the screen, go to images then upload images. Here you can upload you personal images, which is great for making your website feel more personal to you and your users. Click upload images and find the right file to upload. Once the image is uploaded click ‘Add to page’. The logo will then appear on the page and it is then upto you to place and resize the image to suit your needs. In the video it was resized to fit the navigation.


Editing the Navigation Bar

Editing the navigation bar is also easy. To do this click on the navigation bar. Here you will be able to resize it to your needs. You can also change the layout off the navigation with the layout element. Layouts can start from left to right, right to left and others. Choose the ideal one for you.

With the navigation you can also change the design. To do this beside the layout element there is a design button. WIX has many designs for the navigation including bubble navigation, block navigation, navigation with an outline and much more. Once you’ve selected the right dsign for your navigation, select the ‘Customise Design’ button. Here you can further edit the navigation.

How to edit a WIX website

Options you have to customise the navigation include the text, border, colour, spacing and more. We suggest trying out different options to find the best one for you and also keep the colour of your navigation in line with the theme used. There is also options for when hovering or clicking the navigation. The hover option is great as it allows the colour of the button to change when the mouse is hovering over it. It helps the user understand which page they would be clicking onto.

You can also change the colour of the button whenever it is clicked in these options too. This means whenever the button is clicked, the colour will stay a different colour from the rest of the buttons when still on that page. Again this helps will users understanding which page they’re on.


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