Digital Transformation and Digital Strategy Advantages With Natalie Haccius

For many businesses, digital transformation has become a huge priority and the need for a strong digital strategy cannot be ignored.


Do you want to learn more about digital transformation, strategy and how they can change your business?

We recently sat down with Natalie Haccius, a digital transformation consultant,  where she explained the importance of having a digital strategy for your business. With her expertise in digital transformation, she also discusses how she has seen it develop over the years as technology advanced and why it’s an important element for businesses to consider when looking to grow online.


Haccius works on a freelance basis which provides her with a wide range of experience working in different sectors of business industries. It has also taken her around the world with just returning from Switzerland working with the IMD Business School’s marketing department for five months.

With over fifteen years of experience, Haccius has seen digital transformation for businesses go from a static website for a business to technology advances allowing business’ to digitally transform even further. Natalie discusses brand loyalty, how audiences interact with businesses now digitally and how this affects their digital strategy moving forward.

Our video interview offers insights into digital transformation, digital strategy for business and business insights from Natalie’s experience.

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If you want to learn more about Natalie, you can find her here.

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