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Researching the best options for business digital marketing in Antrim? Perhaps you’ve tried elements of digital marketing in the past with mixed results?

Some good news: our local agency specialises in ‘big picture’, strategy and results-driven digital marketing designed around performance and Return on Investment.

How? By testing our techniques in our own local business FIRST. We’ll even show you what worked, and why.

Read on to find out more PLUS our free digital marketing tips for local businesses…


Straight Talk

We won’t turn your head with waffle or waste your time with meetings about meetings. Our approach is based on expertise, hard work and clear goals. We’re proud to be different

Fair Prices

Fairness means being able to show you how every minute of every team member’s time will be spent on your project... before, during and after. We price for quality and results, without the trimmings’. Every time.

Total Transparency

We’ll talk through what works, why it works and how it works. Most of all, we’ll make sure our work will benefit your business AND deliver against your marketing strategies, SEO, social media plans and more.

Tried and Tested Methods

We’re a local company like you. But we’re unique because we built our business on the methods we bring to your company. We’ll show you how. We’ll even show you live stats proving the performance of our work.

Local Partnership

World-Class Results
Hello Antrim! More sales, reach or new markets for your business? Let’s talk results...


Digital Marketing & Much More

Digital Marketing for Antrim Businesses

...Why Stay Local?

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Local Service

You work hard on your business...too hard to waste time on things like call centres and email support tickets and digital marketing efforts with uncertain results. Instead, talking directly to a local company about the results you need means more time to run your business.

In short: local service meets world-class expertise.

Local Market

Antrim, and wider County Antrim, are unique places to do business with their own challenges and benefits. To achieve the best outcomes, a company who’ll 'get' your market will be the perfect match for growing together.

ProfileTree shares the same market as your company, creating a foundation for a great partnership.

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Local Audience

No one knows your customers like you do, but a local agency will have the best understanding of WHO your marketing is speaking to. The right tone, the right customer journey and the right content comes from this knowledge.

We share many of the same audiences, and will show you how we've already achieved great results for firms like yours.

Local Change

Antrim is changing and your customers – including how they expect to interact with your company online – will never stop changing. A local agency who can make the very most of this fact will be the right partner for your company.

We love to take advantage of change, and help our clients make the most of the latest trends.

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A Great Time to Work With a Local Agency

An Overview from ProfileTree

We’ve love helping other County Antrim companies because we know the combination of a local, specialist digital agency and our local businesses can be a powerful partnership.

We have clients across the word, but we’re proud of the work we do with NI companies because of the successes we’ve been able to bring into our closest business community.



Because a local working relationship brings some extra benefits:


Your business and audience:

One great reason to work with a local agency? Because a company like ProfileTree is already a local business like you. Your audience makes sense to a local agency because the agency may well even be part of your audience!


Your challenges:

A local agency will face the same challenges as your business and know how to translate these into messaging for your audience.


Your opportunities:

A local agency understand what works in the local market. Not just what works ‘on paper’ or what the broader stats show.

We also understand how to do something many piecemeal and generic approaches to digital marketing can’t do: plan for and react to change.


By taking a ‘strategy first’ approach, support from ProfileTree will help focus on the REASONS for your digital marketing investment. Then build in not just the latest methods, but planning for developments just around the corner in the digital world.


For example, we have helped some customers see how chatbots can help their company. Sound too futuristic for your business? Imagine being able to respond to customer questions 24/7 and keep helping your customers not matter how busy things become.


We’ve helped other clients use incredible video marketing to create amazing customer relationships. That’s because delighting your potential/ existing buyers with useful content they’ll want to share is a key to making your online world come to life for your company.


Most of all:

We build our own business on content marketing, SEO and digital marketing. Meaning we understand how to bring these elements together to make the outcomes you need happen online for you.


The ProfileTree Team


Let’s grow together



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