Creating Coupons with WIX

At ProfileTree we have put together this tutorial to share how to use coupons with WIX.

To get started using WIX coupons, you first need to be logged into your WIX dashboard and select the website you wish to create WIX coupons on. Similar to the email marketing of WIX, coupons are located within the marketing tools options on WIX. This is located within the left-hand navigation of the dashboard.

When you’re on the marketing tools, there are marketing home options. On here scroll and you will find an option called ‘offer coupons’. This is the place to create your WIX coupons.


Coupons with WIX Options

On WIX Coupons there is a range of coupon options. Overall there are five which are as follows;

Number Discount – The number discount is simply a discount in terms of a number. This is a fixed discount and can’t change. Examples of this could be £10 or £20 off.

Percentage Discount – A percentage discount is similar to the number discount except it isn’t a fixed discount. A percentage is a rate discount which means it will change depending on how much you spend. For example, if a product costs £50 and has 25% of it would cost only £37.50 whereas if there was a fixed rate discount of £10 off it would cost £40. The more you spend the more you will save.

Free Shipping – A free shipping coupon is quite self-explanatory. It just allows the user to receive delivery of their product for free. This can be set up for different regions. For example, an online store may offer free shipping to the UK except for Northern Ireland. This would be due to shipping costs. Shipping to Northern Ireland compared to other regions of the UK will need to either travel by air or seas as it is not part of the main UK island.

Sale Price Discount – A Sale Price discount is a discount that can be applied to a full collection of products or to the full store.

Buy X get Y Free – This discount is a discount you would see a lot. This discount entices people to buy more than what they were originally going to buy to be better off. The only exception being, a buy one get one free discount. Other examples could be, buy two of a certain product and get a third free.


Creating a Coupon

To create a coupon of WIX, you need to choose one out of the five options from above. Options will then appear underneath the coupon. Here is where the coupon is created. Details you will need to include for a number and percentage discount would be a coupon code, a coupon name and the amount of discount to be applied. The code will be entered by a user at the checkout. This is where the discount will be applied. You can also add specific options to the coupon such as a limit per order, does it apply to everything or just one product. You also need to set the date for the code.

To create other coupons such as the free shipping, sale price and a buy X get Y free coupons, select that specific coupon and edit all the details such as the offer, what products it applies to and its name.


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