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For content marketing in Northern Ireland, we’re proud to do things our way.

That’s because we built our own company using our proven content marketing techniques and knowledge FIRST to create the right, broad view strategies to help local businesses to grow.

And because we specialise in looking at your online presence and your business goals as a whole, then delivering the right solution for your individual needs.

Find out more below PLUS our free tips for using content marketing to drive real results…


Straight Talk

We won’t turn your head with waffle or waste your time with meetings about meetings. Our approach is based on expertise, hard work and clear goals. We’re proud to be different

Fair Prices

Fairness means being able to show you how every minute of every team member’s time will be spent on your project... before, during and after. We price for quality and results, without the trimmings’. Every time.

Total Transparency

We’ll talk through what works, why it works and how it works. Most of all, we’ll make sure our work will benefit your business AND deliver against your marketing strategies, SEO, social media plans and more.

Tried and Tested Methods

We’re a local company like you. But we’re unique because we built our business on the methods we bring to your company. We’ll show you how. We’ll even show you live stats proving the performance of our work.

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What Can An Investment in Content Marketing

Do For Your Northern Ireland Business?

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Content Connects

Think of content as the 'highway' between your digital marketing efforts for potential customers. How do you get the right people from your search result to the right page? How to help the potential buyer respond the right way for your business? In short: content is the essential component.

While SEO places your page in the right place, content gives audiences a reason to click and a reason to stay longer, building trust in your brand.

Content Engages

Your - for example - social channels can look great, but amazing content can impress, engage and draw in your customers/ potential customers even more. It's about creating a valuable community of future customers and existing customers around your business.

Imagine a group of people who watch for your new products, buy when the time is right and even recommend your business to others.

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Content Explains

People increasingly want to understand what your business is all about; your values, your likes and dislikes and even company culture. Content helps your audience see what your business stands for and how this fits into their lifestyle and choices.

Of course, getting this message and tone just right is a specialist task. That's why ProfileTree helps companies like yours to grow with superb, highly-tailored content.

Content Grows

Great content gives your target groups something worth sharing. Instead of - say - 'look at our special offer', an extremely shareable piece of content with the same offer included will reach much further with better results for your investment.

We'll help you deliver your message in a way designed to drive conversations...and conversions. How? We'll start by showing you proven, local examples of amazing content success.

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Our ESSENTIAL Content Marketing Tips

ProfileTree explains...

There’s one great reason why we believe in content marketing: we built our own Northern Ireland-based business on content and SEO.

And there’s one great reason why content works: in a single word…quality.

Content marketing creates the substance, the ‘depth’ your audience can use to engage with as they move across your online world. Content can be the draw used to help your audience move from, say, your search result to your landing page to a call-to-action.

Let’s take a closer look at your…


Search Engine Results

These need to show your audience that there’s something useful, something of value to them to be found if they click through to your page.

How can this be done? The right, inviting content can be geared towards the audience you expect to be discovered by based on the keywords targetted.

They’ll want to see evidence of a high-quality, well-targetted page of genuine interest to their particular niche.


Landing Page

Again, simply having a landing page isn’t enough.

Having a landing page with content worth delving into for your traffic will deliver completely different results.

With the use of quality content, a landing page can become a high-performing part of your customer’s journey into purchasing and/ or into your brand’s community.


Customer Journey

That customer journey will also use quality content throughout to meet the needs of your audience at each stage.

Whether they are at the awareness, interest or consideration ‘step’ of their journey with you – or, even better, they are ready for consideration, purchase, retention or advocacy – the quality of your content can be the key to how well they engage, for how long, how they respond and if they’ll share with others.

A powerful approach for amazing outcomes.


The ProfileTree Team


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