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For content marketing in Lisburn, we love our clients keep one step ahead of their competitors through a smarter, high-performance online presence.

That’s because we take a ‘bigger picture’ view of your online world, across a wide range of digital specialisms, to make sure you’re targeting the right audience in the best possible way AND set up for conversions too.

How? By using the strategies, knowledge and methods we’ve developed in-house FIRST over many years, all built around helping businesses like yours to grow.

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Straight Talk

We won’t turn your head with waffle or waste your time with meetings about meetings. Our approach is based on expertise, hard work and clear goals. We’re proud to be different

Fair Prices

Fairness means being able to show you how every minute of every team member’s time will be spent on your project... before, during and after. We price for quality and results, without the trimmings’. Every time.

Total Transparency

We’ll talk through what works, why it works and how it works. Most of all, we’ll make sure our work will benefit your business AND deliver against your marketing strategies, SEO, social media plans and more.

Tried and Tested Methods

We’re a local company like you. But we’re unique because we built our business on the methods we bring to your company. We’ll show you how. We’ll even show you live stats proving the performance of our work.

Working With You

For Online Results
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Helping Lisburn Companies

Why Include Content Marketing

Into YOUR Marketing Strategy?

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Content for Attention

What looks better to someone searching for your services: a reminder you exist, or some useful advice they'll want to read? The latter helps produce a click to your site AND automatically achieves the former.

Content goes beyond advertising your existence online to creating real responses and real engagement from your future buyers. Ask us how.

Content for Conversations

A 'read and forget' blog or social post means the potential customer has moved on to other things on their phone or device. However, starting a conversation with a target audience member means more time spend with your brand and more chance to start a customer journey.

The art of content marketing is, ultimately, conversions through conversations. We'll show you local examples of businesses like yours succeeding with our help.

Content Marketing pages why blog using wordpress
Content Marketing proof reading content
Content for Traffic

That unmissable blog and the traffic it generates doesn't just mean traffic for your website BUT relevant traffic who searched for the keywords indicating interest in your product. Meaning the right searchers delivered to your 'door' and onto your site.

Too often, businesses rank for the right keywords but don't have the right content to attract the audience. A specialist, end-to-end approach by ProfileTree is designed for QUALITY over traffic over quantity.

Content for Results

By concentrating on a useful goal, such as enquiries or email subscriptions, content can be tailored to produce the outcomes you need. While digital marketing provides a structure, content can drive and convert traffic.

Ultimately, a sense of community around your brand creates a group of customers who'll also bring more people to your business. Content marketing helps achieve this result.

Content Marketing using a typewriter for your ideas

How Does Content Marketing

Fit Into YOUR Big Picture?

At ProfileTree, we’re proud to be content marketing specialists providing tried-and-tested techniques and services for local businesses.

We’re often approached by companies who have dabbled with content marketing in the past. We love showing these businesses how a professional content marketing strategy can take this experience to new and much more effective levels.

How? By using your business strategy to go deeper in finding out how content marketing can make a real difference.

For example, your planned changes: The structure, plans and channels involved in your digital marketing strategy may well be draw up months in advance. But content marketing is highly-adaptable, offering a way to talk WITH your audience in – say – your new target market.

Want to create a community around a new product? Social content, blogs, emails and much more can be used to start conversations and built interest and visibility.

Then, customers journey for members of the community and new traffic brought into awareness of the product can be created.

That’s because useful content can help, for example, to attract traffic searching for the right keywords to site content they’ll want to engage with and share and respond to by converting to find out more.

Pulling this together in the right way means forming a community for your audience …meaning they are already part of it when they are ready to buy.


In Short…

Looking at content marketing by first considering your business and marketing strategies will mean your content goals are genuinely important for your business. It’ll help avoid being distracted by tangent ideas or ‘vanity metrics’ (statistics such as ‘reach’ which don’t enough context, such as conversions etc).

It’ll also help keep your audience, markets and segments in clear sight when content is being created and can be tied to measurable goals.

This ‘top down’ approach brings content marketing into the heart of your business, into the heart of your sales activity and in line with your plans for your business.

The ultimate goal is an overall audience who’ll, instead of seeing generic social posts and constant sales offers, have a chance to enter a customer journey with your business and even advocate for your products or services to others.

All in all, a community of people built, using useful and engaging content, around your business goals.


The ProfileTree Team



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