A Content Marketing Agency: What Can They Do for My Business?


Back in the old times, advertisement was traditional. You see a billboard driving on the highway, someone gives you a flyer while you are on a walk or may be just a television Commercial you see while you are watching your favorite sitcom. While these methods were effective, traditional marketing costs a pretty penny; meaning that it’s not cheap to create content and display it to your targeted segment. The number one priority for any marketing tool is reaching the right segment. Over the years billions were spent to attempt to deliver the right content to the right audience. No.t anymore is this necessary. in today’s advanced and digital community we have what is called a content marketing agency. Its sole job is to simply design and deliver. In later chapter we can discuss what will a content marketing agency design and what will it deliver, to who and how?

Now however, In the times we’re living in; the era of digitalization, Internet marketing has become an indispensable tool. Social media, content blogs or even how-to tutorials, the internet has consumed the lives of almost everyone who owns any kind of digital equipment. Corporates were bored of spending big budgets on big advertisements in order to reach their targeted segment. Along came the internet, cheap ads, Search Engine optimization, content marketing agency and even specialists to design and distribute your company’s content. All the aforementioned methods cost much less, are much cheaper and more effective in reaching the targeted segment. So, What is content marketing? What does a content marketing agency do? Questions that seem more complicated than they actually are. Stated Simply enough, what a content marketing agency does is manage the procedures or strategies followed to design, create and distribute the right content to the right audience. In the most simplest of terms,  a content marketing agency is an agent, hired by corporations to deliver content to the targeted consumer. Ofcourse content marketing and what a contact marketing agency does delves much deeper into the marketing pool. Further insights on the core of a content marketing agency ahead.

Back in olden times, advertisement was traditional. You see a billboard driving on the highway, someone gives you a flyer while you are on a walk or may be just a television Commercial you see while you are watching your favorite sitcom. While these methods were effective, traditional marketing costs a pretty penny; meaning that it’s not cheap to create content and display it to your targeted segment. The number one priority for any marketing tool is reaching the right segment. Over the years billions were spent to attempt to deliver the right content to the right audience.

Now however, In the times we’re living in; the era of digitalization, Internet marketing has become an indispensable tool. Social media, content blogs or even how-to tutorials, the internet has consumed the lives of almost everyone who owns any kind of digital equipment. Corporates were bored of spending big budgets on big advertisements in order to reach their targeted segment. Along came the internet, cheap ads, Search Engine optimization, content marketing agency and even specialists to design and distribute your company’s content. All the aforementioned methods cost much less, are much cheaper and more effective in reaching the targeted segment. So, What is content marketing? What does a content marketing agency do? Questions that seem more complicated than they actually are. Stated Simply enough, what a content marketing agency does is manage the procedures or strategies followed to design, create and distribute the right content to the right audience. In the most simplest of terms,  a content marketing agency is an agent, hired by corporations to deliver content to the targeted consumer. Ofcourse content marketing and what a contact marketing agency does delves much deeper into the marketing pool. Further insights on the core of a content marketing agency ahead.

What Is Internet Marketing And How Does It Relate to Content Marketing?

Internet marketing is the same as online marketing, which is also like digital marketing. They are collectively defined as any effort to promote your product or company through digital means. Using the internet to advertise or raise awareness about your company is never a bad thing. In fact, you are reverting to a tool that most people already use on a day to day basis.

Types Of Internet Marketing

There are several types of internet marketing. Search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing, pay per click advertising, affiliate marketing, email marketing, and the main topic of discussion, content marketing.

SEO is simply a process that drives traffic to your website according to the keywords of your content, and its relevance to the searcher’s keywords.

SEM is the paid version of SEO, and it allows you to pay your way to the top. While SEO could take a longer time to take its course, SEM offers a payment for your ads to be shown as soon as you pay the price.

The term social media marketing speaks for itself. Social media marketing is the promotion of your company or brand through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and more.

Pay per click advertising is a mechanism similar to SEM and it allows you to pay only for the views you receive on the ad you create.

Affiliate marketing is an arrangement where an online retailer uses references from another website to gain traffic or views.

Email marketing connects you and your customers through email. Mass messages would be sent out via email and make its way to your inbox, and that is how you find out about a new company or product.


Finally, content marketing is how you provide relevant and high-quality content to your viewers when they need it. More often than not, content marketing is associated with other forms of internet marketing to boost the company’s rankings.


Using one of these forms of internet marketing does not eliminate the potential use of others. In fact, they all complement each other and maximize the impact of each other. Current marketing agencies focus greatly on these forms of marketing to further expand their brand and brand image.


Why is internet marketing important?

The internet’s ability to connect people has always been a phenomenal advantage. There’s no harm in using this advantage to make some profit. By posting your content online, you are bound to reach a greater audience than if it were posted on a corkboard somewhere. The internet also allows your content to be shared and evaluated by your viewers, providing you with immediate feedback on the quality of your content.

Digital marketing’s other advantage is that broadens the scope of possible tools you can use. You are not narrowed down to using text, you can use video, images, audio and so much more. As a modern content marketing agency, you are forced to adapt to the changes in digital media, and content marketing is flexible enough for you to accomplish that easily.

A Brief History About Content Marketing

Although Content Marketing is nothing new by far, research and interest has begun rising primarily over the last decade. The origin of content marketing goes as far back as 1891, where a small businessman selling small packages of baking powder started printing recipes on the back of the baking powder’s packaging. August Oetker’s “Backin” baking powder’s sales skyrocketed after that. The consumer started buying the baking powder just for the recipes on the back which in turn increased his market share. Later on, in 1895, “John Deere”; a company known back then for manufacturing farming equipment, began publishing “The Furrow Magazine”. This magazine provided simple solutions, tips and answers to the most common farming related problems. Once again, the “John Deere” name became widely popular due to their magazines. The content they created targeted their desired segment, attracted their attention and won them over as potential consumers. Nowadays, the magazine that was published by John Deere, is sold internationally all over the world in 12 different languages.

Fast forward 5 years later, Andre’ and Edouard Michelin published their first auto-related guide. The guide was distributed all over France for free and contained many useful information about tire repair. Michelin was a tire manufacturing company, so it would make sense that their guides would be fully related to the product they sold, right? Wrong, Michelin included within their guides, “a list of fuel depots, hotels, city maps and a list of mechanics.”  The public reacted the same way, Michelin became one of the most popular companies and an industry leader even in today’s modern world. Wow, this content marketing stuff seems to be a real sales booster, so why doesn’t everyone do it? Is it really that simple? Why would we need a content marketing agency? Unfortunately, in today’s modern society, content exists everywhere. So, if a company wishes to create content for the purposes of marketing, this content must be something real special to pull away people’s attention and attract the right consumer. So, no, it is not that simple hence, the reason for the existence or emergence of so many content marketing agencies.

Content Marketing: What Exactly Is It?

There are literally 10’s of agreed upon definitions for what content marketing Is and what a content marketing agency does. When we say content, we mean a lot of different things. Content can be blogs, magazines, infographics, informative videos or even a number of images related or non-related to the company’s products. Content can be anything, it does not have anything to do with one thing or the other. We can spend hours discussing the different definitions set forth by many institutions and scholars. Instead, a small number of examples can be defined and explained in order to reach or understand the core of what Content marketing is or what a content marketing agency actually does. Some experts disagree about some of the aspects that make up content marketing. However, they all agree that at its core, content marketing is a form of promotion for companies, institutions or corporations that includes creating content (whether relevant or irrelevant to the company’s business) to improve the company’s image, disperse knowledge about the company’s activities and spread awareness about the company itself. In basic and simple terms, this is what a content marketing agency provides as a service. However, delving much deeper, we find through the many definitions set forth that content marketing is not the shallow or easy topic we think it is. Content marketing is much more profound than a less expensive or nontraditional advertising or promotional method. It gives a company the chance to advertise with or without appearing to do so; of course, as mentioned this is just scratching the surface of what a content marketing agency does for its clients as these are only some of the many small benefits content marketing provides.

The first definition set forth by the “Content Marketing Institute” (CMI) is that content marketing is a special form of internet marketing where a content marketing agency takes responsibility for “creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action”.

Stopping here for a minute, we analyze the definition set forth by the content marketing institute. Content marketing is defined as a service that is to be created or designed and given out to the hiring company’s targeted segment. As a corporation that wants its ads to reach the right segment, whether this segment is defined by age, gender or class, hiring a content marketing agency to do so is a very viable option nowadays. So, through the first definition we can identify that the most important thing a content marketing agency must do is identify and reach the right audience with the right material.

Another definition provided by Michael Brenner (Senior Director of Marketing at SAP and author of the book; B2B Marketing Insider) was that “content marketing is about delivering the content your audience is seeking in all the places they are searching for it. It is the effective combination of created, curated and syndicated content”

Analyzing the definition of Mr. Brenner, successful businessman and a person occupying an important position in a “fortune 500” company, we find that the priority with content marketing for him is simply distributing the right kind of material to the correct or intended targeted audience. Not only did he find the material and audience relevant, Mr. Brenner believed that the venue (whether physical or digital) where the company chooses to conduct its content marketing is of high importance and that any content media agency should have enough research about the targeted segment to know where they will be looking for the relevant information. The success of any content marketing campaign does not depend on one aspect; but on a combination of several different ones.

Another definition of the topic put forth by Sam Decker, CEO of Mass Relevance is that “content marketing is creating or curating non-product content — be it informational, educational, entertaining, etc. — and publishing it to contact points with customers to get their attention, to focus on the topic around your solution, and pull them closer to learning more about you”

This definition challenges some of the other ones by stating that the marketed content should not be product related (i.e. A makeup company posting a blog about fitness and sports regimens for women.) Mr. Decker revealed that not only is it important to reach the right people with the right material, but it is also of great importance that the advertised content be able to attract the customer and intrigue their curiosity to learn more about your company.

Another definition that is somehow different than all the others is one proclaimed by content specialist Barry Graubart. Mr. Graubart believes that by utilizing content marketing, companies attempt to share or generate an idea in the mind of the consumer about the company. Reinforcing the company’s brand image or even emphasizing a message the company wishes to deliver to the consumer are also what a content marketing agency aims mostly to do for its clients.

Smart Companies effectively communicate with their clientele; whether it be direct through paid advertisements or indirectly through content marketing.  In the end, what sets one corporation from the other is its ability to efficiently connect with their customers. A consumer needs to trust a product or the company providing it. If any shortcomings in communication arise, business may indeed suffer and all for reasons that could have been avoided through effective or efficient means of communication.

Content marketing vs. traditional marketing

They’re the same thing

Marketing has always been linked with persuading, whether it is linked to commercial use, social change or political elections. Marketing is made to influence people to act a certain way or make a certain choice. The traditional means of marketing involve TV, print and radio advertisements that we are constantly bombarded with. On the other hand, content marketing involves created free content like blog posts, videos or tweets with the same intent as traditional marketing.

They’re different

The difference between the two means of marketing is the tool used and the subtlety of one over the other. With traditional marketing you are aware that you are being brainwashed, and know you understand the intent of the ad creator. Alternatively, with content marketing the posts and content are a lot more subtle because they are in the form of things that we are used to seeing when looking for information, education or entertainment.

Why content marketing?

With content marketing, instead of imposing a certain product, you are frequently posting articles, videos and images that help the consumers make the choice you want them to when purchasing things or solving problems.

Today’s social media driven and financially hungry world makes it less likely for us to fall into the trap of believing any sponsored or paid messages we see online. In a similar sense, it could be difficult for us to differentiate between sponsored messages and non-sponsored messages unless it specifically mentions it.


Through the use of social media as a content marketing tool, a content marketing agency is able to pass on information subtly and effectively.


A Content Marketing Agency; Why Would I Need It?

As a community, we avoid the physical forms of advertising as much as possible. Someone on the street is handing flyers; your first instinct is to avoid him. You Are constantly bombarded by ads. Everywhere you look, billboards, posters, flyers, ads in your car when you turn on the radio, ads on the TV when your trying to watch a movie most annoyingly; ads on your favorite video streaming website when you’re just trying to see a video. In short, Marketers had to find other methods for delivering their content to their targeted segment. This is where a content marketing agency steps in. It is not just about designing the best content.  creativity and uniqueness are specifically required from any content marketing agency. To understand what a content marketing agency does; we must first ask ourselves, what is content marketing? Is it a strictly a B2B service? How can a content marketing agency boost my sales?

There are literally 10’s of proven definitions for what content marketing Is and what a content marketing agency does. The first definition set forth by the “Content Marketing Institute” (CMI) is that content marketing is a special form of internet marketing where a content marketing agency takes responsibility for “creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action”.

So now that we know what content marketing Is, we should ask ourselves; this content that keeps popping up as a topic, is it a video? an internet ad? A blog or a book perhaps? Maybe it’s a smartphone app specifically designed to help customers acquire the valuable information they need to become loyal customers.  With that, we have answered our own question of what the content itself can be. Content marketing could be anything. As long as it’s relevant to the customer gives him/her valuable information and attract them to acquire said products or services, it fills the criteria of good content marketing agency work.

Live examples of content marketing

Content marketing is not advertising. Rather than imposing products and ideas with your viewers, content marketing allows you to hold conversation and interact with your customers. Many global companies have had successful content marketing strategies that have and continue to resonate with us. A characteristic that distinguishes many companies amongst the others is the unique brand image they hold. Successful content marketing will guarantee a memorable experience for you and your customers. Here are a few live examples of current and past content marketing campaigns that have made their mark.

Adidas – GamePlanA

Although it is no longer run, GamePlanA was a blog made to offer inspiration for working athletes. Its focus was ‘tackling work life with an athlete’s heart’. Moving away from the typical idea of an athlete being a person dedicated to sports, Adidas was able to realize the vision of athletes with real life commitments and responsibilities like a full time job. Providing a platform for people to communicate regarding this topic was missing in the field, so Adidas was able to realize it and benefit from the content marketing generated.


TOMS Shoes – Tell a Story

Storytelling is essential to customer engagement. Communicating with the brand is highly influential at the hand of the consumer. It is then the role of the brand to create stories that evoke emotions. TOMS Shoes represent a great example of this through their ‘One Day Without Shoes’ annual charity campaign. Alongside this, they set up a business model that focuses on giving back. So for every pair of shoes bough, a pair is donated to the less fortunate.


L’Oreal’s Beauty Squad

In the make-up and cosmetics industry, L’Oreal has reportedly been shifting 30% of its media budget to digital channels in 2016. Through the Beauty Squad campaign, L’Oreal is utilizing an existing platform to further the marketing of their content. Make-up tutorials and beauty tips are quickly making their way on to various social media platforms and make-up bloggers are gaining a ton of popularity through it. L’Oreal was able to host this campaign to promote their products through the Beauty Squad (consisting of multiple make-up artists) who recommend their products to their viewers.


Disney – Oh My Disney

Revisiting the idea of storytelling and interacting, Oh My Disney broadens the brand outside its usual scope. Along with the movies, TV shows and merchandise Disney has to over. Digital storytelling and communication with the Disney team is possible through Oh My Disney, where visitors can take a quiz that tells you which Ratatouille character you are or watch a short movie created by the Animation Studio interns. Creating this platform is an effective content marketing strategy as it is a convenient, accessible and engaging strategy.


Coca-Cola Journey

There is a reason Coca-Cola is one of the most global brands today. The united front the company portrays brings out the diversity of the brand and its global stance. For example the Share a Coke campaign was an opportunity for people all around the world from various regions to bond over the same idea. Cases like the Si Se Puede, where a Coca-Cola scholar was able to influence education in his hometown also show consumers how involved the company is.


The Steps And Objectives Of A Content Marketing Agency

Why use content for marketing you ask? Content marketing has a number of objectives. When done correctly, content marketing can increase your number of sales to a degree where you can’t keep up. So, let’s talk about the objectives of content marketing. What does content marketing or a content marketing agency aim for?  How do they do what they do? Are there certain plans to follow? Rules to learn? Objectives to achieve? Yes, yes and yes to all these questions. A good content marketing agency doesn’t just go about randomly producing and distributing content. There are strategies, plans and different tactics to approach when attempting to promote through a content marketing agency. So, let’s talk about the different steps or strategies that you need to take for having fruitful content marketing effect.

  • Step 1: Identify your Target Audience and how to find them

The first and most crucial step in creating successful a successful content marketing campaign is knowing who your audience is. Where do they hang out? What Social media websites do they subscribe to? Basically, the key here is; who is my audience and how can I reach out to them? Are my customers teenagers? If so, social media would be your best bet since that’s where all the cool kids are hanging out. Am I aiming to sell to older consumers? Maybe early to mid 20’s. University bulletin boards, Coffee shops, magazines or even news websites. Going for the 30-50 age group? Where do these older generations hang out? A supermarket maybe? Online shopping websites? Older generations are getting more and more into technology. For that reason, using social media would not be a bad idea either.

  • Step 2: Set Measurable and clear objectives.

Obviously, the number one priority is to bring in new customers, retain old ones and increase sales. However, talking about a company’s goals is one thing and actually achieving the required objectives is an entirely different thing. Actually achieving the objectives set forth by the aforementioned plan is what separates “fortune 500” companies from your lowly small time retailer.

  • Step 3: Strategize, plan and define your methods.

We have our culprit. We identified who we are selling to; now it’s time to plan. Like mentioned above, a good content marketing agency doesn’t just randomly produce and distribute content. They plan, find the most cost-effective method to create the content, find out the needs of their target consumer. Will the content be digital? Am I marketing offline or am I trying to digitally reach my consumer? What kind of content would interest my target audience? How do I reach them? From A to Z, my strategy should be clear. As a content marketing agency I should have a concise plan, useful tactics and measurable goals

  • Step 4: Produce Your Content.

You know who you’re selling to, where they can see your content, what they need from your content. Is that enough? You can always do more, but now might seem like a good time to at least start producing some content. Your company’s hired content marketing agency should be taking care of that. Whether, online or offline, if one of your main goals included finding a good content marketing agency, rest assured that you are in good hands. Now that you actually have content to show your target audience, what’s next?

  • Step 5: Approaching Your Target.

I know who I’m selling to; now what? The key here is to figure out two things; the aforementioned where to find them quest and finding out their likes, needs and wants. Once you figure out what your target audience want, they’re yours. I know where you are , I know what you need, like and want. Sounds kind of like stalker behavior, but, that’s how you approach your targeted segment. You know who they are, where they are most likely to see your content and what kind of content do they actually need to see to become your customers’ rather than your competitors.

  • Step 6: Promote Your Content

So, I am an SME (Small to medium Enterprise) owner who is fairly new to the market, I want my name out there, customers in and out of my store, rising sales and increased profits. I heard about content marketing, did some research and hired one of the best content marketing agencies out there. They followed all the right steps, did everything right. I have now produced the desired content and distributed it where my targeted audience is likely to see it. Is the job done? Did I do all that there is to do? A good content marketing agency will straight up tell you no. There is always more to be done. Promote your content, use sponsored ads, Pay for social media ads or even start sending emails to prospective clients.

Three Features Every Content Marketing Agency Should utilize

Potential Consumers do not want just any content. They expect some features or qualities from a company’s content marketing in order to be enticed enough to become actual customers. There are
some qualities any content marketing agency should make sure are existent in the content they provide on behalf of the hiring companies.
Some of these features or qualities include:

  • Uniqueness

Content that is similar to what you see every day will not draw the consumer’s attention well enough t to actually purchase a product or subscribe to a service. What attracts the attention of the everyday consumer is the uniqueness of the content your company is offering. Ask Yourself this; if my content is similar to my competitor’s, why would the customer choose me? Uniqueness is crucial when trying to attract new customers or even encourage repeat purchases. Although uniqueness is vital to any content marketing agency, it is not the most important thing; it’s definitely up there, but there are other qualities that work better in attracting consumers.

  • The emotional quality of content marketing

Creating an emotional bond between a company and its consumers plays a significant role in boosting sales. A consumer who feels related to the company’s image is a loyal customer; and a loyal customer is a repeat purchaser.  A content marketing agency should be using emotions as one of their primary strategies. By that we mean that your content should touch your targeted segment’s emotions; make them laugh, move their sympathy by emphasizing a worthy cause or just move your consumers’ emotions in anyway. An emotionally linked consumer is a happy and guaranteed sale.

  • Content Value

Giving  a customer value through content is an amazing sales booster. Addressing a consumer’s needs through production of relevant or non relevant content would be considered astronomically great. Next time a customer thinks about a certain product or service your company offers, he/she will immediately  remember the published content that he/she once saw while just passively browsing the internet. An example of relevant content would be a tire company producing a short video about “how to tell when it is time to change your tires”. The customer uses the learned info, applies it and subconsciously thinks about your company next time they need a tire change. A non relevant type of content marketing would be aiming to provide content unrelated to your product, sponsored by your company and aimed at your target market. An example of this would be publishing an internet blog about men’s fitness by a business that sells deodorant.

Which Content Marketing Agency is currently dominating the field?

With the continuous change in consumer culture, marketing strategies have been forced to adapt to the ever-changing consumer habits and modern means of mass-communication. Consumers are no longer influenced by advertisements on TV or in a magazine, so marketing agencies are forced to step up their game. At the moment, there is a ton of what we call a content marketing agency.; and yes they have been dominating the field. Their new, modern and updated style has become highly recognized in the marketing world. In an age where creativity has never been valued more, here are a few of the top content marketing agencies at the moment (mentioned in no particular order).

  1. Carat

Content marketing agency Named #1 by Recma, and AdWeek’s “Agency of the Year” in 2013, Carat work in content marketing is valued and recognized for its latest marketing strategies. Recently, they have been collaborating with known companies such as Macy’s, GoPro, Pampers, Staples, Burberry and many more. Alongside that, they have worked with Guinness to create a smartphone application for St. Patrick’s day to enhance Guinness’s tradition of celebrating“the perfect pour”. Carat is not afraid to share their latest content marketing trends, as they are able to provide their clients with even more intensive market research and utilize these trends in suited to their clients’ products.

  1. Eucalypt

‘Compelling content. Clear results”, their caption says it all. Eucalypt LLC is a small content marketing agency but is nonetheless well equipped to provide you with clear and compelling content marketing tailored to the needs of your company. Ever since their establishment in 2007, Eucalypt has worked with multiple businesses such as LinkedIn, Intel and Inkling as well as multiple start-ups and enterprises on their content marketing strategies, execution and promotion. Eucalypt are fully specialized in content marketing and PR, with a small team of specialist that provide personalized approach to each organization’s needs.


BuzzFeed’s socially shareable content making its way through Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and more is bound to have reached you one way or the other. What you may not know, is that most of their content is sponsored. Through BuzzFeed’s Advertise, organizations can pay to access BuzzFeed’s ever-growing follower base and expose their products to millions of viewers. BuzzFeed has worked with Disney, HBO, Virgin Mobile and surely many more. Mainly through the use of video, BuzzFeed is able to share their content through any of their nine YouTube channels each created for a different target audience, for example their food channel Tasty. Along with video, BuzzFeed provides clients with custom social posts, promotion and story units. All of which is very likely to make it to anyone’s Facebook timeline or Pinterest dashboard.

  1. Scripted

Scripted is most known for their reasonably priced freelance writing services to start-up companies to help them launch their content marketing efforts. The company is equipped with almost 80,000 industry-oriented writers that can create content related to any industry’s demand and meet the business’ specific needs. The quality of the content, along with the reasonable price tag, is an attractive options for many businesses including Adidas, L’oreal, Eventbrite and many more. Scripted’s content marketing strategies include blog posts, email newsletters, social media posts, and website copies, all done through their highly effective content marketing and tools. Scripted is an attractive and suitable option for any budget-conscious company.

  1. Bluetext

Located in Washington DC, Bluetext is considered one of the top digital content marketing firms of today’s marketing world. They provide branding, digital marketing and other communication services of their clients in order to put together creative, elaborate and exciting campaigns. Bluetext is known for their work with Google, DeWalt, Microsoft and other leading companies. They drag a focus to the use of virtual reality, and utilize video production and effect PR strategies in order to satisfy their clients throughout the creation, production and execution of all their integrated marketing projects.

  1. Droga5

In 2016, Droga5 was the receiver of four significant awards including AdWeek’s Agency of the Year and Ad of the Year for Under Armour’s Michael Phelps film along with the Cannes Lion 2016 Independent Brand of the Year Award and Creativity Agency of the Year Awards. The agency is most known for their “Let’s Be Clear” campaign for Clearasil. The “We Known Acne, We Don’t Know Teens“ advertisement was their most successful as it showcases the brand in a brutally honest way. The commercial was able to respond to a wider audience range, which is what made it greatly recognizable.

  1. Newscred

Newcred’s content marketing strategies combine content, platform and expert services to provide their clients with the optimum content marketing experience. Many influential brands trust Newscred’s work such as, Microsoft, Estee Lauder, Twitter and Bank of America. The company’s success has been gradual since its early days as a newswire service, it has now reached a market base in multiple regions of the world and has over 100,000 subscribers to date.

  1. Convince & Convert

Known for their strategic advice and consulting for content marketing, Convince & Convert is leading content marketing agency. Their work obviously includes, content marketing along with social media marketing and qualified customer experience. Alongside this and more importantly, Convince and Convert operates a media arm, producing periodical digital magazines and several podcasts and virtual newsletters. Jay Baer, the company’s founder is a key factor in the success of the company, being a New York Times best-selling author, a 24-year digital expert and global keynote speaker. Baer is also a trusted advisor for many of the company’s clients. The company’s clients include, but are not limited to Hilton, Cisco and Arizona State University.

  1. Influence & Co

With an expertise in executive branding, content marketing and custom content projects, Influence & Co is one of the top content marketing agencies thanks to its recognizable growth from 2011 to 2015, growing from two to seventy five employees in just four years. The company is also named the #1 Company Dominating Content Marketing and one of the Top 5 Content Marketing Institute ‘Agency of The Year’. All due to their extensive work on content strategy, knowledge extraction, content creation and distribution. Influence & Co’s clients include Dell, American Airline and Skycatch.

  1. Brafton

Since their establishment in 2008, Brafton has been greatly influential in their content marketing. The growth of the company is driven by its dedicated workers and their mission to achieve greatness and nothing less. One of Brafton’s clients are Faronics who claim that,“Our Brafton team is a pleasure to work with – I couldn’t imagine not working with them.” Brafton is effective in their work on blog content creation, infographics, video production, case studies, newsletter emails and many more in order to fulfill the company’s slogan of ‘fueling your brand’.

Types Of Content You Can Use

From still visuals to text to motion media, content marketing can make a noticeable difference in the development of a brand. Utilizing the various multimedia and multiple platforms to evoke conversation about your product is essential for its long term success. Knowing your target audience is obviously extremely significant when content marketing, however presenting your content through multiple mediums can widen the audience range. By engaging with several types of content marketing, you can ensure reaching your target audience, whether they enjoy watching, reading, or even listening. For that reason, you have the freedom to choose amongst a pool of the types of content marketing to enhance your brand’s image.

Blog Posts

Blogs are one of the most popular means of content marketing, they are simple to use, find and share and can easily generate a large viewer base. Blog posts usually have a casual undertone, so having a blog makes it easier for viewers to communicate directly with the content creator and creates a personal relationship between them. Headlines are also very important when utilizing this medium, as it is the reader’s initial stop before reading (or not reading) your post. To maximise a blog’s full potential it should be constantly updated and maintained with the latest high quality posts to fully engage the consumer base. There are several types of posts that can influence your readers, such as:


Seeing a headline, ‘17 things a content market agency should do’, tends to be very attractive to all types of readers. Decorated with witty comments and illustrative pictures these list could potentially go viral like on BuzzFeed. Speaking of BuzzFeed, notice that most of their lists are odd numbers rather than even number, apparently odd numbers work best.


Offering an opinion on a current topic related or unrelated to your niche can add a personality to your brand. Viewers can either relate or contradict with your opinion, in both ways it is bound to spark conversation in the comments section.


Find a book or a product related to your field and offer a review on it. Consumers are influenced by personal opinion, and you can often use this to your advantage.


Longform Content

Content marketing through longform content is effective in the sense that it is accessible, informative and engaging. Viewership can be generated through longform content by encouraging readers to ‘follow’ or ‘subscribe’ after reading the content. That way, interested readers can follow the content of the website while you gain higher ratings.

Case Studies

Case studies can be used as a tool for content marketing because of the thought-provoking nature they hold. A case study is an detailed analysis of a specific person, an instance or a historical event. The evaluation done throughout the case study integrates personal yet educated opinion of the creator and could evoke controversy amongst readers. Once conversation takes off it will eventually translate to popularity and ratings.

White Papers

White papers can be used for content marketing by presenting information and data about a specific topic that concerns viewers. They usually consist of a short introduction, and several sections addressing a certain topic relating to the main subject. White papers usually include images, clip-art, graphs and text. The layout of a white paper is extremely important, along with your logo being clearly visible as they will identify your work amongst the rest.


Ranging from 5 pages to 50 pages long, E-books are a great means for content marketing because of their informative or instructive nature. Essentially, writing an ebook requires more skill and knowledge than a blog post, as the writing is more formal and academic. If you don’t have these skills, then hiring a freelance writer would be ideal in order to produce a dignified and reliable product.


Although it’s cliche, it’s true, a picture speaks a thousand words. Images added to your blog articles or social media posts can enhance the quality of the post immensely. Images can be gathered from non-copyright sources such as Pixabay, Flickr, and Pexels. Alternatively, you can always take your own authentic pictures. Images can be added onto other medium you chose to utilize, but through Canva and Picmonkey you can also edit the image. add a textbox with an inspirational quote and showcase the image on its own.

Inspirational Quotes

Integrating inspirational quotes into your images or blog posts provides you niche market with something that will inspire and entertain them. Inspiration quotes are imaginative and are usually already endorsed by a known public figure who holds some influential attributes. You can come across these quotes randomly on social media, but you can search for them on Value or BrainyQuote.


Infographics integrate text, data and images onto one platform in order to showcase information in a way that is visually appealing as well as communicative. It is important that infographics are strict and straight to the point, focus should mostly be on the graphics rather than the text. This content marketing technique will be effective in entertaining a large sector of the target audience. It’s aesthetics will grab the viewer’s attention and benefit visual learners amongst your audience. Infographics can be made through websites like Visme, Venngage and Canva. Once they’re made and published are likely to gain shares and eventually go viral as they make their way onto Pinterest and Facebook.

Charts & Graphs

As a successful content marketing agency, you should constantly be presenting your information and data through mediums that are easily understood. What other way to effectively achieve this than through visuals. Tables, charts and graphs tend to be easier to understand than a paragraph of text or even a bullet-pointed list. Sharing interesting facts and figures could be intriguing to many readers, especially if they haven’t heard them before.  Additionally, these visuals can easily be utilized onto other mediums like the infographic and blog posts.

Templates & Checklist Downloads

When explaining a certain topic or a course of action, checklists and templates are very effective in sending your message across. If a checklist or a template is easy to follow, it will be repeatedly utilized and shared. To generate even more views, you can offer them in exchange for a member sign-up or a newsletter subscription. This medium is not likely to go viral, however viewers could potentially share them with their colleagues, bosses, and peers.


How-to Guides

Like templates and checklists, how-to guides are actionable and practical. Creating this type of content adds legitimacy to your brand as you are coming across as a professional in the field. The how-to guide should be user-friendly and should guide and teach people how to operate an item or utilize a valuable skill. When creating this type of content, clear images and videos will be enhancive to it effect.

Webinar or Virtual Events

Webinars are essentially the video-equivalent of the practical guides mentioned above. If you can utilize an eloquent speaker, revert to hosting a virtual event when sharing knowledge and information with a large group of people. With platforms such as WebinarJam, this is quick and simple. Live sessions should be interactive and offer Q&A’s at the ending. After the presentation, viewers can locate the link on the website or any other social media platform, where they can rewatch and get in touch. Beyond the audience interaction, you could potentially communicate with other experts in the field interested in your event.

To become a recognized content marketing agency, you should strive to offer value to your viewers. This could be done through webinars but also through online courses. Creating an online course is surely more time consuming that other content marketing tools, but it has proven to be more successful. specially since not many agencies are utilizing this tool so your content is more likely to stand out. To help you develop your own online course you can revert to websites such as Teachable or Thinkific.

Live Events

Broadcasting live events on social media platforms is rapidly becoming one of the biggest trend amongst content marketing agencies. Platforms such as Instagram and gradually Facebook and Twitter have adopted this feature, making it easier for consumers to tap and interact live with the content agency itself. Live streaming’s popularity is a blessing as well as a curse. Because of how simple it is, there could be multiple live stories occurring at the same time, so the focus on your brand is not always guaranteed.



Videos or any type of motion media can project the same amount and quality of information to an audience as any form of written content. A video could be a tutorial or a guide or simply a vlog. But, it should be appealing and engaging throughout its entire length, while adequate filming and video editing is not yet a common skill. Tools like Animoto and Biteable can be used by beginners to make decent quality content.

When creating high quality content marketing you would typically require more time, energy and money than any written content. You may even have to hire someone with professional skills to create exceptional movies. However, engaging and easily shareable content will compensate for the financial losses made. Providing your content through his method means that people can pause, rewind, and download the item to their devices and re-watch the content over and over again.

To fully take advantage of the visual memory associated with watching videos. Videos should be made easily accessible. They should not be longer than about four minutes, and should be posted to YouTube or Vimeo to gain views and likes. Also, it is a priority to ensure that your content is optimized for search engines and accessible through mobile.

Slideshow Presentations

If done adequately, a slideshow will be a great tool when integrating text and visual content in a visually appealing manner. Modern platforms such as SlideShare have evoked a new understanding to slideshow presentations. A specific advantage of this medium is the freedom of pace provided to the audience, making it straight-forward and simple to follow.


For auditory learners, podcasts are the way to go. Podcasts could include conversations or monologues relating to your topic. Interviews could be held with experts within your field, where you can host live Q&A sessions with your listeners. As a content marketing agency, you should be cautious of all the types of people within our audience base whether they tend to revert to audio, video or text when learning about something. The number of podcast listeners are growing, so match the trend in the consumer’s’ behavior, creating audio content can be highly influential to the growth of your brand. To find out more about how you can create and publish a podcast, visit Apple’s Guide on How to Create a Podcast or you can publish your audio files onto SoundCloud and Google Play.


Social Media Posts

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more platforms can be influential in spreading mass messages to consumers and other stakeholders. Social media provides direct interaction and contact between content creators and receivers. It is highly unlikely that a company succeeds without a media strategy with operating their social media accounts. By linking these social media accounts, you will not have to update each one individually; one post of an infographic on Facebook will also be posted on Twitter and Instagram. Marketing has never been easier.

Since this type of content is simple to create and share, many content marketing agencies are highly likely to revert to it. To make your content stand out amongst the rest, it should be somewhat interactive. Adding polls or quizzes alongside your posts could be effective in luring social media wanderers. Tools like Qzzr are very helpful in developing this type of content.


With the rapid rise of memes on Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram, it would be foolish not to utilize their popular nature. Memes can be applied to almost any niche, they are funny, simple and easily shareable, providing your consumers with a memorable experience. Putting together a meme doesn’t require any expert graphic skills. Websites like Meme Generator and Quick Meme allow you to add text to the most popular memes online.


Although expensive and exceptionally time consuming, programing a game that is relevant to our brand creates a branded viewer experience. Gamers will be able to wholly connect with the content of your brand through the game.

Now that you are familiar with several types of content marketing, take this information to your content marketing agency and find which one is the most applicable to your field. Understanding your target audience, their consumer behaviors and the trends in social culture is extremely important when deciding on an appropriate content marketing strategy.


What Is Search Engine Optimization?

In case you have been living in a cave for the past decade; here is a simple definition of what SEO is.Search engine optimization is a process that allows your page to be among the first to be viewed when searching for certain keywords. To make use of SEO, your words, titles and links should be relevant to the content of your article or blog so that it appears on the most relevant searches. Making use of SEO helps direct traffic onto your website and increases the ranking of your site.


Search Engine Optimization: What Does That Have To Do With Content Marketing Agencies?

As content marketing continues to be on the rise for the past few years, there have been talks claiming that it relies more and more with search engine optimization. Yet, what many fail to realize how important SEO is for the success of content marketing. Truth is that search engine optimization and content marketing go hand in hand. One of the main goals of any content marketing agency is to provide their consumers with the right information at the right time. In order to achieve this they must make sure that their customers can find their content easily. Search engine optimization achieves this by making sure that the content a company wishes to be viewed is easily found.

How Exactly Does Search Engine Optimization Help with Content Marketing?

Efficiently utilizing SEO means that your site is viewed more often that it would be without it. Promoting your article and increasing your rankings increases the potential of searchers to visit your site more often. Further increasing awareness about your blog and your content, and promotes engagement from the consumer’s viewpoint.

For example, blog or web page headlines are surely part of content creation, but it also concerns the SEO team. Headlines should be written to influence readers but also search engines. The keywords integrated in the headlines should be attractive enough for the target consumer to want to click on, but also for search engines to recognize them as related to the topic being searched.

Many claim that successful content creation is impossible without the effective tactics of SEO. While running a content marketing agency, the content marketing team and the SEO team work together very closely. Combining these two forces allows maximum visibility for the content created. This is assuming of course that the content created by the content marketing agency is online..


For that matter, it is important that these two sectors join early on in the content creating process so that the expertise in both fields can benefit from each other and produce high quality, naturally viewed content. While SEO drives searchers to your content, the quality of the content is what makes them stay, and even come back for more.


In addition, quality content makes Google happy. Creating content that is optimized for search engines but is long and high-quality increases the likelihood of it gaining a higher ranking.


Creating high quality content is great, but it would be unfortunate if search engine optimization would not be utilized. No SEO for online content means less views, less clicks and much less benefit from the content created. This is why SEO is important; it ensures that the content of any content marketing agency is available to viewers when they need it.


What is the difference between content marketing and SEO?

The main difference between content marketing and SEO is that SEO focuses on what search engines require for your site one of the first ones viewed. On the other hand, content marketing is based around what human beings look for in an article, so the focus is mostly qualitative.


Another difference is that SEO is usually more technical, it deals with the URLs, ALT tags etc. While content marketing is more broad and mainly focuses on producing attractive and useful content that will increase the visibility and trust of their consumer. Nevertheless, this does not mean that one goes without the other. In many cases, it is required of both teams to produce keyword research and develop internal linking to increase the rankings of the search engines.


Example from Content Marketing Institute

The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) follows a plan for integrating content marketing and SEO. This technique is essential for making sure that both potentials of content marketing and SEO are fulfilled throughout the marketing campaign. This process ensures that all search considerations are looked out before the content is published.

The Content Marketing Institute has assigned an SEO editor to overlook every form of content before it is published. The main aspects of any article or post that the SEO editor looks at are the headings, the meta-descriptions, title tags and the categories. All of these factors need to be considered for search engine optimization.

Alongside this, CMI have an SEO consultant who generates research and reports on the current search tendencies and what kinds of posts generate the most views. From that information, the SEO consultant is able to suggest the types of content that should be created by the content marketing agency.


Before beginning your content marketing journey, any content marketing agency would firstly familiarize themselves with the current field, and the competition they’re up against. Now that you have a well-rounded idea of content marketing, you can take your knowledge and skills to the field. Along the way, the knowledge and skills earned will not compare to the experience granted, so the content marketing tools and strategies will alter accordingly. Be prepared for change and adaptation according to the change in your market. You may have been constantly reverting to blog posts and written content, and now animated movies is your top priority. Technology changes fast but it doesn’t mean that we can not keep up with it.

Understanding the main difference between content marketing and traditional marketing will help you establish the correct strategy for your company. If you are used to creating traditional marketing tools, it is now time to switch to content marketing and make use of the resources at hand.

Knowing about SEO and how it relates to content marketing is also essential to increase your site’s viewership, and is an important factor to keep in mind when forming teams among your content marketing agency and when creating any form of content. Keeping in mind the several types of internet marketing as well, you should be able to integrate several strategies to fulfill your marketing needs.

Through your exposure to the several successful marketing agencies, you can not only see the competition you’re headed towards in the near or far future, but it also gives you inspiration and a content marketing agency role-model to look up to. Familiarizing yourself with the work organizations like BuzzFeed and Scripted have put in, shows you how to build yourself as a content marketing agency. Alongside this, it proves that big companies like Google and Microsoft, need your help as a content marketing agency to develop awareness about their own content.



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