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Category: SEO – Search Engine Optimization

What is Google Analytics? Audit a website with Google
Business Strategy

What Is Google Analytics?

What is Google Analytics? Simply, a great way to understand not just how many people are visiting your website but much, much more.  Want to

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What is Google Index?
SEO - Search Engine Optimization

What Is Google Index?

What is Google Index? If you’ve paid for a website for your business, understanding the basic ‘what’ and ‘how’ of Google Index is an essential.

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What is Google Ranking? Ranking online
Business Strategy

What Is Google Ranking?

What is Google ranking? The answer is simple but could mean a great deal to your business. In short: Google ranking is an algorithm to measure

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What is Yoast
Content Writing and Marketing

Yoast: What is it?

Yoast, what is it and how does it work? Yoast, a very young Netherlands-based company, have been making a BIG impact despite only being established

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Long-tail keywords
SEO - Search Engine Optimization

What Are Long Tail Keywords?

Your content should always have a clear topic. This can otherwise be considered as your primary keyword. According to our content strategy, each piece created

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Far too often businesses are utilizing a digital marketing agency to run their SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaigns, but don’t have a clue what the acronym means, let alone know what they are paying the agency to do. Long story short, an SEO’s job is to help your business grow. In a world where people of all ages and backgrounds are constantly glued to a screen, SEO should be an essential piece of your marketing campaign. By optimizing your business’ website for organic search, you are allowing your products and/or services to be discovered and explored, with the potential to grow your business exponentially.

For example, the majority of people use Google (or Bing) to search for things like “best tacos restaurant” or “pet shops in [town name]”. When people search for these kinds of queries, you’d want your website (when relevant) to come up on page one, yelling, “Pick me! Pick me!” How do you do that, you might ask? The answer is good old SEO.

Many business owners feel that they don’t need SEO because they obtain most of their business through word of mouth referrals. Although word of mouth marketing is an effective way to bring in business and build up your reputation, it’s not a scalable way to grow your business. The digital landscape has changed dramatically over the past few years, and SEO is and will still remain an effective and important marketing strategy.

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