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Website Builder 'Must Read' Articles

WIX website tutorial image
WIX Website Tutorial - How to Make a Website with WIX
Yoast What is It for the PT Blog
Yoast: What is it?
wix-e-commerce tutorial image
WIX Ecommerce - A Tutorial for Beginners
What is Web Development for PT Blog
What Is Web Development?

Website Builder Articles

ProfileTree logo for Why Rebrand blog
Responsive Web Design Examples - An Digital Essential Explained

ProfileTree logo for Why Rebrand blog
Best Free Website Builder for Your Business: A Guide

WIX Tutorial Image for ProfileTree blog
WIX Website Tutorial - How to Make a Website with WIX

Adding contacts to your WIX site
Wix and MailChimp: Importing Contacts (PLUS Gmail contact list importing, labels and more)

Building a WIX E-Commerce Site
WIX Ecommerce - A Tutorial for Beginners

Using WIX ADI to build a website
What is WIX ADI? Using WIX ADI to Build Your Website

Adding a WIX blog and booking form
Wix Blog Tutorial: Adding a Blog and a Bookings Section

How to add a domain to WIX
How to Add a Domain to Your WIX Site

How to add a font to a WIX site
Adding a Font to WIX

How to add a store to your WIX site
How to Add an Online Store to Your WIX Site

WIX Affiliate advertising and shop
WIX Affiliate Advertising: A How-To Guide

Facebook Pixel and Yandex Metrica Analytics tool for WIX
Adding Facebook Pixel and Yandex Metrica to WIX

How to add music to your WIX site
How to Add Music to Your WIX Website

Managing Tracking Tools on WIX
How to Manage Your Tracking Tools on WIX

Organising Contacts on WIX and subscriber status
Organising a Contact List and Changing a Subscription Status on WIX

How to edit a contact list on WIX
How to Access and Edit a Contact List on WIX

Website designing applications allow users to produce professional-looking website in very little time.  With this, you can help your customers develop websites within minutes. An online website builder helps your customers obtain a fully functional online presence. Besides, updating the website’s content or adding new content, images or multimedia content is easier via a user-friendly interface. Website builders are a perfect solution for individuals and small businesses to start a website without hiring a developer.

Even if you don’t sell products online a site can help people find you, learn more about your skills and services, and provide a way to share your details with other potential customers. It’s like having a permanent, always-on-call personal assistant, ready to answer queries. Most website builders offer a drag and drop user interface to build your website. You can take advantage of the trial accounts to test drive before you make your final decision.

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