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ProfileTree logo for Why Rebrand blog
How to Build Confidence? Self-Confidence Tips with Bernie Allen

ProfileTree interview with Drew from BeckettHanlon
Business Leader Interviews: Drew Beckett - What is a Franchise Business?

Andrew Dobbin PT interview
Business Leaders: Andrew Dobbin - The Business Mindset

ProfileTree logo for Why Rebrand blog
Augmented Reality in Education: Mixed Reality Insights with Nuala Trainor of Sentireal

Brendan Gallagher - the marketing photographer
How To Use Psychology in Marketing? Marketing Photography with Brendan Gallagher

Business Leader Interview with Robert Conlon of Euromoney
How to Do Business Internationally? Overseas Business Development with Robert Conlon

John Brolly Irish News- Branding and the Newspaper Industry
Newspaper Marketing: Trends, Challenges and Subscription Models for Brands with John Brolly, Irish News

Aaron Skinner - B4B group for pt blog
Business Leaders: Aaron Skinner - Business Broadband NI

Business Leader Interview for PT with Cian Sanders from FitzWilliam Hotel
Business Leaders: Cian Landers - Fitzwilliam Hotel Belfast

Cathy Doherty PT Interview- People solutions
Business Leaders: Cathy Doherty - What is Company Culture?

Vivian Hydroease PT Interview
Business Leaders: Vivian McKinnon - Workplace Wellness

Sean Connolly PT Interview
Business Leaders: Sean Connolly - Performance Consultant and Speaker

Liam O'Neil PT Interview
Business Leaders: Liam O'Neil - The 'PROVE IT' Guy

Shane O'Connor- Eldron Interview with ProfileTree
Business Leaders: Shane O'Connor - Two Years to £27million!

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