Business Online – Transforming a Traditional Business

Taking a traditional business and transforming it into a larger online business


Many traditional businesses are finding that without moving their business online, they risk the chance of being left behind by their customers and the world as technology evolves. Transforming your traditional business into an online business can be intimidating but with the right advice, can be extremely successful.

If you are looking to create and develop your business online, this interview in our business leaders series will be beneficial for you to check out.  NinjaDry took the traditional business of a launderette and developed their success by transforming their business online.

Louise Houliston, Owner of Ninjadry in Belfast, started her professional life from a family background when she saw the opportunity for her business idea through her own stress with her laundry.

Houliston explains how traditional businesses should look towards a digital presence and discusses the strategy they used to transform their traditional laundry service into a successful business online. How they have marketed the business was a big component of the business’s growth especially through social media marketing.

Ninjadry is Belfast’s only online dry cleaning, laundry and ironing company to collect and return to your door. Ninjadry offers a quality service at the times most convenient for you taking the hassle out of your busy life!

Our video interview offers insights into business development, transforming a traditional business online and marketing as well as an insight into Ninjadry as a business model.

Watch our Business Leaders series to gain an insight into the different industries from Northern Ireland and around the world with expertise from a wide range of business leaders.

Learn more about how you can use their laundry services by checking out their website –  Ninjadry

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