Business Networking – How To Grow Your Business

Through business networking and creating connections, you can grow your business.

Sometimes, you can face challenges when it comes to business networking  and making meaningful connections that could ultimately benefit your business growth.

Through basing your business in a co-working space, you could increase your networking opportunities and create business connections.

Grant Powell, CEO of Central Working, explains how a co-working space can benefit businesses as well as the importance of strong business management to support your growth through networking.

Powell has been leading a number of co-working spaces to hundreds of businesses across the United Kingdom. In his business, he uses a membership based co-working space to allow businesses from a wide range of industries network and grow together.


“We’ve got some really defined core values around the business and one of those is that we value human connection”


Over 3000 professionals have based their business in one of the Central Working offices which run on a membership plan. The businesses that use Central Working are so varied in terms of industries which opens different opportunities for business networking. Powell believes that focusing on creating a business community through business networking allows a business to grow.

This interview is perfect for anyone searching for advice on improving their management of their business and looking to increase their revenue through working within a strong business community. Powell explains how businesses can grow their revenue and business connections through networking in a co-working space. He also shares his advice on how to improve overall efficiency of  management.

Watch our Business Leaders video to also gain an insight into the different industries from Northern Ireland and around the world with expertise from a wide range of business leaders.

To learn more about their offices and business, check out the Central Working website.

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