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A visit to ProfileTree by performance expert Sean Connolly – who can show businesspeople how problems with their company are often human problems – gave a rare insight into the work and mind of a specialist whose work is appreciated across the world.

Creator of the ‘Tools for Life in Business’ program, Sean has combined 30 years of performance study, 30 years of experience in boxing and martial arts and 20 years of self-employment to offer exceptional mastery of mentorship and the science of achievement to entrepreneurs.

Sean explained that he teaches people to “change how they feel in any given moment, to take back your power”.

He also outlined the road he had taken, including study in Asia, to reach the stage where he has developed a unique ‘tool kit’ for business leaders to work and live at their very best.

“I started with therapies helping people with injuries after growing up in sport much of my life. It took me to London 27 years ago, where I studied martial arts and Chinese Medicine. I got more interested in the mind/ body connection.

“I took the path going more down the road of looking at the mind, especially the ‘irrational mind’ that holds habits and addictions. In all walks of life, people have the skills they have accumulated…if something is not working for them the suppressor is usually in their own mind, so its an art to get in there and find out what it is, and once you remove that obstacle then that person can take off themselves.”

He pointed out, referring to his expertise in being a performance mentor for his clients, that mental and physical illness “accumulates over a period of time”: “Sadly a lot of great minds in business, because it is their passion it becomes their obsession and they neglect a lot of other aspects of their life…especially their health.

“Their reward for business maturity, then, is usually bad health. Heart conditions, stroke, or even depression in some cases. My job is coach is to be on the sidelines, to keep an eye on them and maintain their mental and physical health and help them make decisions.”

The high-profile performance consultant and speaker referred to businesspeople who “work twice the hours of their staff, they don’t switch off, they bring their work home” until it “affects their relationships”.

So, while their business is growing “they are actually dying inside”.

Sean – who covers this in more detail in our interview, and much much more besides – is also the veteran of a number of TV appearances and interviews and has a life-long passion for removing obstacles standing in the way of life and work goals.

To find out more watch our ProfileTree interview in full.

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