Benefits of Business Consultancy With Brendan Murphy

What Are the Benefits of Business Consultancy?

We sat down with Brendan Murphy, owner of Ghost Consultancy in Lisburn, Northern Ireland. Murphy comes from a strong business background holding roles in management and sales training. His abilities highlighted by other professionals in his circle led him to create his business to offer businesses in different industries consultancy services.

Opening up about his career background, Murphy takes us through the stepping stones which led him towards his current path of offering client his expertise in business consultancy. After working in bank management for 10 years, he spent another decade working for a Fortune 500 company. He then moved into public sector account management where he met his wife before moving to Lisburn.

How Can Businesses Benefit From Business Consultancy?


In the interview, Murphy spoke about the support and resources he has for his mentoring from the team of professionals he has worked with or come across in his career. “When I was dealing with business, I frequently used my ‘war chest’ of business professionals. When I was with a client, if I had a contact in my chest that would benefit their business, I would make that introduction and referral. These are people that I keep around me, and they encouraged me to make that transition to full-time consultancy,” says Murphy.

However, with clients, a ‘one size fits all’ approach is rarely suitable. He shared in some cases, he is there to simply motivate businesses to act on improving themselves.

“I hear a lot from people about thinking outside the box,” says Murphy, “but I tell them to actually bring those tools out of the box. The tools they have are being left in that box, and you need to have those basics of business right. Do you have a service level agreement, for example,” he continues. As sometimes issues cannot be highlighted by a team within a business, Murphy admitted that in many cases, it is necessary for an individual to come from the outside, advising business leaders who are often engrossed and entrenched in their own flawed processes.

In many cases, helping a business to improve themselves through his business consultancy services often involves invoking some soul-searching at senior level.

Murphy shared that “In a lot of scenarios, I often ask clients to ask themselves why they are in business. They may say that they have inherited the business and are stepping into the role of their parents, for example. I ask them to dismiss this and to actually ask themselves why they are on this path, and not joining the Army or flipping burgers.”

Many businesses may find themselves stuck in routines and processes they may have created when the business first started, but these could be what is holding the business back from growing. Murphy also explains that some of the businesses he has worked will fight against the possibility of change and having the reigns taken from them.

In some of his business consultancy cases, for example, he could potentially disagree with a service or a product the company is making, or he may struggle to work within a certain company culture. Some companies enjoy senior accountability, whilst many neglect the concept at management level: “I have met companies where the Managing Director may admit that they don’t have to answer to anyone. I tell them that from now on, they will answer to me. Some like that, some don’t.”

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If you would like to learn more about Brendan and the services he offers, you can find him on his Linkedin or by visiting the Ghost Consultancy website.

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