Best Branding for Business – Print and Embroidery With Gareth Tipping

Have You Considered How Branding Can Improve Your Business?

In this interview, we sat down with Gareth Tipping, sales director at Garment Graphixs. The business has created a reputation over twenty-five of providing business with branded uniforms and garments for many different industries.

Working in the family business of Garment Graphixs, which has been trading for over twenty years, Tipping has watched the company start at traditional selling and promotion like selling at markets and fairs and move into the digital realm selling online.

How Can Print and Embroidery Improve Branding for Business?

Garment Graphixs started off as a purely print and embroidery company but as they worked with their customers, they realised the importance of branding for businesses they were working with by supplying uniforms for a range of industries. Tipping feels that when they are engaged with their customers at Garment Graphixs, the customer is thinking about the issues in their business but they push for the customer to think outside the box in their ideas of branding. By ensuring your staff are branded with uniforms or clothing with your branding, it enhances the professional outlook of your staff to customers and makes your branding stand out to be recognised.

“If you don’t look after your customers, someone else will”

Tipping believes in having a strong focus on their customers by using their knowledge and twenty-five years of experience to provide their customers with products and services that are exactly what they need and make their ideas a reality. They will work with customers to ensure they build that connection and want to return to the business for future branding. Referrals the business receives from customers praising how their staff look in their branding is proof to them that their system works.

Within the company itself, Tipping shared that to ensure they can offer their customers and clients the best service, strong communication is key. The print and embroidery production of the products they supply is done in-house run by different teams. From the moment an order is placed with their sales team, this is when the process of communication begins and needs to be constant to avoid creating issues in the success of completing an order especially if it’s placed with a deadline.

Digital Marketing For a Traditional Business

The move from selling at markets to selling online found the business having to adapt how they would work with their team and customers to achieve digital transformation. This move for the business online has been enhanced for the business by creating their own website and putting a focus on their digital marketing. This includes moving from traditional catalogues to creating an online catalogue with their website and increasing resources.

Tipping has also seen benefits from adding social media to their digital marketing strategy by sharing content from the business such as their products, offers and office culture like their office dog, Nelson. On their social channels, such as Facebook and Twitter, they have found their customers are more engaged from their move online and most recently, a focus on creating videos for their social media channels for offers and insights into the services they offer have gained positive feedback.

Find Out More

If you would like to learn more about Gareth and Garment Graphixs, you can find more information by visiting their website or by dropping Gareth a message on his LinkedIn.

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