What is The Best Online Digital Marketing Course?

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What is the best online digital marketing course? Whether you own a small business or want to work in digital marketing, online digital marketing courses can help you get started.

The right course will help you to understand the foundations of digital marketing. You can then either apply these skills to a new digital marketing career or, if you run a business, understand what you need if you are bringing in help.

Read on to explore some courses you might find are the right fit for you…


How to Learn Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing Components

First, let’s take a look at some of the assets and methods used in digital marketing, as these will form the basis of the course you take.

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Examples of Assets and Tactics

Examples of assets in digital marketing:

  • Business websites
  • Blogs
  • Digital papers
  • GUI or online interactive environments
  • Social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and similar platforms)
  • Public relations and online reviews
  • Digital branding

Examples of tactics and strategies:

  1. Search Engine Optimisation: The optimisation of a website to rank higher when relevant search terms are used in a search engine.
  2. Content Generation: Promoting and generating content to increase brand awareness, traffic and customers.
  3. Inbound Marketing: Using  online content to attract and close/ engage customers.
  4. Social Media: Using social media platforms to market and promote brand awareness, advertise offers, attract customers and increase traffic
  5. Google Adwords: Commonly known as pay-per-click, where a publisher is paid every time they promote a website and it’s clicked. Relevant search terms are taken into consideration.
  6. Affiliate Marketing: When a website promotes another brand for a fee.
  7. Automated Marketing: Using software to market, used in monotonous tasks such as e-mails and social media action.
  8. E-mails:  One of the most basic forms of digital marketing where e-mails are used to communicate discounts and promotions while usually linking the business website.
  9. Digital PR: Using public relations to gain entry into publications and blogs


Online Digital Marketing Courses

The market for digital marketing is huge, and the demand for skilled digital marketers is increasing by the day.

Learning from others to secure a grasp of the basics can help kickstart your career….

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1. Digital Marketing Specialisation by Coursera

online digital marketing courses

Coursera’s digital marketing course is a beginner-level course that introduces the newer concepts in the digital marketing atmosphere. This course includes analytics, Search engine optimisation, social media marketing and 3d printing. The course provides insight into the main constituents of the digital marketing environment. It helps the learner make use of new concepts, and the tools used to create and market the products. The course covers a lot of ground with a fair amount of time spent on every area. Focusing on analytics and the marketing channels. It includes:

  1. Marketing in a Digital World
  2. Course in Marketing Analytics in Theory
  3. Marketing Analytics in Practice
  4. Digital Marketing Channels (Landscape)
  5. Part 2: Digital Marketing Channels (Planning)
  6. Digital Marketing Capstone

This course is part of University of Illinois’ MBA program, making it one of the best online digital marketing courses. The course is open to any job title and certification on LinkedIn is offered. Each course duration is one month with an average of 9 hours of work per week except for the first course with an average of 7 hours per week.

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2. The Simplilearn SEO Specialist Masters Program

Search engine optimisation and inbound marketing are the main focus of the Simplilearn SEO specialist masters program as they can be a crucial in digital marketing. Especially with the digitalisation of the world, the need for SEO qualified specialists has increased.

As search engine optimisation includes a lot of aspects to learn, Simplilearn’s course is varied and includes on-page SEO, link building and content marketing and web analytics plus too inbound marketing initiatives.


online digital marketing courses

Learning Path:

  1. DMCA (foundation in digital marketing)
  2. Advanced SEO Tools and Techniques
  3. Advanced Content Marketing
  4. Course in Advanced Web Analytics

Most importantly, graduates from this particular course will be positioned for high demand positions like: SEO manager, content marketing specialist and more.

Some of the benefits that are offered in this course:

  • More than 35 live online classes coordinated by expert trainers
  • Access to high-quality eLearning content
  • Simulation exams
  • Monthly mentoring sessions by thought leader
  • An iPad mini to easily access the course

3. The American Marketing Association eLearning Modules

online digital marketing courses

All you need is an hour to finish this course. When it comes to introductory courses, this is one of the best online digital marketing courses. The AMA offers an online series of eLearning certificate modules that cover a lot of ground in digital marketing. Certificates include social media, e-mail, content and mobile marketing, and also web and digital analytics.

At each module’s end, an assessment comprised of ten questions gives you certification for completing the module. Score is added as education units in AMA’s Professional Certified Marketer Credential.

4. Google Online Marketing Challenge

online digital marketing courses

Google only offers certifications in Google Adwords, Analytics, and Apps. However, this doesn’t mean that just because this course doesn’t have a certification then it’s any less worthy than other courses.

Google Online Marketing Challenge offers one of the most comprehensive online digital marketing courses there is. It has many modules like; search engine marketing, search advertisement, display advertisement, mobile, social and analytics. And the price? Free!

Google gives learners a 250 USD Google Adwords budget to run a digital advertising campaign. The best and most successful learners are rewarded by Google, giving learners the chance to not only participate in free online digital marketing courses but also engage in a competitive first-hand and a real-world experience.

Good luck!



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