Setting Up Automation and Automated Emails in WIX

Setting Up Automation and Automated Emails in WIX

How to set up automation in WIX? Automated messages such as emails can be vital to your website as it can automate some of your engagement with the user to keep them informed and involved in your site.

Some of the different actions you can setup include sending an email, notifications within emails or even a message to their WIX Chat. You can also customise the action such as setting up a specific time to send the action.


Setting Up an Automation

The first step is to sign into your WIX dashboard. To the left of the dashboard there’re many features such as blog and video library. There is also a feature called Contacts and CRM. Click on this feature and you will be brought to a new tab. In the left hand side a range of new options will appear including the automations feature.

You will be brought to a new tab, where you can create a new automation and see all the other automations that have been created. WIX will also recommend different automations for you. To create a new automation, click the add new automation button shown in the center or top right of the tab.

Here is where you start to create a new automation. Edit the name of the automation with the pencil setting towards the right of the automation setup. Name the automation appropriately. The next step is to choose a trigger from the drop-down list and choose the most relevant trigger for you. You will also need to the do the same for the action and the time of the automation. The action is a response to the trigger. Note that the more apps on your site the more triggers there will be. For instance if you have two forms on your site, it may show two different triggers.

Whenever you choose an action you can customise this to suit you. If you choose o send an email, you can setup the email in the action section. Remember to test and preview the email.

How to Send Automated Emails Using WIX

On WIX you can set up automated email responses whenever a user completed a trigger action on your site. In the video below it will show you how to do this. This feature is perfect as it allows you to actively engage with users easily whenever setup.


To get started sending automated emails, you will first need to access your WIX automations. To do this head to the WIX dashboard, then navigate to the Contacts and CRM feature. This will open a new tab with the feature automations. Click here and it will allow you to add automations to your WIX site.

WIX Dashboard —> Contacts & CRM —> Automations —> Add New Automation

To add a new email automation, click on the add new automation button on the new tab. This will take you to the tab to enter a new automation. Rename the automation appropriately using the pencil. You should see three drop-downs, this is where to add an automation.

Adding an automation to your WIX site

On the Trigger drop-down select the ‘Submit a Contact Form’ trigger. This means the automation will be connected to a form and when a user submits a form, they will receive this response we’re setting up. On the Action drop-down select ‘Send email to visitors’ option. Here you will be able to customise an automated email that will be sent to everyone who submits a form.

This customisation works exactly like the WIX Editor. You can also choose between sending the email once or multiple times each time the user contacts you through this form.

Confirm the name and the email of the sender. This should be an email that you already have connected to your account. A confirmation code will be sent to the email to confirm the setup. Once the setup is complete, click activate in the top right corner of the screen and the automated emails should be ready to go.

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